Video: KTM Gives Sneak Peek at RC16 MotoGP Engine

With the KTM RC16 MotoGP bike nearing its very first race, as a wildcard at Valencia, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer is starting to preview that first appearance. They are doing so through a series of videos, which they are sharing on their Youtube channel and via their Social Media channels. The videos include interview fragments with the team behind the bike, as well as footage of the machine.

The video is remarkably revealing. The engine layout is clearly shown, and is a 90° V4, though this was no secret. The video also shows the engine performing a simulation of Mugello, which gives a good idea of what the bike sounds like. The engine being tested on the dyno sounds remarkably similar to Honda's V4 RC213V engine, which uses a "screamer" firing interval, each cylinder firing separately.

This is part one of a sequence. We eagerly await the remainder of the series.

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Ducati's 2007 800 screamer Ducati. The soundbite certainly sounds like there exists a + 9000RPM powerband component that will be crucial. Great to see KTM in the mix. If anyone thought 2016 would provide a half decent and level playing field in, just wait for 2017.

Sepang kicks off on the good 'morrow with 2 titles soundly wrapped up and a 3rd to be decided.

Heading into 2017...all the best, KTM and Aprilia, that from a Ducati loyalist for 40 years.

The Ducati performance has merely stagnated since Yamaha chassis philosophy was introduced into the Desmo L4 engine, like Honda's L4, but unlike KTM's L4. I am looking most forward to a revisit of what is basically a 1000cc L4 in a pipe frame next year. Smith and Espargaro will be interesting to watch in Qatar 2017.