Casey Stoner Video Debrief After First Day Back At Ducati

Casey Stoner's return as a test rider for Ducati has captured the imagination of fans and generated a huge amount of attention from the media. Given Stoner's role at Ducati is one of both test rider and brand ambassador, his return can be judged a success, no matter what the times set on the track.

Stoner spoke to the media after the first day of the private test at Sepang, used by the factories to prepare for the main test which starts on Monday. Being a private test, rather than an official MotoGP test run by Dorna and IRTA, Dorna do not hold the exclusive video and audio rights at the test. This allowed our enterprising friends over at to video the entire media debrief, where Stoner spoke the press present at the track.

Asking the questions were Paolo Scalera and Matteo Aglio of, Peter McLaren of, and Matt Birt, TV commentator for You can see more of GPOne's videos on their Youtube channel.

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I like this a lot. The journalists ask good questions, with follow up and allow Casey time to answer as he sees fit.

Casey as usual is as honest as he can be and explains his experiences in such a way that even someone who never watches MotoGP can understand what he means. It's one of the reasons I'm a big fan and I still have some little hope somewhere that he does a wildcard ride somewhere this year.

David: I remember you stating several years ago, that Stoner's press 'presence' gave nuances to his reported comments that never came out in the printed versions.

To me, this conference is a classic example of what you said. Stoner is NOT combative, nor playing the media for his advantage: he is responding with respect to decent questions and providing intelligent answers that stretch the limits of 'commercial-in-confidence' a fair way. And his response to the 'where would you like to ride this bike', is a very intelligent and savvy response that operates on several levels: skirting the P.I. wildcard implicit question, while making capital from the eternal(ish) debate about the 2008 L.S. race.

I'd appreciate your impression: is this the 'real' Casey Stoner?

This is the Casey Stoner which was underneath the man who was racing. I have never seen Stoner as relaxed as this, when he was racing, there was always a hint of irritation. Retirement has done him the world of good, as anyone who follows him on Social Media can see. Spending time with his family is what he always wanted to do.

The most interesting part of this interview is that it shows how much nuance there is when riders - any rider, not just Stoner - speak. When you just write up the words, it doesn't cover their full meaning and intent.

Others will make their judgements; to me, this was as 'authentic' as the conversation around the table at a pub at the end of a day's group quick ride...

As a 'Brand Ambassador', Stoner would have been - on reputation - a wild shot. I wonder how relaxed Ducati management are now?

Except for his post-race reunions with the lovely Adriana, I don't think I've ever seen him smile quite the way he did when he mentioned the Duke's grunt.

All you had to do was watch his media appearances in full, and sure he's not always right. However, even here in Aus, for example the Rossi/Stoner rivalry would be 'reported on' in articles that took comments from either rider that were made five months apart, taken out of context and stitch them together in a 'rivalry', often to the detriment of Stoner.

This was great to watch. Casey does appear much more relaxed than in his racing days. What I am really looking forward to is his lap times later on today and do the next couple of days. If McLaren's Times he recorded are right, I bet Stoner will be on part with the fastest times of the test. The man has been off of a Motogp bike for a year, 6 months from the Honda Superbike, new tires and totally different bike with a dirty track and already setting competitive times. Amazing. The man still has it. Maybe this testing will get that wildcard race juice burning in his system even more.

Always liked watching Stoner ride, even when by himself. Very few riders are as mesmerizing to watch.