Alpinestars Video: "Ask Me Something: Dani Pedrosa Answers

There has been a veritable bonanza of MotoGP videos this week. Along with the videos Andrew Elder shot during the private test at the new Austin circuit in Texas, clothing manufacturer Alpinestars issued the first of what promises to be a series of videos highlighting some of Alpinestars' top riders. First up is Dani Pedrosa, interviewed by the leathers firm at the private test in Austin, in a series entitled "Ask me something".

Watch the video below:

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SO looking forward to this weekend when there's something interesting to read about instead of this fluff! :) The year really needs to start in mid March at the latest. Casual fans will have forgotten what MGP even was.

Edit: This is not intended to denigrate the site for trying to bring us some filler material to calm our withdrawal symptoms!

Dorna better crack down on all these FREE videos being released to the public :-)