Support - Go Ad-Free With A Subscription continues to grow, and we are now ready to take the next step in our quest to become the best MotoGP website on the internet. So far, the site has mainly been financed through advertising, but many of our readers have contacted us to ask how they can help out. Their comments are always in two parts: Can we get rid of the advertising somehow, and how can we contribute?

Well, we've finally come up with a way to do both: As of now, we are making it possible to support by becoming a subscriber, and lose the clutter that online advertising inevitably entails. Subscribers to gain access to an advertising-free layout of the site, with the space now taken up by ads being used to make the content of the site more easily accessible. The larger content area makes reading the kind of in-depth articles that you have come to expect from much easier to do, and the right sidebar is customizable to contain the content that you want fast access to. For mobile phone users, the subscriber version fits onto the screen of your phone more easily, loads faster and is less resource-intensive. A new mobile version is to follow soon.

There's another benefit of the ad-free layout for site supporters: Scott Jones' stunning photographs have more space, and will be available in desktop-sized resolutions to subscribers only. While ordinary visitors to the site will continue to enjoy Scott's photos in lower resolutions, subscribers will have access to resolutions large enough to use as a desktop.

Most of all, by subscribing to you help us provide you with the best coverage of MotoGP and international motorcycle racing on the internet. Your contributions will help us ask the questions you want to know the answers to, and get the background and in-depth analysis you have come to expect in the years since started out.

Subscriptions come in three varieties: A monthly subscription of US $5, which automatically renews every month; an annual subscription-only option of US $40 a year, which renews automatically every year; and an annual subscription + bonus of US $75 for US and Canada, or US $85 for overseas subscribers (overseas subscription includes shipping surcharge). The annual subscription + bonus includes two great extra gifts: One T-shirt and one 2011 motorcycle racing wall calendar. The annual subscription + bonus is only a few dollars more than buying the T-shirt and calendar separately, but comes with the extra feelgood factor of helping keep the website going. The 2011 calendar and T-shirt are currently in the planning phase (the first T-shirt just about sold out in a couple of weeks), and will be shipped as soon as they are available.

To subscribe to, simply select the subscription you wish to take out, and pay through Paypal. If you are not already registered on the website, make sure you sign up first, then come back and subscribe. Once you've paid for your subscription, send the subscription department an email, including the user name you registered with on, along with the t-shirt size you wish to receive. As soon as the t-shirts and calendars are ready, we'll ship them out to you. After we receive your order, we will add you to our subscribers group, and set up the new layout for you. This typically takes only a few hours, but should be completed within 24 hours. 

Subscription Options

Ad-free subscriber layout vs normal site layout

Brand new advertising-free site layout for subscribers, with customizable news blocks:

Site layout with ads for non-subscribers:

How it works: supporters must be logged in at all times to enjoy the ad-free subscription layout. Subscribers can choose to display or hide the blocks in the right-hand column. Supporters will also see two versions of photo selections: One for the regular users, and a special version for subscribers, containing access to the high-res versions of the photos.

Annual subscriptions can be canceled within 45 days with a full refund, subject to neither calendar nor t-shirt having been shipped. Monthly subscriptions can also be canceled within 45 days, subject to a full refund. for any questions you have, please contact

We endeavor to have subscriber's accounts set up correctly within 24 hours of receiving the order and the user name. The staff need this time to process your subscription. Most of the time, subscriptions will be handled within a few hours, on occasion, we will require more time, and your cooperation.

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