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Dear David,
I finally did it! It isn't really the best time for me to spend money (... the AUD isn't doing great too), and this is really the saddest period since when I'm in to motorbike races, but the entertainment I get from motomatters is priceless.
Looking forward to great readings on 2016 championship!


Hi David
Finally put my hand in my wallet as I love your work.

However, Im not yet seeing the bigger pics as a subscriber ?

Subscriber pics

First of all, thanks for subscribing, the Site Supporters are the lifeblood of the site.

The bigger pics are in separate articles. You should now see two articles instead of one, one with the standard size pics, and one with Subscriber Desktops in the title.


David, like all the others here I love the simplicity of the site (as well as the content) but honestly, you might want to think about tidying up the shopping side of things for your own benefit! It just needs the normal 'Shop' button and a 'Cart/Basket' button so that us numties can get the business done in two ticks without wandering around like lost children.


David, I refuse to use Paypal for any transactions, its a personal thing, I just do not like them. I can only do that from Holland, other countries force you to sign up for Paypal, in Holland I only have maestro card, so I cannot sign up. I have cards from several countries but the address is not in Holland so it will not run through. How can I sign up, or can I pay and become a supporter by donating a similar amount via your crowd funding page, which does not use Paypal? Thanks


Just send me an email, and I can sort it out. You can either contact me via the contact form, or email me at

Have you considered a Subscriber's Raffle?

Great way to raise some cash while giving a lucky reader the chance to join you at a round. I would spend more than a few bucks for that.

Make it easy for users to support you!!!!!

Second year in a row where I've been a "site supporter" but I saw something on facebook (David Emmett post) about supporting motomatters. It worked and I just renewed but man I would have done it much earlier if I had known. Nothing on the sites says "Idiot, your subscription is expired", "Pay up or we are sending rabid badgers to your house", "I have some friends that may pay a visit" etc.

Some will never pay for content but I think (at least I hope) that people will generally support content that they find valuable and interesting. I appreciate what you all are doing here and will support in the future. A gentle reminder to renew is cool and expected (no need for any strong arm tactics)

Making it easy

Thanks, that's a good point. There should already be a reminder email sent out a couple of weeks before the subscription is due to expire. I have added another email when the role does expire. Hopefully, this should help. 

Much more information coming on the crowdfunding in the next few days. Setting it all up now.


It's refreshing that the focus of the site is news and not sales but, you guys should really make the Subscription button more obvious. I decided that I wanted to subscribe but, 1 minute later I was on the verge of saying "screw it" when I finally found the small font and small button tucked under the left corner of a picture. I found it (and did subscribe), but how many other people timed out before finding it and moved on.

I also was confused (and on this I feel I am partly to blame - but not for the item above) about how to find the calendar for purchase. I kept clicking on "Calendars" on the menubar to no avail of course. Now, this did not take as long to figure out, took me about 10-15 seconds to locate the store and to see the calendars there.

Oh, yeah - then after adding the subscription to my cart I navigated away to see about adding the calendar to my cart. But then I realized that I should probably purchase the calendar after becoming a subscriber. So I decided to go back to the cart, but I couldn't find it! I finally clicked again on "Support Us" to add another subscription to my cart, which brought up the cart, where I corrected the subscription count and proceeded to check out.

I have no doubt that the navigation links are there to do what I wanted to do efficiently - but they are not obvious and helpful. I was able to find myself around before my ADD kicked in, but my suggestion is to at least do some simple things to make sure that you get potential subscribers before their ADD kicks in. Make the purchase section for subscribing bigger - that should be an easy one. Bigger and bolder. Also, if there is a cart button somewhere, maybe you could make it more obvious as well.

Just sayin' - I think it might help. From a new subscriber :-)


Glad to Pay for Quality

Like most of us, I'm happy to take what is offered free on the web, and since stumbling on Motomatters a few weeks ago I've been coming back more and more often to read the superlative in-depth articles.

Compared to the bland politically-correct reporting on MotoGP, the articulate analysis of what's really going on behind the scenes at Motomatters is a breath of fresh air. Previously was my main source of news, but it's a pale reflection of the in-depth, intelligent analysis available here.
I echo someone else's comment that this is the most erudite motorcycling sport site on the web.

The articles are great, but so are many of the comments - of a far higher standard than you see on Crash or the other sites. After finding I've become addicted I think it's only right that I pay for my regular supply, so have just happily subscribed :-)

Thanks to David and the team, keep it coming!

Brendan Power

Giving real credit

David we have a quirky show here called Media Watch, which aims to hold our journalists accountable when their journalistic standards drop a little - quite entertaining. Last year the long presiding host moved on and left us with these parting words:

“Media Watch regularly shows you the worst (referring to journalism): but the best, I still believe, is worth paying for.”

He ended by saying, “So my parting plea is this: whatever your politics, or your preferences, and even if you’ve never bought a newspaper, start subscribing to at least one media website: whether it’s the Herald Sun or New Matilda, Crikey or the Sydney Morning Herald, old media or new, pay just a little to keep real journalism alive. “

Well I still haven't subscribed to the Sydney Morning Herald yet, but I have finally paid up for a subscription to the website run by the most informative and well written MotoGp journalist (at least amoungst those who publish in English and whose work therefore I am able to judge).

Keep up the good work David. Thus far for 2014 I have not renewed my subscription for ( which I have had for several years). The access to old races and live streaming of practice etc is great, but I suspect that they are hamstrung by Dorna in terms of providing any meaningful insight or analysis.

I hope you are here to stay - we need you!

Actually, I just realised that without my subscription to MotoGp I will not be able to watch the full post race press conference, which aside from the races, was the thing I looked forward to most from that website. Damn it, how will I justify this to the wife...

subscribed: mobile site has no login option

I just subscribed and changed theme on the desktop version but the mobile site, that I access 90% of times, shows no option to login. tried both with chrome and Firefox for android.

No mobile login

Sorry about the lack of a mobile login. I have rather neglected the mobile site. Over the winter I shall add some more functionality to the mobile site.

For the moment, I'll add the login section to the bottom of the mobile page.

No Ads

I'm puzzled. I thought the $39.95 annual subscription came with relief from ads. However, I'm paid up, logged in and there they remain. I've no complaints supporting Mr. Emmett either way, but it'd be nice to ditch the ads.

Changed your theme

On your "My Settings" page, you can change the theme to one of the Subscriber themes. There are no ads in those. I still haven't automated that step yet. I have changed your theme for you, you should not see any ads any more!

Subscriber Log in


I'm logged in but my site supporter subscription has lapsed, so I would expect the ads to re-appear but they don't (not that I'm complaining but thought you should know).

I'm a little reluctant to re-new my subscription though, besides the desktops and badge I don't feel there is enough benefit to justify it (to the wife). Perhaps if you could negotiate some discounts with your advertisers or partners they could offer to subscribers, or even a discount on video passes for 2014? I've a feeling I'll be needing one to see any racing at all next year.

Great site with incisive well written articles, reports and insight.
Please keep it up.


Subscriber benefits

The main benefit to subscribers is that the site keeps on going. If we don't get enough subscribers, I will have to get a job and stop running the site. That is a very, very real possibility.

That, to my mind, is the biggest benefit to being a subscriber.


That's the most tangible benefit for me, the other half is not so appreciative (yet she will spend £20 on a nail polish and think nothing of it being even more temporary than a subscription). I'm just suggesting you might be able to"sell" more support subscriptions with something a little more Appealing. Maybe a premium suscription pack? Just a thought, as I'm going to have to pay to watch MotoGP next year unfortunately I will be choosing whose pocket my money goes into very carefully.

Lower subscription rate

I am thinking of cutting the subscription in price, probably to $19.99, and changing the conditions, but I first have to figure out how to handle existing subscribers. I may have to give them all an extra free year. It's all complicated, and hard getting the pricing exactly right. But we're working on it.

Long overdue

Becoming a supporter again David, the quality of your articles and analysis just keep on getting better and better. By far the very best site on the net for MotoGP and Superbike news and articles.


MotoMatters is my first, and usually only, stop... well worth the money. Keep up the good work!

I can't wait

For the next article; really good journalism David and the team, you are an oasis of knowledge in a sea of hyperbole!


Paid my money and happy to support such a great site. Keep up the great work, Scotts photos are superb by the way.

Paid Up

Paid my subscription and very happy to.
I have eschewed all other MotoGP sites in favour of MotoMatters. The haters and the pin-stickers seem to be far less evident on this site and I hope David and his team can keep herding them back to and the like and keep this site focused on racing.
I know that Casey can be prickly at times, and Vali and Jeremy have had their reputations somewhat tarnished by the move to a red paint job, and that Dani is maybe not managed by the nicest person on the planet.
You know what? I don't care!
What I care about is the great and magnificent history of GP racing, and that it continues unabated and unpolluted.
I want a prototype class not a production-based class, and I want to see the best riders in the world on machinery that advances motorcycling, not imitates what already exists.

Keep pushing against the trend towards dumbing everything down, David. You
have a great site with intelligent, incisive commentary. Long may it prosper.


Since I learned of this site I have been coming here for the latest on anything motorcycle racing related. Awesome site and am glad to support the cause! Keep up the great articles!!!


Thank you for the friendly reminder. It was high time I contributed to a site that gives me so much information, insight and pleasure.

Just subscribed ...

Thanks for the reminder to help support the best MotoGP website in the world!

Got my PayPal receipt already, but under My Settings > Orders, it says "No orders available." Will give it some time and hopefully "supporter status" will kick in soon.

Keep up the good work!

... and as I'm previewing this post, my order has been processed. Thanks! :)

new subscription

Helllo David: After reading your thourough analysis of the potential problems with the desmosedici, I decided I had to stop being so cheap and pay the man for his superlative journalism skills( I was a site browser until now) That article was sooo informative. I'm an engineer but I still often come away enlightened by your articles and comments AND from some of the comments by your forum posters. Keep up the good work!!

great idea - thanks!

however i still see ads..?

edit: nm, i see the Pending.

Should be fixed now

It should be fixed now. There is one change I still have to make manually, unfortunately, although subscribers can change the website theme to Subscriber in their own settings page.

Would it be possible to add an option?


The news and op-ed side of the site is fantastic…definitely without parallel…thank you for that.

Otoh, the forum side is a bit rubbish, definitely not to the same standard as the main site.

How about adding a $20 option for those that would like to support the front side of the site only?


Main site and Forum

All of the money in subscriptions goes towards supporting the main website. The forum is run mainly by the moderators there, and though I maintain it, I spend very little time or money on it, other than occasionally upgrading the (free) software and reading some of the interesting opinions there.

Now, I profoundly disagree that the forum is not the same standard, but that is a matter of taste and not worth arguing about. But I can assure you that the forum is not draining any resources from the main site. So you could say we already have the option you are asking for.

I have been reading forums

I have been reading forums all over the web. This one is by far the most informative. A high percentage of the posters actually have a strong technical background; they bring up many points that I wouldn't have thought of and I come away educated.


Appreciate that explanation.

Keep us posted if you do add a $20 option. Until then, I'll be getting the best deal on the web... ;) Cheers...


There is always the option to donate 20$ or any other amount if you want to support the site.
Just sayin'.

Aware of that.

However, my request was for a $20 "subscription" option, and this being a subscription thread, well....

as Aussie 66, i waited to be

as Aussie 66, i waited to be order nr 66. keep up the sensational reporting. Keep me in check if i go too far. Great work, I dont know what i get for my 40 dollars worth but if it keeps you going then its money well spent.


You caught me with $40 in my pocket, got me off the fence.
Between this and HFL I get almost all my moto news on the web.
cheers. -case-

Hell Yeah

Subscription worth it for the larger desktop version photos from the lens of Scott Jones - top stuff!

Also I'll add another shoutout for HFL, great stuff!

Account details

I know I subscribed to the site, I'm just not sure how long ago. I'm assuming the subscription lasts a year, so is there some kind of warning that the subscription is coming due?

Also, even when I log in as a subscriber I still have the fixed banner and ads. I've adjusted my page layout settings, but there doesn't seem to be a setting for ad-free there. To be honest, I don't mind keeping the ads on the page if it means more money going your way, but it would be nice to lose the banner.


I checked it, and should be fixed now!

Thanks for the reminder, like

Thanks for the reminder, like many avid followers of arguably the best MotoGP news site I have been meaning to subscribe. I was also pleased to see the paypal option, always my favourite payment method for web purchases.


Thank you, David and Scott, for the excellent site, stories and photos, glad to subscribe. Looking forward to more of your work.

Finally done

Wanted to do this for a while, good thing you put up a reminder!
I have a personal feature request, regarding the layout customization.
An option for site supporters to modify the layout to make the header absolute would be great!
I have a N900 now, and while the stock browser supports greasemonkey, which is pretty cool, it doesn't reflow the text correctly.
I have to use opera mobile, which does reflowing perfectly, but doesn't take care of the position:fixed. It does have a mobile view which does, but that destroys the layout pretty badly.
A dedicated mobile version of the site is absolutely not necessary for me, when i could prevent the header from eating up half of my screen i would be perfectly happy.
Hope I'm not going on your nerves with this yet! ;)

Subscriber layout

The Subscriber layout doesn't have the fixed header, the page flows normally. And a mobile site is moving up my priority list fast ...


You are right, sorry for the false alarm!
I checked with chrome, and apparently it still had the CSS cached.
I'm 100% happy now, thanks a million! :)
Now the site works great! For me, personally, there is no need for a dedicated mobile version anymore.


Faster than a Honda upshift!

Rock on, THE BEST REPORTING - Thank you!!

Best $40 I ever spent

except for that time in Tijuana...

Its a privileged to support such a comprehensive and intelligent site. Go get 'em Dave!

Top stuff

Good to have this sort of reminder a couple of times a year so that people like me get reminded to finally get around to it. This site is by far the best coverage of racing and I for one am very grateful of it being here.
I like the fact the merchandise has been decoupled from the subscription package, this is just a direct cash injection without causing all the hassle of merchandising, or the high cost of postage for international subbers.
A suggestion - some other enthusiast sites I've been on have had a small icon or similar which appear next to your name when posting in comments/forums etc that show you're contributing to the site rather than a casual observer. With an increasing number of mentality people posting on this site, it would help us sort the wheat from the chaff. It would also serve as a very subtle but ongoing reminder for people to contribute, without being invasive or annoying.