2010 Final MotoGP Championship Standings After Round 18, Valencia, Valencia

1 *LORENZO Jorge SPA 383  
2 PEDROSA Dani SPA 245 -138
3 ROSSI Valentino ITA 233 -150
4 STONER Casey AUS 225 -158
5 DOVIZIOSO Andrea ITA 206 -177
6 SPIES Ben USA 176 -207
7 HAYDEN Nicky USA 163 -220
8 SIMONCELLI Marco ITA 125 -258
9 DE PUNIET Randy FRA 116 -267
10 MELANDRI Marco ITA 103 -280
11 EDWARDS Colin USA 103 -280
12 BARBERA Hector SPA 90 -293
13 BAUTISTA Alvaro SPA 85 -298
14 ESPARGARO Aleix SPA 65 -318
15 AOYAMA Hiroshi JPN 53 -330
16 CAPIROSSI Loris ITA 44 -339
17 KALLIO Mika FIN 43 -340
18 DE ANGELIS Alex RSM 11 -372
19 HAYDEN Roger Lee USA 5 -378
20 AKIYOSHI Kousuke JPN 4 -379
21 CHECA Carlos SPA 1 -382
22 YOSHIKAWA Wataru JPN 1 -382


* 2010 MotoGP World Champion

Round Number: 

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Out of 18 races:
9 wins
14 times in the top 2
16 times on the rostrum
Worst race position: 4th (twice)
7 pole positions
Only qualified once out of the first row (4th)

And with his world champion title comes the absolute record for most points in 1 season, impressive!

The final standings show just what a problem it was for Stoner to finish races, and how damaging that was to his -- and Ducati's -- season. Rossi misses four races -- count 'em, four -- due to injury, and yet still beats Stoner to third place. Stoner failed to finish five races, which for those statistically inclined is nearly one third of the total.

No question Lorenzo is a fitting title winner. Great season.

But it would have been so much more interesting if 1) Stoner had not crashed so much; 2) Rossi had not suffered injuries (his broken leg of course, but also his shoulder); and 3) Pedrosa had found his rhythm sooner, and had not been injured at the end.

As usual, looking forward to next year.

Most full time riders scored no points for at least 3 races. Oddly, Lorenzo, Barbera and Simoncelli are the only riders with fewer (0,1 and 2 respectively).

You know what they say about Ifs and Buts ...

The only thing that has come of this was the Rossi was severely playing down his shoulder injury from the beginning. And Regardless of his leg would have been plagued all year long by shoulder pain. Stoner started the year with his Bum Wrist which took till Arragon to get the bike setup properly to compensate and I am not entirely sure it will be any better on the Honda next year. And Pedrosa has nerve damage which is not like a bone fracture it may never be 100%.
Next year should be interesting from a perspective of race wins since you can believe that all the aliens and perhaps the predator will be at the pointy end at different times throughout the year. But I think Jlo has the easiest job for next year. He is on a winning bike with no changes to team and completely healthy.

I agree though I can't wait till next year and I am extremely excited to hear how testing goes this week.

Even when Rossi was completely fit in Qatar how far did Lorenzo finish behind him despite a mangled hand and little testing? A mere second difference. And I think the shoulder excuse ran its course after Brno and became silly after Sepang.

Stoner was obviously pushing the Ducati harder than anyone which caused him to make mistakes this year. For sure he has no excuses for that and he knows it but hats off to him. Pedrosa showed how fast the Honda was before his injury, it was probably faster than the Yamaha in all fairness. If Stoner can ride the Honda to its potential (assuming they don't go backwards in development) then I think Lorenzo will have a very tough time.

Let's not forget Ducati either, they're throwing everything and the kitchen sink (by pulling out of World Superbikes) at Rossi and their MotoGP program, that bike could turn around. They'll also most likely have FIAT as a major sponsor.

I don't like the unprompted reuse of excuses either, but I think a compound fracture of his leg shouldn't be forgotten.

I think Pedrosa was also a proof.
If you are that injured you can still go fast, but it's the strength for all the race that you are missing. The more you lap, the more difficult is to brake and thus you get slower.
For that extent I believe for Rossi the shoulder has been worse than the leg (because of posture and braking).
Let's all hope that next year nobody has any accident but I wouldn't take for granted the Rossi can 100% recover it. For some other sportsman it has been an end of career .....

I've posted this before, but you guys that are down playing Rossi's shoulder injury OBVIOUSLY HAVE NEVER HAD ONE! Ridding a GP bike @ the level he is, w/the injury, is simply STUNNING!!! Isn't he having surgery this week after the tests? HOPEFULLY, he will FULLY recover from the surgery and be back in top form for the fist race in 2011.

And sure, I think the shoulder played a role in Rossi's performance. The fact that he only mentioned it when finishing behind Lorenzo should be a relief: the guy is human after all.

Btw: lower case will do. All these caps really aren't helping the readability (and I know I've been lured into doing it myself).