2010 MotoGP Championship Standings After Round 13, Motorland Aragon, Spain

1 LORENZO Jorge SPA 284  
2 PEDROSA Dani SPA 228 -56
3 STONER Casey AUS 155 -129
4 ROSSI Valentino ITA 140 -144
5 DOVIZIOSO Andrea ITA 139 -145
6 SPIES Ben USA 131 -153
7 HAYDEN Nicky USA 125 -159
8 DE PUNIET Randy FRA 81 -203
9 MELANDRI Marco ITA 74 -210
10 SIMONCELLI Marco ITA 74 -210
11 EDWARDS Colin USA 70 -214
12 BARBERA Hector SPA 66 -218
13 ESPARGARO Aleix SPA 50 -234
14 BAUTISTA Alvaro SPA 49 -235
15 CAPIROSSI Loris ITA 41 -243
16 KALLIO Mika FIN 33 -251
17 AOYAMA Hiroshi JPN 29 -255
18 DE ANGELIS Alex RSM 11 -273
19 HAYDEN Roger Lee USA 5 -279
20 AKIYOSHI Kousuke JPN 4 -280
21 YOSHIKAWA Wataru JPN 1 -283
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Lorenzo should take the title comfortably,but at the beginning of the season,I put money on Stoner,Pedrosa and a flyer on Spies.
Dani is not out of this yet.I think a lot depends on the engine situation.
As for the real intrigue,3rd and 4th are where it's at.
Valentino has the engines in the Yamaha garage,Casey is just about done,Jorge threading the needle and Ben doing what he does best.
I wonder how much of a knock Dovi took psychologically today.I would not rule Ben out of securing 4th in the title hunt.

This is what I've been missing. talk about who is going to finish where. I'm anything but a Spanish fan but I'm hoping for JL to hold on over Dani. I was really hoping the talk about Dani losing his ride was going to come true. Oh well.

I just read that Rossi might not race the last two which leaves Stoner, Dovi, Spies, and Hayden.

I can't see Hayden coming from the back to 3rd or 4th unless he starts winning races, which he really needs to do considering how long its been. Spies could def get up to 4th especially with how well he has been riding as of late. But if I had to bet right now, I'd pick Stoner for 3rd and Dovi for 4th. Stoner has a great hold on 3rd and should be able to bring it in as long as the front forks hold up. Dovi had such a great start this year that I don't see why he couldn't finish in 4th.

Crazy about Dovi though, I think I read that if he was in 5th or better at the half way point (which he was) that he would get to stay on a factory ride. Sounds like he is getting snubbed with Stoner making the move.

No 99 is just a tad nervous about the title with Casey returning to the mix. If Hayden can produce this performance consistently, there could be more thank just air between Dani and Jorge. The only thing Jorge can hope for is for Casey to stay ahead of Dani if he himself cannot.

A lot of talk about the championship but the form for the last races would put Lorenzo and Pedrosa pretty on par, so Lorenzo could dnf in 2 races and still win the championship

Only 5 races are left , so If Jorge finishes ahead of Dani just for one more race, it gives huge advantage. Or, he needs to finish within two position behind Dani. Two Ducati and Dovi can be the key factor, and I do not think Stoner wants Dani to be the worldchamp more than JL.