MotoGP Race And Practice Results

Qatar MotoGP Race Results 2007

Race Report here

1 27 Casey STONER Ducati Marlboro Team 43'02.788 164.975
2 46 Valentino ROSSI Fiat Yamaha Team 43'05.626 164.794 2.838
3 26 Dani PEDROSA Repsol Honda Team 43'11.318 164.432 8.530
4 21 John HOPKINS Rizla Suzuki MotoGP 43'11.859 164.397 9.071
5 33 Marco MELANDRI Honda Gresini 43'20.221 163.869 17.433
6 5 Colin EDWARDS Fiat Yamaha Team 43'21.435 163.792 18.647
7 71 Chris VERMEULEN Rizla Suzuki MotoGP 43'25.704 163.524 22.916
8 1 Nicky HAYDEN Repsol Honda Team 43'25.845 163.515 23.057
9 4 Alex BARROS Pramac d'Antin 43'28.749 163.333 25.961
10 56 Shinya NAKANO Konica Minolta Honda 43'31.244 163.177 28.456
11 66 Alex HOFMANN Pramac d'Antin 43'37.817 162.767 35.029
12 19 Olivier JACQUE Kawasaki Racing Team 43'45.736 162.276 42.948
13 10 Kenny ROBERTS JR Team Roberts 43'45.765 162.274 42.977
14 24 Toni ELIAS Honda Gresini 43'45.777 162.274 42.989
15 50 Sylvain GUINTOLI Dunlop Yamaha Tech 3 43'54.427 161.741 51.639
16 6 Makoto TAMADA Dunlop Yamaha Tech 3 44'00.641 161.360 57.853

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Qatar FP3 Times - MotoGP 2007

The Fiat Yamaha team once again dominated the timesheets at today's third free practice session in Qatar. The only change in the standings at the top was Colin Edwards leapfrogging over his team mate Valentino Rossi to take the fastest time again. Casey Stoner and John Hopkins took 3rd and 4th place once again.

Behind the top 4, there were bigger changes. Carlos Checa made the least progress on the LCR Honda, dropping from 5th down to 10th spot. As a result, Dani Pedrosa, Marco Melandri and Loris Capirossi all moved up a place. Nicky Hayden must have found a few solutions to his first-day problems, as he vaulted from a lowly 15th all the way up to 8th. You can be sure that 8th position is not where the Kentucky Kid would want to be, but such a big improvement is promising. More important than his position is the three quarters of a second he found on Valentino Rossi.

Behind Hayden, Rizla Suzuki's Chris Vermeulen also showed a positive improvement, jumping from 12th to 9th ahead of Carlos Checa. The ranking further down the order changed less, with Makoto Tamada finally managing to get past the Ilmors.

Looking at the complete lap times, it is clear that Edwards and Rossi have race pace, having put in reasonable runs. But most impressive is Casey Stoner. His second run of the session lasted for 18 laps, during which he consistently ran laps in the 1'56 range. On the strength of this performance, Casey Stoner could well turn out to be the man to beat come Saturday.

1 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 1'56.057
2 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 1'56.272
3 27 Casey STONER DUCATI 1'56.540
4 21 John HOPKINS SUZUKI 1'56.569
5 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 1'56.686
6 33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 1'56.690
7 65 Loris CAPIROSSI DUCATI 1'56.844
8 1 Nicky HAYDEN HONDA 1'56.918
9 71 Chris VERMEULEN SUZUKI 1'56.940
10 7 Carlos CHECA HONDA 1'56.996
11 4 Alex BARROS DUCATI 1'57.027
12 56 Shinya NAKANO HONDA 1'57.158
13 14 Randy DE PUNIET KAWASAKI 1'57.316
14 24 Toni ELIAS HONDA 1'57.444
15 10 Kenny ROBERTS JR KR212V 1'57.600
16 66 Alex HOFMANN DUCATI 1'57.716
17 50 Sylvain GUINTOLI YAMAHA 1'57.849
18 19 Olivier JACQUE KAWASAKI 1'58.393
19 6 Makoto TAMADA YAMAHA 1'58.979
20 99 Jeremy McWILLIAMS ILMOR GP 1'59.266
21 88 Andrew PITT ILMOR GP 2'00.045
Circuit Record Lap: Valentino ROSSI 1'57.305 2006
Circuit Best Lap: Casey STONER 1'55.683 2006
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Qatar FP2 Times - MotoGP 2007

The second free practice session in Qatar saw a similar pattern tot the first. Yamaha continues to lead the way, with Valentino Rossi setting the fastest time this afternoon, rather than Colin Edwards. Much more worrying for the competition, however, is that Rossi set the fastest time not on a soft qualifying tire, but during a long run of 12 laps on what presumably must be race tires. During that long run, he clocked several 1'56 laps, which bodes ill for Rossi's own lap record in the race on Saturday: the top 10 times set on Thursday were all under Rossi's record time, and all 10 of those times were almost certainly set on race tires.

Casey Stoner, 2nd in the morning's practice, slipped to 3rd on the Ducati, ahead of John Hopkins on the Suzuki. Hopkins is still in considerable pain from his broken scaphoid, yet still managed to take the 4th fastest time. One remarkable fact is that Hopkins only used 2 rear tires today, putting the fast times into some kind of perspective.

Among the Hondas, Carlos Checa is the fastest rider on the LCR Honda in 5th, ahead of Repsol's Dani Pedrosa and Gresini Hanspree's Marco Melandri. It looks like the Honda is still lagging behind the other marques, and has a bit of catching up to do. This is especially true for the reigning World Champion Nicky Hayden, who only managed to clock the 15th fastest time this afternoon. That this was one place better than this morning is very small consolation indeed.

Kawasaki's Randy de Puniet and Pramac d'Antin's Alex Hofmann slipped down the rankings, to 13th and 16th respectively, while Hofmann's team mate Alex Barros made a good jump up the standings to set 11th fastest.

Practice, and qualification, continue tomorrow.

1 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 1'56.464
2 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 1'56.779
3 27 Casey STONER DUCATI 1'56.839
4 21 John HOPKINS SUZUKI 1'56.972
5 7 Carlos CHECA HONDA 1'56.981
6 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 1'56.990
7 33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 1'57.112
8 65 Loris CAPIROSSI DUCATI 1'57.247
9 24 Toni ELIAS HONDA 1'57.382
10 56 Shinya NAKANO HONDA 1'57.574
11 4 Alex BARROS DUCATI 1'57.620
12 71 Chris VERMEULEN SUZUKI 1'57.636
13 14 Randy DE PUNIET KAWASAKI 1'57.686
14 10 Kenny ROBERTS JR KR212V 1'57.738
15 1 Nicky HAYDEN HONDA 1'57.922
16 66 Alex HOFMANN DUCATI 1'58.206
17 19 Olivier JACQUE KAWASAKI 1'58.523
18 50 Sylvain GUINTOLI YAMAHA 1'58.720
19 88 Andrew PITT ILMOR GP 1'59.930
20 99 Jeremy McWILLIAMS ILMOR GP 2'00.125
21 6 Makoto TAMADA YAMAHA 2'00.188

Circuit Record Lap: Valentino ROSSI 1'57.305 2006
Circuit Best Lap: Casey STONER 1'55.683 2006
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Qatar FP1 Times - MotoGP 2007

At the first free practice session at the Losail circuit at Qatar, Yamaha demonstrated that their early season form was no mere chimera. Colin Edwards set the fastest time, a second off of last year's pole pace, just over 0.1 seconds faster than his team mate Valentino Rossi. Sandwiched between the Fiat Yamaha riders is Casey Stoner on the Marlboro Ducati, last year's pole sitter

Biggest surprise is that the satellite Hondas are faster than the factory Repsol bikes. Carlos Checa is in 4th place, and Marco Melandri is next in 7th, but Dani Pedrosa, the rider everyone expect to be world champion one day very soon, is down in 9th, while reigning world champion Nicky Hayden is way back in 16th.

Rizla Suzuki's John Hopkins looks like he has recovered well from the broken wrist he suffered here 4 weeks ago, taking 6th behind Loris Capirossi. And Alex Hofmann's awful season last year looks like being quickly forgotten, as the German Pramac d'Antin Ducati rider is up in 10th.

Practice continues this afternoon.

1 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 1'56.665
2 27 Casey STONER DUCATI 1'56.745
3 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 1'56.787
4 7 Carlos CHECA HONDA 1'57.095
5 65 Loris CAPIROSSI DUCATI 1'57.270
6 21 John HOPKINS SUZUKI 1'57.281
7 33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 1'57.443
8 56 Shinya NAKANO HONDA 1'57.491
9 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 1'57.705
10 66 Alex HOFMANN DUCATI 1'58.021
11 14 Randy DE PUNIET KAWASAKI 1'58.238
12 24 Toni ELIAS HONDA 1'58.262
13 4 Alex BARROS DUCATI 1'58.315
14 71 Chris VERMEULEN SUZUKI 1'58.559
15 10 Kenny ROBERTS JR KR212V 1'58.774
16 1 Nicky HAYDEN HONDA 1'58.924
17 19 Olivier JACQUE KAWASAKI 1'59.598
18 50 Sylvain GUINTOLI YAMAHA 1'59.679
19 88 Andrew PITT ILMOR GP 2'00.587
20 6 Makoto TAMADA YAMAHA 2'01.495
21 99 Jeremy McWILLIAMS ILMOR GP 2'01.767

Circuit Record Lap: Valentino ROSSI 1'57.305 2006
Circuit Best Lap: Casey STONER 1'55.683 2006
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Full Times From Qatar IRTA Test, Day 3

The last day of testing in Qatar threw up a whole bunch of surprises, clouding what had started to look like a pretty clear picture of the season to come. The first, but probably least, surprise, was that diminutive Spaniard Dani Pedrosa topped the timesheets, setting a time 2/10ths faster than Stoner's pole record of 1'55.693, proving once again that the 800s are going to start smashing lap records from the first race. In second place was Suzuki's John Hopkins, who had set his fast lap in the morning. He would not long enjoy his fast time, as 3 laps later, he highsided viciously, fracturing his scaphoid, the bone in the wrist which kept both Makoto Tamada and Alex Hofmann out of several races during the 2005 season. Hopper is slated to miss the Jerez test next week, and will hope to be fit for the season opener in March.

Valentino Rossi set the 3rd fastest time, the only other rider to crack the 1'56 barrier, Yamaha's dominance intact, but not looking as total as in the past two days. But in 4th place, perhaps the biggest surprise of the test: Pramac d'Antin Ducati's Alex Hofmann. The team has been turned around totally since last year, the influx of cash, allied to better rubber and better equipment starting to pay off the Italian industrial equipment manufacturer's investment.

Rossi's team mate Colin Edwards, whose fastest time was set on race tires, slipped to 5th place, ahead of another surprise. Randy de Puniet showed that the form he demonstrated in Sepang was no fluke, by ridng his Kawasaki to a 6th fastest time, ahead of the two factory Ducatis, elder statesman Loris Capirossi leading his younger team mate home. Alex Barros rounded out the trio of Ducatis to take 9h fastest time, ahead of the 2nd Honda rider, Marco Melandri's Bridgestone-shod Gresini RC212V.

The nastiest surprise was for reigning World Champion Nicky Hayden. His testing nightmare continued, only managing to set a 14th fastest time, having to suffer the indignity of both the satellite Gresini Hondas, Shinya Nakano on the Konica Minolta Honda, and Dunlop-shod Makoto Tamada ahead of him. With a crash and a blown engine yesterday, Hayden will surely be glad to leave Qatar behind and head for Jerez.

Slightly better news today for the Ilmors. Andrew Pitt finished the test ahead of more than just his team mate, for a change, having managed to improve his time by close to 2 seconds. The gap with the leaders is still large, but getting smaller. At the bottom of the timesheets, the walking wounded of Olivier Jacque and Jeremy McWilliams bravely soldiered round the track to set rather disappointing times.

The entire circus now ups sticks and shifts to Jerez in Southern Spain, for the official IRTA test, which starts next Friday. At Jerez, there'll be no more hiding. All times will be logged, recorded, and can be analyzed and compared. The season is so very close.

1 Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda 1'55.471
2 John Hopkins Rizla Suzuki 1'55.825
3 Valentino Rossi Yamaha Factory 1'55.954
4 Alex Hofmann Pramac d'Antin 1'56.315
5 Colin Edwards Yamaha Factory 1'56.371
6 Randy de Puniet Kawasaki Racing 1'56.753
7 Loris Capirossi Ducati Marlboro 1'56.807
8 Casey Stoner Ducati Marlboro 1'56.834
9 Alex Barros Pramac d'Antin 1'56.950
10 Marco Melandri Honda Gresini 1'56.980
11 Shinya Nakano Konica Minolta Honda 1'56.980
12 Makoto Tamada Dunlop Yamaha Tech3 1'57.232
13 Toni Elias Honda Gresini 1'57.246
14 Nicky Hayden Repsol Honda 1'57.269
15 Chris Vermeulen Rizla Suzuki 1'57.365
16 Kenny Roberts Team Roberts 1'57.408
17 Carlos Checa Honda LCR 1'57.497
18 Sylvain Guintoli Dunlop Yamaha Tech3 1'58.379
19 Shinichi Ito Ducati TTT 1'58.974
20 Andrew Pitt Ilmor GP 2'00.455
21 Olivier Jacque Kawasaki Racing 2'02.081
22 Jeremy McWilliams Ilmor GP 2'02.612
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Full Times From Qatar IRTA Test, Day 2

Testing continued in Qatar today, and the Camel Yamaha team continued to dominate. Colin Edwards was fastest once again, taking nearly half a second off yesterday's time, a second under the lap record. Team mate Valentino Rossi was 2nd fastest, a quarter of a second slower. Dani Pedrosa was the fastest Honda, setting the 3rd time, 2/10ths behind The Doctor.

Carlos Checa took the 4th time on the satellite LCR Honda, just ahead of Casey Stoner, who vacated his ride at the end of the season. Checa's place is remarkable, as it is generally assumed that the taller riders, such as Checa, will struggle with the tiny RC212V. Behind Stoner on the Ducati, John Hopkins continued to progress, keeping with spitting distance of the leaders.

The bigger surprises were to be found further towards the rear of the timesheets: World Champion Nicky Hayden set a lowly 11th time today, 0.7 seconds slower than yesterday. But he is in good company, as Loris Capirossi lost time and places as well, back in 12th, and Alex Barros went over a second slower, finishing a lowly 15th fastest. But times are harder to judge today, as a lot of teams spent time doing race simulations, and not everyone went out for shorter series of fast laps.

Down in the injury bay, two names were missing from today's timesheet: Olivier Jacque had decided to sit out Wednesday's action after losing consciousness in a crash on Tuesday, and he was joined by Jeremy McWilliams, who had also suffered a crash on Tuesday. Initially, McWilliams had thought he'd re-broken the leg he broke at Jerez, but upon examination, the injury turned out to be minor. Common sense prevailed, and the Irish veteran sat out today's session. Both Jacque and McWilliams expect to ride tomorrow.

And we can expect the times to be spectacular tomorrow. The last day of testing is traditionally the day that everyone goes on on qualifying tires, making the conditions and the times much more comparable. Tomorrow will give us a slightly better hint of what is to come when the season actually kicks off.

1 Colin Edwards Yamaha Factory 1’56.296
2 Valentino Rossi Yamaha Factory 1’56.537
3 Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda 1’56.712
4 Carlos Checa LCR Honda 1’56. 874
5 Casey Stoner Ducati Marlboro 1’57.040
6 John Hopkins Rizla Suzuki 1’57.065
7 Shinya Nakano Konica Minolta Honda 1’57.274
8 Randy de Puniet Kawasaki Racing 1’57.288
9 Kenny Roberts Jr Team Roberts 1’57.504
10 Marco Melandri Gresini Honda 1’57.591
11 Nicky Hayden Repsol Honda 1’57.629
12 Loris Capirossi Ducati Marlboro 1’57.698
13 Chris Vermeulen Rizla Suzuki 1’57.770
14 Alex Hofmann Pramac d’Antin Ducati 1’57.999
15 Alex Barros Pramac d’Antin Ducati 1’58.513
16 Makoto Tamada Yamaha Tech 3 1’58.610
17 Toni Elias Gresini Honda 1’58.990
18 Sylvain Guintoli Yamaha Tech 3 1’59.138
19 Shinichi Ito Ducati TTT 1’59.617
20 Andrew Pitt Ilmor GP 2’02.453
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Full Times From Qatar IRTA Test, Day 1

Testing is in full swing in Qatar, in the first of the genuine pre-season shootouts before the real racing begins here in March, but this is no cold war. On the very first day of testing, lap records have been broken, and Colin Edwards has come within a second of Casey Stoner's pole record set last year on the 990cc Honda RC211V. Times are fast, with the top three all being inside of 1'57.

What must worry the competition, however, is the fact that the factory Yamahas are once again one-two at the top of the time sheets, with Valentino Rossi just over a tenth behind Colin Edwards astonishingly fast time. Behind Rossi, Casey Stoner took a third place, demonstrating his pole here last year was anything but a fluke. Kenny Roberts Jr came in a surprising 4th position, his KR212V the first of the Honda powered contenders, just a smidgeon ahead of Nicky Hayden on the factory Repsol Honda RC212V.

John Hopkins took 6th place, further down the charts than the Suzuki's have been over the past few days, but still faster than the fastest race lap he set here last year. Behind Hopkins, Loris Capirossi's time is nearly 4/10ths behind his Ducati team mate, and leads Carlos Checa on the LCR Honda, from Alex Barros on the satellite Pramac d'Antin Ducati. Hayden's team mate Dani Pedrosa set the 10th fastest time, nearly 0.7 seconds behind the World Champion's time.

Randy de Puniet must be slightly disappointed after more promising outings on the Kawasaki in Sepang, but the real worries must be in the Gresini Honda pit. Marco Melandri has so far failed to show the stellar form of 2005 and 2006, and has been very much mid-pack so far during testing.

At the bottom of the timesheets, the Ilmor's have improved, with Andrew Pitt closing the gap from 7 seconds at Sepang down to under 5 seconds. Pitt's team mate, Jeremy McWilliams, may be rueing his decision to return so early from the badly broken leg he sustained at Jerez, his fastest time a lowly 2'10. McWilliams isn't the only injury victim here, though, as Kawasaki's Olivier Jacque was taken to hospital after blacking out during a heavy crash. It is doubtful he'll make an appearance tomorrow, and there's a question mark over whether he'll be able to return on Thursday either.

1 Colin Edwards Yamaha Factory Racing 1'56.774
2 Valentino Rossi Yamaha Factory Racing 1'56.891
3 Casey Stoner Ducati Marlboro 1'56.960
4 Kenny Roberts Jr. Team KR 1'57.064
5 Nicky Hayden Repsol Honda 1'57.070
6 John Hopkins Rizla Suzuki 1'57.350
7 Loris Capirossi Ducati Marlboro 1'57.360
8 Carlos Checa LCR Honda 1'57.370
9 Alex Barros Pramac d'Antin 1'57.690
10 Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda 1'57.700
11 Randy de Puniet Kawasaki Racing 1'57.730
12 Marco Melandri Honda Gresini 1´57.760
13 Alex Hofmann Pramac d'Antin 1'57.800
14 Shinya Nakano Konica Minolta Honda 1'57.850
15 Chris Vermeulen Rizla Suzuki 1'57.900
16 Makoto Tamada Dunlop Yamaha Tech3 1'58.408
17 Olivier Jacque Kawasaki Racing 1'58.740
18 Toni Elias Honda Gresini 1´59.400
19 Sylvain Guintoli Dunlop Yamaha Tech3 1'59.700
20 Shinichi Ito Ducati TTT 1´59.966
21 Andrew Pitt Ilmor GP 2´01.667
22 Jeremy McWilliams Ilmor GP 2'10.341
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Some Early Times From Qatar IRTA Test, Day 1 - Updated

UK Motorcycle weekly Motorcycle News has a mid-morning update on the current tests at Qatar, and so far, the trend of fast times set at previous tests seems set to continue. The test is only half a day old and already, two riders have cracked Valentino Rossi's lap record set during the 2006 race. In a foretaste of what looks like being another great season, those two riders were former champion Valentino Rossi, and current champion Nicky Hayden. Hayden even succeeded in taking 3/10ths of a second off Rossi's record.

The circuit seems to be suffering problems with transponders, as not all times are being registered, even though this is an officially timed event. Hopefully, this problem will be sorted soon.

More to come as the times come in.


1 Nicky Hayden Repsol Honda 1'57.067
2 Valentino Rossi Yamaha Factory 1'57.243
3 Colin Edwards Yamaha Factory 1'57.322
4 Kenny Roberts Jr Team Roberts 1'58.212
5 John Hopkins Rizla Suzuki 1'58.533
6 Loris Capirossi Ducati Marlboro 1'58.649
7 Chris Vermeulen Rizla Suzuki 1'58.658
8 Carlos Checa Honda LCR 1'59.039
9 Shinya Nakano Konica Minolta Honda 1'59.125
10 Alex Hofmann Pramac d'Antin 1'59.204
11 Makoto Tamada Dunlop Yamaha Tech3 1'59.377
12 Alex Barros Pramac d'Antin 1'59.629
13 Randy de Puniet Kawasaki Racing 1'59.756
14 Sylvain Guintoli Dunlop Yamaha Tech3 1'59.785
15 Olivier Jacque Kawasaki Racing 1'59.941
16 Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda 2'00.402
17 Toni Elias Honda Gresini 2'00.405
18 Casey Stoner Ducati Marlboro 2'00.489
19 Marco Melandri Honda Gresini 2'00.617
20 Shinichi Ito Ducati TTT 2'01.488
21 Andrew Pitt Ilmor GP 2'02.378
22 Jeremy McWilliams Ilmor GP 2'07.660
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Sepang February Testing, Day 3, Preliminary Results

Testing completed at Sepang today, with Colin Edwards back at the top of the table, having broken Valentino Rossi's pole record, set on a 990 cc bike in September, by nearly 0.4 seconds. What's more Edwards is also 7/10ths faster than Rossi's fastest time at the previous test in January. Rossi also beat his time at the previous test, setting the second fastest time, over half a second behind Edwards.

Randy de Puniet is fastest Kawasaki again, though this time team mate Olivier Jacque is much closer, half a second behind instead of over a second yesterday.

Makoto Tamada heads up the Tech 3 Yamaha riders, though the Japanese rider was slower today than yesterday. Team mate Sylvain Guintoli was quicker again, and has made good progress since starting this test, improving his time by nearly 2 seconds over the three days.

Ilmor continue to make slow progress, with Andrew Pitt improving his time by 1.3 seconds. But the British-based team is still a long way behind the rest, nearly 3 seconds off Guintoli's pace, and over 7 seconds off Edwards' blistering lap.

1. Colin Edwards - Yamaha Factory Racing - 2'00.248
2. Valentino Rossi - Yamaha Factory Racing - 2'00.793
3. Randy de Puniet - Kawasaki Racing - 2'02.071
4. Olivier Jacque - Kawasaki Racing - 2'02.607
5. Makoto Tamada - Tech 3 Yamaha - 2'03.380
6. Sylvain Guintoli - Tech 3 Yamaha - 2'04.636
7. Andrew Pitt - Ilmor SRT - 2'07.373

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Sepang February Testing, Day 2, Preliminary Results

Day 2 of the Sepang test saw the results much as they were for Day 1. The only real difference was that Yamaha team mates Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards had changed places, with The Doctor fastest on Day 2. Times were quicker than the day before, but not by much. Biggest improver of the day was Tech 3 Yamaha's Sylvain Guintoli, taking over a second and a half of his time from yesterday.

Testing finishes tomorrow.

1. Rossi - Yamaha Racing - 2'02.099
2. Edwards - Yamaha Racing - 2'02.118
3. de Puniet - Kawasaki - 2'02.554
4. Tamada - Tech 3 Yamaha - 2'02.745
5. Jacque - Kawasaki - 2'03.761
6. Guintoli - Tech 3 Yamaha - 2'05.002
7. Pitt - Ilmor Racing - 2'07.923

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