MotoGP Race And Practice Results

2008 Assen FP1 Times Day 1 - Stoner Runs Away With It, Hayden Closest

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'36.569  
269Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'37.1860.6170.617
32Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'37.3980.8290.212
45Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'37.4370.8680.039
515Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'37.4700.9010.033
646Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'37.4800.9110.010
74Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'37.5070.9380.027
821John HOPKINSKAWASAKI1'37.6521.0830.145
956Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'37.8211.2520.169
1014Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'37.9511.3820.130
1148Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'37.9871.4180.036
1265Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'38.0821.5130.095
1352James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'38.1981.6290.116
147Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'38.3411.7720.143
1550Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'38.4351.8660.094
1613Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'38.7682.1990.333
1733Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'39.0202.4510.252
1824Toni ELIASDUCATI1'39.8053.2360.785




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2008 Donington Race Result


11Casey STONERDUCATI44'44.982 
246Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA44'50.7715.789
32Dani PEDROSAHONDA44'53.3298.347
45Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA44'57.66012.678
54Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA44'59.78314.801
648Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA45'00.67215.690
769Nicky HAYDENHONDA45'03.17818.196
87Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI45'06.64821.666
956Shinya NAKANOHONDA45'14.33629.354
1013Anthony WESTKAWASAKI45'26.01241.030
1124Toni ELIASDUCATI45'29.40844.426
1214Randy DE PUNIETHONDA45'31.18146.199
1350Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI45'33.71348.731
1411Ben SPIESSUZUKI45'34.57349.591
1515Alex DE ANGELISHONDA46'07.1681'22.186
1633Marco MELANDRIDUCATI46'15.0031'30.021
1752James TOSELANDYAMAHA45'32.2341 lap
Not Classified
 21John HOPKINSKAWASAKI24'18.02114 laps




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2008 Donington Warm Up Times - Stoner Dominates Again

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'29.325  
246Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'29.8450.5200.520
32Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'29.9370.6120.092
44Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'29.9970.6720.060
515Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'30.0580.7330.061
65Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'30.1080.7830.050
769Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'30.2340.9090.126
814Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'30.3010.9760.067
948Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'30.3471.0220.046
1021John HOPKINSKAWASAKI1'30.5111.1860.164
1156Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'30.5281.2030.017
1252James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'30.6201.2950.092
137Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'30.6651.3400.045
1424Toni ELIASDUCATI1'30.7741.4490.109
1511Ben SPIESSUZUKI1'31.2441.9190.470
1613Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'31.4872.1620.243
1750Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'31.5912.2660.104
1833Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'32.3202.9950.729

Circuit records:


Fastest Lap:15Casey STONER1'29.325162.136 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'28.714163.252 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'27.676165.185 Km/h


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2008 Donington QP Times Day 2 - Rain-Soaked Qualifying Sees One Man Dominate

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'38.232  
246Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'38.8810.6490.649
37Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'39.0180.7860.137
469Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'39.2701.0380.252
55Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'39.6011.3690.331
64Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'39.7831.5510.182
713Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'39.9951.7630.212
811Ben SPIESSUZUKI1'40.2442.0120.249
92Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'40.3502.1180.106
1056Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'40.4172.1850.067
1121John HOPKINSKAWASAKI1'40.5392.3070.122
1250Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'40.5952.3630.056
1315Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'40.6672.4350.072
1414Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'41.1102.8780.443
1533Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'41.3793.1470.269
1652James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'41.7513.5190.372
1748Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'41.8733.6410.122
1824Toni ELIASDUCATI1'42.9334.7011.060

Circuit records:

Fastest Lap:25Casey STONER1'38.232147.434 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'28.714163.252 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'27.676165.185 Km/h


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Total votes: 92

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2008 Donington FP3 Times Day 2 - Rain Turns Field On Its Head

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
14Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'43.957  
22Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'43.9950.0380.038
369Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'44.5260.5690.531
413Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'44.5280.5710.002
550Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'44.8170.8600.289
61Casey STONERDUCATI1'45.0311.0740.214
715Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'45.2081.2510.177
848Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'45.3721.4150.164
946Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'46.0122.0550.640
1011Ben SPIESSUZUKI1'46.0462.0890.034
117Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'46.1882.2310.142
125Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'46.2812.3240.093
1321John HOPKINSKAWASAKI1'46.9442.9870.663
1424Toni ELIASDUCATI1'47.6853.7280.741
1552James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'47.9754.0180.290
1614Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'49.1335.1761.158
1756Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'50.4066.4491.273
1833Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'52.5718.6142.165


Circuit records:


Fastest Lap:27Andrea DOVIZIOSO1'43.957139.315 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'28.714163.252 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'27.676165.185 Km/h


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Total votes: 91

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2008 Donington FP2 Times Day 1 - Stoner Dominates, Hayden Close

 Both today's sessions were dry, despite the forecasts for showers, though the conditions were far from ideal for motorcycle racing. That didn't seem to bother Casey Stoner, though, the Australian utterly dominating both sessions. Stoner was particularly impressive in the afternoon's session, putting in consistent long runs of 1'28, something which the other riders could only manage sporadically. This was very much the Casey Stoner of 2007, a thought which must worry the competition.

One surprise was Nicky Hayden finishing 2nd fastest. Hayden looked considerably happier on board the engine with the pneumatic valves, though whether that's down to the engine or Nicky Hayden is a question as yet to be answered. Either way, it left Hayden much quicker than he has been so far this season.

Hayden's team mate was less happy, suffering a nasty spill well into the afternoon session. Pedrosa got up painfully, though relatively uninjured, and was able to go back out on his second bike. A crash was the last thing Pedrosa needed, after badly hurting his back in a big off during testing after Barcelona. The FP2 spill definitely took the wind out of Pedroda's sails, as the Spaniard was significantly slower once he went back out again.

Valentino Rossi finished up the day 3rd fastest, but his deficit to Stoner must be worrying. Rossi was consistently 3/4 of a second behind Stoner, and will have some catching up to do during Qualifying.

The Tech 3 Yamaha team and the Gresini Honda team follow the top 3, with Colin Edwards the fastest of the bunch. His Tech 3 team mate James Toseland is fraction off the pace, which will be disappointing in front of his home crowd, but there should be more to come tomorrow. Alex de Angelis continued his run of good form, though once again, the question is not whether he's fast, but whether he can stay aboard the bike. Shinya Nakano is also making progress, though of the more steady kind.

The more interesting developments are happening at the back of the field, or in the case of Ant West, not at the back of the field. The testing which West did in Japan has made a big improvement, with West now firmly mid-pack, and right behind his team mate. More importantly, his deficit to the fast boys is only 1.4 seconds, instead of well over 2. It's too early to tell how this will actually work out, but the evidence so far is promising.

Ben Spies is another name who is not at the back of the field. The American managed to stay ahead of Sylvain Guintoli, and has gotten quicker every time he has been out on the track. It must be a culture shock for the Texan to be 17th, as he normally only has his Yoshimura Suzuki team mate Mat Mladin to contend with. But the low key approach he is taking is working well, if quietly, so far.

One man who is nearer to the back of the field than we have become accustomed to is Jorge Lorenzo. The Spanish rookie, who tore up the early season, is clearly shaken by the concussion he suffered in a big crash at Barcelona, and is circulating slowly and gingerly, at least in MotoGP terms. Lorenzo will be aiming just to finish the race, and on the evidence of today's free practice, that's all he will do.

Practice continues Saturday morning, with qualifying in the afternoon. During which period, it's due to rain. It will make qualifying very interesting indeed.


Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'28.253  
269Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'28.8290.5760.576
346Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'28.9090.6560.080
45Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'28.9690.7160.060
515Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'28.9920.7390.023
62Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'29.2070.9540.215
756Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'29.2070.9540.215
852James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'29.3411.0880.134
97Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'29.4101.1570.069
1014Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'29.4331.1800.023
1121John HOPKINSKAWASAKI1'29.4411.1880.008
1213Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'29.6661.4130.225
134Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'29.7221.4690.056
1433Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'29.8561.6030.134
1524Toni ELIASDUCATI1'30.2682.0150.412
1648Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'30.2902.0370.022
1711Ben SPIESSUZUKI1'30.7662.5130.476
1850Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'30.9312.6780.165

Circuit records:


Fastest Lap:14Casey STONER1'28.253164.105 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'28.714163.252 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'27.676165.185 Km/h


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2008 Donington FP1 Times Day 1 - Stoner Makes His Mark


Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'28.979  
215Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'29.5270.5480.548
35Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'29.6610.6820.134
44Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'29.7180.7390.057
569Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'29.7230.7440.005
67Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'29.7870.8080.064
752James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'29.8780.8990.091
846Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'29.9170.9380.039
956Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'30.1441.1650.227
1014Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'30.2201.2410.076
1121John HOPKINSKAWASAKI1'30.2821.3030.062
122Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'30.3091.3300.027
1313Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'30.4521.4730.143
1448Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'30.6901.7110.238
1533Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'30.9061.9270.216
1624Toni ELIASDUCATI1'31.1032.1240.197
1750Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'31.5782.5990.475
1811Ben SPIESSUZUKI1'31.8072.8280.229


Circuit records:

Fastest Lap:23Casey STONER1'28.979162.766 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'28.714163.252 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'27.676165.185 Km/h


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2008 Catalunya MotoGP Race Results

Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 2 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 43'02.175    
2 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 43'04.981 2.806
3 1 Casey STONER DUCATI 43'05.518 3.343
4 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 43'13.068 10.893
5 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 43'18.601 16.426
6 52 James TOSELAND YAMAHA 43'23.657 21.482
7 7 Chris VERMEULEN SUZUKI 43'23.723 21.548
8 69 Nicky HAYDEN HONDA 43'24.455 22.280
9 56 Shinya NAKANO HONDA 43'24.550 22.375
10 21 John HOPKINS KAWASAKI 43'49.010 46.835
11 33 Marco MELANDRI DUCATI 44'00.166 57.991
12 13 Anthony WEST KAWASAKI 44'01.343 59.168
13 50 Sylvain GUINTOLI DUCATI 44'02.954 1'00.779
Not Classified
  14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 19'01.576 14 laps    
  15 Alex DE ANGELIS HONDA 17'23.460 15 laps    
  65 Loris CAPIROSSI SUZUKI 17'23.501 15 laps    
  24 Toni ELIAS DUCATI        


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2008 Catalunya Warmup Times - Rossi Leads From Edwards

Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Fast Lap Diff Diff Previous
1 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 1'43.182
2 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 1'43.248 0.066 0.066
3 1 Casey STONER DUCATI 1'43.290 0.108 0.042
4 69 Nicky HAYDEN HONDA 1'43.482 0.300 0.192
5 15 Alex DE ANGELIS HONDA 1'43.552 0.370 0.070
6 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 1'43.577 0.395 0.025
7 7 Chris VERMEULEN SUZUKI 1'43.760 0.578 0.183
8 14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 1'43.802 0.620 0.042
9 21 John HOPKINS KAWASAKI 1'43.831 0.649 0.029
10 65 Loris CAPIROSSI SUZUKI 1'43.840 0.658 0.009
11 52 James TOSELAND YAMAHA 1'43.912 0.730 0.072
12 56 Shinya NAKANO HONDA 1'44.030 0.848 0.118
13 2 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 1'44.117 0.935 0.087
14 33 Marco MELANDRI DUCATI 1'44.686 1.504 0.569
15 50 Sylvain GUINTOLI DUCATI 1'45.088 1.906 0.402
16 13 Anthony WEST KAWASAKI 1'45.927 2.745 0.839
17 24 Toni ELIAS DUCATI 1'46.444 3.262 0.517
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2008 Catalunya Qualifying Practice Times Day 2 - Another Lap Record Shattered

Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Fast Lap Diff Diff Previous
1 1 Casey STONER DUCATI 1'41.186
2 2 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 1'41.269 0.083 0.083
3 69 Nicky HAYDEN HONDA 1'41.437 0.251 0.168
4 14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 1'41.571 0.385 0.134
5 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 1'41.609 0.423 0.038
6 52 James TOSELAND YAMAHA 1'41.820 0.634 0.211
7 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 1'42.053 0.867 0.233
8 7 Chris VERMEULEN SUZUKI 1'42.365 1.179 0.312
9 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 1'42.427 1.241 0.062
10 15 Alex DE ANGELIS HONDA 1'42.580 1.394 0.153
11 56 Shinya NAKANO HONDA 1'42.643 1.457 0.063
12 65 Loris CAPIROSSI SUZUKI 1'42.648 1.462 0.005
13 24 Toni ELIAS DUCATI 1'42.808 1.622 0.160
14 21 John HOPKINS KAWASAKI 1'42.819 1.633 0.011
15 50 Sylvain GUINTOLI DUCATI 1'43.204 2.018 0.385
16 33 Marco MELANDRI DUCATI 1'43.719 2.533 0.515
17 13 Anthony WEST KAWASAKI 1'44.558 3.372 0.839
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