MotoGP Race And Practice Results

Sepang Testing, Day 3, Preliminary Results

Testing concluded today at Sepang, and the picture created during the first two days has shifted a little. Where previously the Suzukis dominated, today it was Valentino Rossi's turn to shine. The Doctor set a blistering pace, just 0.3 seconds off his pole position set in September. John Hopkins set the 2nd time, less than a tenth slower than Rossi, showing the Suzukis are still well in contention. Chris Vermeulen's 5th time confirms this impression.

Between the two Suzukis are two bikes which had been looking a little lost for pace on the first two days: Loris Capirossi set the 3rd time on the factory Ducati, ahead of Dani Pedrosa on the Honda, who so far had failed to live up to the expectations as HRC favorite.

Behind Vermeulen's Suzuki is another surprise package. Randy de Puniet is forcibly removing any doubts that may have lingered about Kawasaki's progress over the winter, setting an excellent 6th fastest time. Reigning world champion Nicky Hayden is 7th fastest, ahead of Yamaha's Colin Edwards and Casey Stoner on the other Ducati. The customer Hondas have moved up the standings a little, and the d'Antin Ducatis have dropped down the standings.

All in all, some interesting shifts. What is clear, however, is that the qualifiers went on today. With the new tire restrictions coming into force this season, the value of qualifying tires will diminish, but they remain a useful tool for learning how a bike reacts when pushed to the very limit.

Testing continues next week at Phillip Island, Australia.

1. Valentino Rossi - Yamaha Racing 2’00.936
2. John Hopkins - Rizla Suzuki 2’01.026
3. Loris Capirossi - Ducati MotoGP 2’01.274
4. Dani Pedrosa - Repsol Honda 2’01.664
5. Chris Vermeulen - Rizla Suzuki 2’01.691
6. Randy De Puniet - Kawasaki Racing 2’01.878
7. Nicky Hayden - Repsol Honda 2’01.884
8. Colin Edwards - Yamaha Racing 2’02.266
9. Casey Stoner - Ducati MotoGP 2’02.407
10. Marco Melandri - Honda Gresini 2’02.489
11. Carlos Checa - Honda LCR 2’02.583
12. Alex Barros - Pramac d'Antin 2’02.630
13. Toni Elias - Honda Gresini 2’02.927
14. Alex Hofmann - Pramac d'Antin 2’03.040
15. Shinya Nakano - Konica Minolta Honda 2’03.077
16. Makoto Tamada - Yamaha Tech 3 2’03.308
17. Kenny Roberts JR - Team Roberts 2’03.330
18. Olivier Jacque - Kawasaki Racing 2’03.592
19. Shinichi Ito - Bridgestone MotoGP 2’03.973

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Sepang Testing, Day 2, Preliminary Results

The Suzukis continue to dominate on the second day of testing at Sepang. John Hopkins heads the timesheets once again, with team mate Chris Vermeulen not far behind. But today, they did not manage a one-two, as Colin Edwards squeezed his Yamaha between the American and the Australian. Behind Vermeulen, Alex Barros set a very respectable 4th time, confirming once again that the d'Antin package looks like being very competitive this year. Valentino Rossi is 5th, ahead of Loris Capirossi and another strong showing by Randy de Puniet.

The Hondas are down the timesheets again, though not quite as far as yesterday. Nicky Hayden was faster than team mate Dani Pedrosa for the second day running, with Marco Melandri the fastest satellite Honda today. Yesterday's surprise packages Kenny Roberts Jr and Makoto Tamada are well down the running order today.

The three-day test concludes tomorrow.

1. John Hopkins- Rizla Suzuki 2’01.806
2. Colin Edwards - Yamaha Racing 2’01.930
3. Chris Vermeulen- Rizla Suzuki 2’02.275
4. Alex Barros - Pramac d'Antin 2’02.538
5. Valentino Rossi - Yamaha Racing 2’02.619
6. Loris Capirossi - Ducati MotoGP 2’02.793
7. Randy De Puniet - Kawasaki Racing 2’02.806
8. Nicky Hayden - Repsol Honda 2’02.948
9. Dani Pedrosa - Repsol Honda 2’03.098
10. Casey Stoner - Ducati MotoGP 2’03.190
11. Marco Melandri - Honda Gresini 2’03.253
12. Shinya Nakano - Konica Minolta Honda 2’03.633
13. Carlos Checa - Honda LCR 2’03.681
14. Shinichi Ito - Bridgestone Test 2’03.700
15. Kenny Roberts JR - Team Roberts 2’03.800
16. Alex Hofmann - Pramac d'Antin 2’03.895
17. Toni Elias - Honda Gresini 2’04.124
18. Olivier Jacque - Kawasaki Racing 2’04.171
19. Makoto Tamada - Yamaha Tech 3 2’04.350
20. Sylvain Guintoli - Yamaha tech 3 2’04.892

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Sepang Testing, Day 1, Preliminary Results

Well, the winter is over, testing has resumed after the winter ban, and the MotoGP season is off and running. All of the teams except for Ilmor have returned to Sepang in Malaysia, as they continue to develop their bikes for the 2007 season opener in Qatar.

And the teams seem to have picked up where they left off, with very few changes. The Suzukis lead once again, with John Hopkins getting with 0.1 seconds of the lap record set by Loris Capirossi in September. Hopper heads up Suzuki team mate Chris Vermeulen, ahead of the Yamaha team mates Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards. This time, it's Nicky Hayden's turn to be fastest Honda, with Dani Pedrosa, who had been fastest at earlier tests, down in 8th. Capirossi is fastest Ducati, and Randy de Puniet is the big surprise, setting a fine 7th time. So far, Kawasaki have been singularly unimpressive in testing, suffering various catastrophic failures at previous tests, and setting times much more in line with Olivier Jacque's 19th time.

What must be most worrying for Honda, though, is that most of their riders finished so far down the running order. After Pedrosa, you have to look a long way down the list to find the remainder of the RC212V fraternity, with Makoto Tamada on the Dunlop-shod M1, and Casey Stoner and the d'Antin Ducatis between the Repsol Hondas and the rest. Even more worryingly, the first Honda after Pedrosa is Kenny Roberts Jr on the first outing of Team KR's new KR212V bike.

There's still a long way to go to Qatar, but so far, the season looks like being full of suprises.

01- John Hopkins - Suzuki GSV-R 800cc - 2'02.277
02- Chris Vermeulen - Suzuki GSV-R 800cc - 2'03.049
03- Valentino Rossi - Yamaha YZR M1 800cc - 2'03.184
04- Colin Edwards - Yamaha YZR M1 800cc - 2'03.337
05- Nicky Hayden - Honda RC212V - 2'03.413
06- Loris Capirossi - Ducati Desmosedici GP7 - 2'03.538
07- Randy De Puniet - Kawasaki ZX-RR 800cc - 2'03.542
08- Daniel Pedrosa - Honda RC212V - 2'03.620
09- Makoto Tamada - Yamaha YZR M1 800cc - 2'03.785
10- Casey Stoner - Ducati Desmosedici GP7 - 2'03.944
11- Alex Hofmann - Ducati Desmosedici GP7 - 2'04.003
12- Alex Barros - Ducati Desmosedici GP7 - 2'04.011
13- Kenny Roberts Jr - KR Honda KR212V - 2'04.088
14- Carlos Checa - Honda RC212V - 2'04.101
15- Shinya Nakano - Honda RC212V - 2'04.138
16- Marco Melandri - Honda RC212V - 2'04.270
17- Shinichi Itoh - Ducati Desmosedici GP7 - 2'04.641
18- Toni Elias - Honda RC212V - 2'04.710
19- Olivier Jacque - Kawasaki ZX-RR 800cc - 2'04.718
20- Sylvain Guintoli - Yamaha YZR M1 800cc - 2'07.403

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Jerez MotoGP Test Day 3 - Times

Times are in from the final day of testing before the winter test ban starts on December 1st. I'll examine these times in more detail later, but here are a few notes:

  • Dani Pedrosa cracked the 1:39 bracket using qualifiers, but remains just under a second below the current pole record;
  • Rossi also used qualifiers to set his fast lap;
  • Melandri was fastest Bridgestone runner, ahead of the two Suzukis;
  • Nakano is also settling on to the Honda well, finishing ahead of Colin Edwards, who packed in after lunch;
  • Alex Barros finished ahead of the works Ducati riders, proving that the d'Antin Ducati is going to be much more competitive this year. Stoner and Capirossi seem to be struggling with the new electronics;
  • Jeremy McWilliams broke his leg in a crash with the Ilmor. He is due to be operated on this evening, to have a pin inserted in his thigh, to hold the bone together. How this will affect his chances of getting he Ilmor ride is unknown.

1 Dani Pedrosa (SPA) Honda, 1:39.910
2 Valentino Rossi (ITA) Yamaha, 1:40.123
3 Marco Melandri (ITA) Honda, 1:40.524
4 Chris Vermeulen (AUS) Suzuki, 1:40.766
5 John Hopkins (USA) Suzuki, 1:41.049
6 Shinya Nakano (JPN) Honda, 1:41.142
7 Colin Edwards (USA) Yamaha, 1’41.254
8 Alex Barros (BRA) Ducati, 1:41.276
9 Loris Capirossi (ITA) Ducati, 1:41.492
10 Casey Stoner (AUS) Ducati, 1:41.595
11 Tadayuki Okada (JPN) Honda Test Rider, 1:43.392
12 Vittoriano Guareschi (ITA) Ducati Test Rider, 1:44.071
13 Jeremy McWilliams (GBR) Ilmor, 1:44.661
14 Andrew Pitt (AUS) Ilmor, 1:44.983

Fastest race lap for each of the manufacturers from the 2006 Spanish GP in March:
Ducati: Loris Capirossi 1:41.248
Honda: Dani Pedrosa 1:41.297
Suzuki: John Hopkins 1:41.598
Kawasaki: Shinya Nakano 1:42.017
Yamaha: Carlos Checa 1:42.161

Lap record:
2005, Valentino Rossi, Yamaha, 1.40.596

Pole record:
2006, Loris Capirossi, Ducati, 1:39.064

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Jerez MotoGP Test - Day 2 - Final Times

Testing continued at Jerez this afternoon, the weather finally having decided to play along. Valentino Rossi made good use of the balmy conditions to get within a hair of his own lap record, just 0.1 seconds ahead of Honda rival Dani Pedrosa. With Colin Edwards 3rd fastest, albeit 3/10ths behind, Yamaha looks set to be in a strong position when the season starts. Behind Edwards, the Suzuki pairing of Hopkins and Vermeulen are once again showing their strength, with less than 2/100ths of a second between the two of them. The works Ducati team follow the Suzukis, Casey Stoner leading team Loris Capirossi, while the Marco Melandri and Shinya Nakano, the next Honda riders, only managed to get within 2 seconds of Rossi's fastest time. MotoGP's prodigal son Alex Barros had his first outing on the 800cc Ducati, putting in a very respectable time, considering this was his first full day on the bike. The Ilmors trail the field once again, with Jeremy McWilliams and Andrew Pitt testing with a view to securing a full-time ride for the 2007 season.

It's difficult to draw conclusions from the released test times, with no official timing being available, and the numbers being consequently in some doubt, but a few things stand out. First of all, the number of laps Valentino Rossi put in. 82 laps is a huge number, equating to 3 full race lengths. It's obvious he is making sure his excursions into WRC won't interfere with the development of the M-whatever-number-they-decide-to-call-it. There's also a huge difference between Pedrosa and the customer Hondas. That's probably not too much of a surprise, as the Honda is at the center of a frantic effort at the moment, as complaints about a lack of power have been widespread, and the factory Repsol Honda team will be the first to get new parts. And then of course there's the Suzukis. So far, they've been impressive in all of the pre-season tests this year. But if you bear in mind that the 990 Suzuki always had excellent corner speed, and the new 800 class is expected to be all about corner speed, it's not such a big surprise after all.

Testing at Jerez wraps up tomorrow, with conditions expected to be slightly less favorable, the temperatures lower, though remaining dry.

1.  Rossi (Yamaha) 1:40.688 (82 laps)
2.  Pedrosa (Honda) 1:40.799 (61)
3.  Edwards (Yamaha) 1:41.186 (48)
4.  Hopkins (Suzuki) 1:41.205 (60)
5.  Vermeulen (Suzuki) 1:41.619 (56)
6.  Stoner (Ducati) 1:41.702 (43)
7.  Capirossi (Ducati) 1:42.244 (34)
8.  Melandri (Honda) 1:42.469 (45)
9.  Nakano (Honda) 1:42.528 (63)
10. Barros (Ducati) 1:43.182 (63)
11. Okada (Honda) 1:43.316 (59)
12. Guareschi (Ducati) 1:44.449 (49)
13. McWilliams (Ilmor) 1:45.265 (27)
14. Pitt (Ilmor) 1:47.110 (35)

Fastest race lap for each of the manufacturers from the 2006 Spanish GP in March:
Ducati: Loris Capirossi 1:41.248
Honda: Dani Pedrosa 1:41.297
Suzuki: John Hopkins 1:41.598
Kawasaki: Shinya Nakano 1:42.017
Yamaha: Carlos Checa 1:42.161

Lap record:
2005, Valentino Rossi, Yamaha, 1.40.596

Pole record:
2006, Loris Capirossi, Ducati, 1:39.064

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2006 FP3 Donington Results


The two MotoGP rookies led the timesheets again on Saturday morning. Casey Stoner quickest , ahead of Dani Pedrosa, who lead yesterday's practice sessions. Times are extremely fast, in the low 1:28 seconds bracket, but what is more impressive is that Pedrosa's 1:28.478 was set in the middle of an 11 lap run, which included 7 sub 1:29 second laps. The odds are good that the Donington lap record will fall tomorrow, possibly by a large margin.

Skipping yesterday's afternoon session seems to have done Loris Capirossi some good, as he ended up third. Surprisingly, the medical cases took places 3, 4 and 5, with Valentino Rossi fourth fastest, followed by Marco Melandri. There are still question marks over their endurance, but they should all be able to play at least some part in the race on Sunday. Kenny Roberts Jr improved on yesterday in 6th, followed by Colin Edwards and Nicky Hayden.

John Hopkins is down in 9th, failing to improve his time from yesterday. Randy de Puniet follows, ahead of Shinya Nakano and Makoto Tamada. Carlos Checa is consolidating on the improvements the Dunlops have made, in 13th, ahead of Chris Vermeulen and Alex Hofmann on the Bridgestones, with Tech 3 Yamaha team mate James Ellison in 16th ahead of Elias' replacement Michel Fabrizio. The Pramac d'Antin Ducati's trail the field, with Ivan Silva, filling in for Alex Hofmann, doing well to go faster than his team mate Jose Luis Cardoso.


1 27 STONER AUS HONDA 1'28.252    
2 26 PEDROSA SPA HONDA 1'28.478 0.226 0.226
3 65 CAPIROSSI ITA DUCATI 1'28.538 0.286 0.060
4 46 ROSSI ITA YAMAHA 1'28.779 0.527 0.241
5 33 MELANDRI ITA HONDA 1'29.048 0.796 0.269
6 10 ROBERTS JR USA KR211V 1'29.075 0.823 0.027
7 5 EDWARDS USA YAMAHA 1'29.076 0.824 0.001
8 69 HAYDEN USA HONDA 1'29.134 0.882 0.058
9 21 HOPKINS USA Suzuki 1'29.170 0.918 0.036
10 17 DE PUNIET FRA Kawasaki 1'29.397 1.145 0.227
11 56 NAKANO JPN KAWASAKI 1'29.418 1.166 0.021
12 6 TAMADA JPN HONDA 1'29.552 1.300 0.134
13 7 CHECA SPA YAMAHA 1'29.906 1.654 0.354
14 71 VERMEULEN AUS SUZUKI 1'29.954 1.702 0.048
15 66 HOFMANN GER DUCATI 1'30.544 2.292 0.590
16 77 ELLISON GBR YAMAHA 1'31.050 2.798 0.506
17 84 FABRIZIO ITA HONDA 1'31.883 3.631 0.833
18 22 SILVA SPA DUCATI 1'32.310 4.058 0.427
19 30 CARDOSO SPA DUCATI 1'32.442 4.190 0.132


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2006 Assen Free Practice 1 Times

1. Shinya Nakano JPN Kawasaki Racing Team 1min 39.619 secs 2. John Hopkins USA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP 1min 39.887 secs 3. Casey Stoner AUS Honda LCR 1min 40.031 secs 4. Chris Vermulen AUS Rizla Suzuki MotoGP 1min 40.429 secs 5. Carlos Checa SPA Tech 3 Yamaha 1min 40.725 secs 6. Colin Edwards USA Camel Yamaha Team 1min 40.861 secs 7. Marco Melandri ITA Fortuna Honda 1min 40.931 secs 8. Dani Pedrosa SPA Repsol Honda Team 1min 41.032 secs 9. Makoto Tamada JPN Konica Minolta Honda 1min 41.209 secs 10. Kenny Roberts USA Team Roberts 1min 41.304 secs 11. Randy de Puniet FRA Kawasaki Racing Team 1min 41.322 secs 12. Nicky Hayden USA Repsol Honda Team 1min 41.386 secs 13. Alex Hofmann GER Ducati Marlboro Team 1min 41.907 secs 14. Loris Capirossi ITA Ducati Marlboro Team 1min 42.974 secs 15. James Ellison GBR Tech 3 Yamaha 1min 43.389 secs 16. Valentino Rossi ITA Camel Yamaha Team 1min 44.088 secs 17. Jose Luis Cardoso SPA Pramac d'Antin MotoGP 1min 44.558 secs 18. Ivan Silva SPA Pramac d'Antin MotoGP 1min 46.254 secs 19. Toni Elias SPA Fortuna Honda 1min 48.919 secs

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2006 Catalunya FP 2 Results


Another interesting session. No one was out early in the session, and times being set were in the 2 minute range, after about 20 minutes, it all kicked off. The session provided a few surprises again. Kenny Roberts Jr is still fast, but not as fast as Valentino Rossi, who topped the table with a 1:42.837. Dani Pedrosa follows, ahead of Chris Vermeulen, Casey Stoner, Colin Edwards and John Hopkins. Loris Capirossi is the first Ducati in 8th, ahead of Marco Melandri and team mate Sete Gibernau. Nicky Hayden is way down in 11th, ahead of the Kawaski pairing of Randy de Puniet and Shinya Nakano. Makoto Tamada leads Toni Elias, who is in 15th. Elias is followed by the Tech 3 Yamaha team, Carlos Checa and James Ellison, followed in turn by the Pramac d'Antin Ducati team of Alex Hofmann and Jose Luis Cardoso. Less than a second covers the top 12, with Checa in 16th just 1.222 seconds slower than Rossi.

Official times can be found at

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2006 Catalunya FP 1 Results


The first session of practice at the Montmelo circuit produced a few surprises this morning. Kenny Roberts Jr heads the times, ahead of Colin Edwards, Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi. Suzuki's John Hopkins set the fifth time, ahead of Loris Capirossi on the Ducati, and Repsol Honda's Nicky Hayden. A big surprise in 8th is Carlos Checa on the Dunlop-shod Tech 3 Yamaha. Checa had set excellent times during the IRTA test in March, and is carrying on here. Marco Melandri is 9th, followed by the Australian pairing of Casey Stoner and Chris Vermeulen. A brace of Catalans follow, Toni Elias ahead of Sete Gibernau. The Kawasakis follow, Shinya Nakano ahead of Randy de Puniet. Makoto Tamada is a disappointing 16th, followed by the d'Antin pairing of Jose Luis Cardoso and Alex Hofmann, James Ellison bringing up the rear. Times are close, the top 11 all inside one second, the top 15 all inside a second and a half.

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2006 Istanbul MotoGP FP3 Results

A wet practice today, and the riders who put an early lap in were at distinct advantage, as times got slower later on in the session. Gibernau showed he's still a good rain rider, and Capirossi didn't want to get left behind.

The big surprises were Kawasaki's Randy de Puniet in 5th, and Vermeulen in 4th. If it continues to rain, qualifying might throw up a few surprises.


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