MotoGP Race And Practice Results

2008 Sachsenring Warmup Results

Warmup took place on a wet track with a drying line. But rain is expected to arrive in the next couple of hours, so it looks like being a wet race.


Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
12Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'28.157  
269Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'29.5981.4411.441
34Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'30.0121.8550.414
452James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'30.3422.1850.330
556Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'30.5122.3550.170
615Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'30.6312.4740.119
75Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'30.8742.7170.243
814Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'30.9052.7480.031
946Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'30.9762.8190.071
1048Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'31.4103.2530.434
111Casey STONERDUCATI1'31.6173.4600.207
1265Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'31.6673.5100.050
1333Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'31.9973.8400.330
147Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'32.7364.5790.739
1524Toni ELIASDUCATI1'33.3125.1550.576
1650Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'33.5005.3430.188
1713Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'34.1596.0020.659



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2008 Sachsenring QP Times Day 2 - Records Tumble Further


Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'21.067  
22Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'21.4200.3530.353
35Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'21.5190.4520.099
44Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'21.6560.5890.137
548Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'21.7950.7280.139
614Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'21.8210.7540.026
746Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'21.8450.7780.024
869Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'21.8760.8090.031
956Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'21.9200.8530.044
1015Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'21.9770.9100.057
1152James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'22.1261.0590.149
1224Toni ELIASDUCATI1'22.2561.1890.130
1365Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'22.5421.4750.286
147Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'22.6011.5340.059
1550Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'22.9381.8710.337
1633Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'23.1312.0640.193
1713Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'23.1582.0910.027

Circuit records:

Fastest Lap:24Casey STONER1'21.067163.02 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2007Dani PEDROSA1'23.082159.066 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2008Casey STONER1'21.067163.02 Km/h
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2008 Sachsenring FP3 Times Day 2 - Pedrosa Pips Stoner To The Post

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
12Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'22.343  
21Casey STONERDUCATI1'22.3770.0340.034
369Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'22.9350.5920.558
415Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'23.0650.7220.130
54Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'23.1290.7860.064
650Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'23.5561.2130.427
714Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'23.6041.2610.048
824Toni ELIASDUCATI1'23.6701.3270.066
946Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'23.8631.5200.193
107Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'23.8801.5370.017
1156Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'23.9331.5900.053
1252James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'24.1201.7770.187
1333Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'24.4552.1120.335
1448Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'24.5912.2480.136
155Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'24.8412.4980.250
1665Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'25.1242.7810.283
1713Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'29.3016.9584.177

Circuit records:


Fastest Lap:28Dani PEDROSA1'22.343160.494 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2007Dani PEDROSA1'23.082159.066 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2008Casey STONER1'21.582161.991 Km/h


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2008 Sachsenring FP2 Times Day 1 - Stoner Shatters Pole Record On Race Tires

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'21.582  
215Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'21.9930.4110.411
35Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'22.4630.8810.470
446Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'22.7961.2140.333
548Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'22.8941.3120.098
656Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'22.9221.3400.028
72Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'22.9741.3920.052
869Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'22.9751.3930.001
94Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'23.0931.5110.118
1014Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'23.1161.5340.023
1150Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'23.2091.6270.093
1265Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'23.2741.6920.065
1324Toni ELIASDUCATI1'23.3661.7840.092
147Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'23.4111.8290.045
1513Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'23.4521.8700.041
1633Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'23.6982.1160.246
1752James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'23.8642.2820.166

Circuit records:

Fastest Lap:16Casey STONER1'21.582161.991 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2007Dani PEDROSA1'23.082159.066 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2008Casey STONER1'21.582161.991 Km/h
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2008 Sachsenring FP1 Times Day 1 - Stoner Fastest, Five Men Under Lap Record

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'22.318  
215Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'22.5820.2640.264
346Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'22.6170.2990.035
42Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'22.7590.4410.142
54Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'22.9990.6810.240
656Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'23.0380.7200.039
75Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'23.1320.8140.094
869Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'23.2140.8960.082
914Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'23.3601.0420.146
1048Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'23.4491.1310.089
117Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'23.4621.1440.013
1213Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'23.6271.3090.165
1350Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'23.7281.4100.101
1424Toni ELIASDUCATI1'24.0861.7680.358
1533Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'24.1171.7990.031
1652James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'24.4862.1680.369
1765Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'24.6462.3280.160

Circuit records:


Fastest Lap:18Casey STONER1'22.318160.543 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2007Dani PEDROSA1'23.082159.066 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2006Dani PEDROSA1'21.815161.530 Km/h



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Canepa Fastest Again On Day Two Of Indy Tire Test

Bridgestone and Ducati test rider Niccolo Canepa was fastest once again on the 2nd and final day of the MotoGP tire test at Indianapolis. The Italian put in a fast lap towards the end of the session, after Ben Spies had been fastest for much of the day. Times were generally around a second quicker on Wednesday, despite top speeds being unchanged.

Suzuki's regular test rider Nobuatsu Aoki did not feature on the 2nd day of testing. The Japanese veteran ran 4 laps on Tuesday to help get the bike set up for Ben Spies, before letting Spies get on with the testing. Aoki spent the rest of the time in the pits, helping Spies communicate with Suzuki's Japanese engineers.

The next time the MotoGP bikes roll out on the track at Indy, it will be for keeps, at the Red Bull Indianapolis GP in September.

1Niccolo CanepaBridgestone/Ducati Test Rider1'43.006998 laps
2Ben SpiesSuzuki1'43.0912124 laps
3Erwan NigonMichelin/Honda Test Rider1'43.627692 laps
4Olivier JacqueKawasaki Test Rider1'43.818887 laps
5William CostesMichelin/Yamaha Test Rider1'44.068074 laps
6Wataru YoshikawaYamaha Test Rider1'44.2975108 laps


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Ducati Fastest On First Day Of Indy Tire Test

1 Niccolo Canepa Bridgestone/Ducati Test Rider 1'44.1756 83 laps
2 Ben Spies Suzuki 1'44.2269 100 laps
3 Olivier Jacque Kawasaki Test Rider 1'45.2738 75 laps
4 Erwan Nigon Michelin/Honda Test Rider 1'45.2738 79 laps
5 Wataru Yoshikawa Yamaha Test Rider 1'45.5916 76 laps
6 William Costes Michelin/Yamaha Test Rider 1'46.1251 75 laps
7 Nobuatsu Aoki Suzuki Test Rider 1'57.9687 4 laps


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2008 Assen Race Result

Full results of the 2008 Dutch TT MotoGP round in Assen 


11Casey STONERDUCATI42'12.337 
22Dani PEDROSAHONDA42'23.64711.310
35Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA42'29.46217.125
469Nicky HAYDENHONDA42'32.81420.477
54Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA42'39.68327.346
648Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA42'40.94528.608
77Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI42'44.66732.330
856Shinya NAKANOHONDA42'47.22934.892
952James TOSELANDYAMAHA42'50.90338.566
1050Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI42'51.15438.817
1146Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA42'58.36246.025
1224Toni ELIASDUCATI43'00.55048.213
1333Marco MELANDRIDUCATI43'11.93159.594
Not Classified
 13Anthony WESTKAWASAKI11'41.38319 laps
Not finished first lap





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2008 Assen Warmup Times - Stoner Makes It Five Sessions In A Row

 The session started wet, the rain stopping towards the end. The forecast is for sporadic showers, petering out in the afternoon.

Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Fast Lap Diff Diff Previous
1 1 Casey STONER DUCATI 1'47.583    
2 69 Nicky HAYDEN HONDA 1'47.887 0.304 0.304
3 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 1'48.247 0.664 0.360
4 7 Chris VERMEULEN SUZUKI 1'48.500 0.917 0.253
5 48 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 1'48.504 0.921 0.004
6 2 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 1'48.532 0.949 0.028
7 33 Marco MELANDRI DUCATI 1'49.368 1.785 0.836
8 56 Shinya NAKANO HONDA 1'49.635 2.052 0.267
9 52 James TOSELAND YAMAHA 1'50.131 2.548 0.496
10 14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 1'50.326 2.743 0.195
11 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 1'50.429 2.846 0.103
12 15 Alex DE ANGELIS HONDA 1'50.977 3.394 0.548
13 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 1'51.031 3.448 0.054
14 13 Anthony WEST KAWASAKI 1'51.042 3.459 0.011
15 50 Sylvain GUINTOLI DUCATI 1'51.596 4.013 0.554
16 24 Toni ELIAS DUCATI 1'54.793 7.210 3.197
  21 John HOPKINS KAWASAKI      



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2008 Assen Qualifying Practice Times Day 2 - Battle Of The Titans



Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'35.520  
22Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'35.5520.0320.032
346Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'35.6590.1390.107
469Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'35.9750.4550.316
514Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'35.9850.4650.010
65Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'36.2780.7580.293
748Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'36.5321.0120.254
87Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'36.7681.2480.236
956Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'36.8041.2840.036
1050Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'36.8231.3030.019
114Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'36.8991.3790.076
1215Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'36.9481.4280.049
1352James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'36.9781.4580.030
1424Toni ELIASDUCATI1'37.2871.7670.309
1521John HOPKINSKAWASAKI1'37.6432.1230.356
1613Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'37.7932.2730.150
1733Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'38.7263.2060.933


John Hopkins had a very nasty looking crash at the Ramshoek, the last left hander before the chicane. Word so far is he is conscious and has injured his ankle. The Ramshoek claims a victim every year, and while it was Toni Elias for the last two years, Elias avoided crashing, and may finally get to race at Assen.

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