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2013 Silverstone World Superbike Sunday Roundup: Drama To Carry Us Through The Break

Silverstone is a fast, flat track with only one slow corner worth writing home about. The fact it’s at the top of a hill, like most airfield tracks, means that the weather can change fairly quickly and the size of the track means that each end can have its own weather. Couple this with the ripples and bumps caused by the formula one and other cars pushing the tarmac into the corners under braking and you have a unique track. What was forecast earlier in the week, a dry Sunday, was thrown away when bikes hit tarmac and the weather did its thing.

2013 Silverstone World Superbike Race Two: White Flags Again

The weather at Silverstone once again was damp and cold.

Eugene Laverty led the race into the first few corners, ahead of Loris Baz, Tom Sykes and Chaz Davies but Baz didn’t take long to snatch the lead only to lose it back to Laverty. Baz wasted no time getting it back again as the front four started to break away. On the second lap, Sylvain Guintoli broke the lap record on his way to bridge the gap from the second group to the first while Tom Sykes took second place.

2013 Silverstone World Supersport Race: Close Race Leads To Controversial Last Lap

World Supersport at Silverstone was raced over sixteen laps under a grey sky with marshals keeping their rain flags handy.

Sam Lowes and Kenan Sofuoglu charged towards the white flags and Sofuoglu wasted no time in passing Lowes as the two left the rest of the field behind. Florian Marino led Christian Iddon, Kev Coghlan, Michael Van Der Mark and Riccardo Russo, fighting for third.

2013 Silverstone World Superbike Race One: Delayed Start After Mixed Conditions

Silverstone weather wasn’t as clear as was hoped, with the earlier Superstock race cut short by a lap for the rain. The start was delayed in an attempt to let the track conditions to clear up, but they eventually, twenty minutes later than advertised, had to race.

2013 Silverstone World Superbike Saturday Roundup: 1.16.3 Explained

The FIM rulebook was once again brought in to deal with the weather that hit Superpole. Wet sessions are easy and dry sessions are easy. Superpoles where the weather changes between sessions are easy. What happened today was that rain arrived in the middle of Superpole 3 and that’s where section 1.16.3 “Specific weather conditions during Superpole” comes into play.

2013 Silverstone World Supersport QP2 Results: Lap Record Pace

The weather held off from disrupting the World Supersport qualifying and allowed the lap record to tumble.

Sam Lowes broke the lap record setting pole position ahead of Kenan Sofuoglu. Even Lowes crashing, uninjured, at the end of the session couldn’t keep him from the top step. Christian Iddon and Kev Coghlan also put in a good showing in front of their home crowd and earned themselves good starting positions ahead of Florian Marino and Michael Van Der Mark.


2013 Silverstone World Superbike FP2 Results: Laverty Records Weekend's Fastest Lap

Eugene Laverty recorded the first, and so far the only, 2'04 lap of the weekend, throwing down the gauntlet in search of his first pole position in World Superbike. Tom Sykes, Leon Camier and Sylvain Guintoli were all around half a second off Laverty's time.