2021 Most World Superbike Race Two Result: Most Excellent

In the last twenty two laps of the weekend, Jonathan Rea is the only rider in the top ten using the SC0 harder tyre, with everyone else using the SCX Superpole Race tyre.

Toprak Razgatlioglu was joined by Andrea Locatelli into turn one, ahead of Scott Redding and Jonathan Rea as there was a pile up near the back of the pack, with Axel Bassani and Alessandro Delbianco crashing out. After one lap, Alex Lowes, Tom Sykes, Leon Haslam and Michael Ruben Rinaldi rounded out the leading pack behind the leading four riders.

Toprak Razgatlioglu set the fastest lap in the lead as Tom Sykes dropped off the leading group of five while Scott Redding tried time after time to pass Locatelli's Yamaha. Scott Redding set the fastest lap and took second place from Locatelli as he closed on Razgatlioglu. Razgatlioglu and Redding both set the fastest lap, seven thousandths of a second apart on track, as Scott Redding tried unsuccessfully to outbreak Toprak Razgatlioglu into turn one. Redding swept past him a few turns later to take the lead. The leading five were covered by two seconds six laps in.

At the start of lap seven, Jonathan Rea lost touch with the leading trio of Redding, Razgatlioglu and Locatelli. Rea had his Kawasaki teammate Alex Lowes behind him with Tom Sykes and Leon Haslam over three seconds further back. Scott Redding and Toprak Razgatlioglu stretched out the gaps at the front as Locatelli couldn't maintain their pace. Jonathan Rea started closing on Locatelli, lapping a third of a second quicker than the Yamaha in front of him. 

Throughout lap nine, Jonathan Rea closed turn by turn on Andrea Locatelli, pulling alongside out of turn nineteen and pushing under into turn twenty, holding a fast wide line through the last corner to take third place, over two seconds behind Scott Redding and Toprak Razgatlioglu. Scott Redding, over a second clear of Razgatlioglu, set the fastest lap again as his front wheel skipped across the asphalt in conflict with his Ducati's electronics. 

Further back, Michael van der Mark joined in the fight for sixth, with Tom Sykes, Leon Haslam, Michael Ruben Rinaldi and Garrett Gerloff all trying to assert their right to the lead of the pack. 

Past the halfway mark, Scott Redding had around a second clear of Toprak Razgatlioglu, but the pair were lapping around the same pace, over four seconds ahead of Jonathan Rea and Andrea Locatelli. Alex Lowes was midway between Locatelli and Tom Sykes et al, three seconds clear in front and behind. Scott Redding and Toprak Razgatlioglu were around three quarters of a second quicker than anyone else, lap after lap, as they kept an unassailable lead over Rea in third place. 

Meanwhile, the fight for sixth raged on.

Michael Ruben Rinaldi, sixteen seconds off his Ducati teammate, led the two BMWs of Tom Sykes and Michael van der Mark with Garrett Gerloff in touch behind them as Leon Haslam fell off the back of the fight.

Scott Redding started the last four laps with over a second and a half lead over Toprak Razgatlioglu with Jonathan Rea seven seconds further back. Andrea Locatelli lost touch with Rea but was safely in fourth place with Alex Lowes over five seconds behind. Scott Redding in the lead was still struggling with keeping his front wheel on the track in lower gears, as the wheelie control looked like it had one or two degrees of freedom under hard acceleration. Redding's lead was almost four seconds with two laps left with Rea four more seconds further back. Michael Ruben Rinaldi had dragged the brawling mass with him as he caught Alex Lowes and started formulating a passing plan. Michael Ruben Rinaldi passed Alex Lowes for fifth place, throwing him into the fight between Michael van der Mark and Garrett Gerloff. 

Scott Redding won convincingly, over three seconds clear of Toprak Razgatlioglu with Jonathan Rea nine seconds further back. Andrea Locatelli held on to fourth with Michael Ruben Rinaldi, Alex Lowes, Michael van der Mark and Garrett Gerloff took fifth to eighth, under half a second covering the four riders. 

Scott Redding's win puts him within fifty points of Jonathan Rea and forty seven from Toprak Razgatlioglu who closed to within three of the championship leader. Alex Lowes maintained his fourth place, but has five riders within thirty points of him. 

Scott Redding apologised for his remarks yesterday and said he'd rather make his point on the track. Redding also made a point on the podium by dropping to one slider and proposing to his girlfriend.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap
1 45 S. REDDING Ducati Panigale V4 R  
2 54 T. RAZGATLIOGLU Yamaha YZF R1 3.587
3 1 J. REA Kawasaki ZX-10RR 12.460
4 55 A. LOCATELLI Yamaha YZF R1 15.206
5 21 M. RINALDI Ducati Panigale V4 R 19.479
6 22 A. LOWES Kawasaki ZX-10RR 19.901
7 60 M. VAN DER MARK BMW M 1000 RR 20.034
8 31 G. GERLOFF Yamaha YZF R1 20.250
9 66 T. SYKES BMW M 1000 RR 24.043
10 19 A. BAUTISTA Honda CBR1000 RR-R 25.257
11 91 L. HASLAM Honda CBR1000 RR-R 29.203
12 7 C. DAVIES Ducati Panigale V4 R 38.396
13 53 T. RABAT Ducati Panigale V4 R 41.674
14 3 K. NOZANE Yamaha YZF R1 45.843
15 23 C. PONSSON Yamaha YZF R1 54.144
16 94 J. FOLGER BMW M 1000 RR 54.354
17 32 I. VINALES Kawasaki ZX-10RR 1'05.085
18 98 K. HANIKA Yamaha YZF R1 1'08.662
19 17 M. FRITZ Yamaha YZF R1 1'12.286
20 84 L. CRESSON Kawasaki ZX-10RR 1'12.374
21 14 J. URIBE Kawasaki ZX-10RR 1 Lap
RET 47 A. BASSANI Ducati Panigale V4 R  
RET 52 A. DELBIANCO Honda CBR1000 RR-R  
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Chapeau to Mr Rea. Never thought I'd say this but I'm rooting for Johnny to overcome the Kawasaki's or fim's rev limit to win the title yet again on the slowest bike. When he jumped on the kawacker with Tom Sykes he showed what a different level rider he is to the detriment of the rest of the field in that he made the results too predictable. However when faced with Bautista and his rocket ship Panigale he showed a champion's patience and strategy. We should enjoy him while he is still here as surely he only has a year or two left at the top. Interestingly his success seems to have stimulated more interest in conventional firing order inline 4s. Yamaha and ducati don't seem to be having their own way with irregular firing and surely a Jonathan on a full power Kawasaki would have totally destroyed them all.