2021 Misano World Supersport Race 2 Result: Red Flags And Green Paint

World Supersport rounded out their weekend with eighteen laps around Misano on a fancy new tyre.

Jules Cluzel launched to the front from fourth place on the grid, ahead of Dominique Aegerter and Luca Bernardi. Steven Odendaal took fourth place from Manuel Gonzalez. At the end of the opening lap, three riders crashed out, Nikki Tuuli crashed, collecting Roberto Mercandelli and Filippo Fuligni, but only a yellow flag came out, the Marshalls able to make the site safe before the Package arrived. Steven Odendaal worked his way to second place by lap three, setting the fastest lap on the second, lap with the top twelve still tied together.

At the start of lap four, Cluzel, Odendaal, Aegerter and Bernardi broke free from the group of eight riders behind them, after Can Oncu and Manuel Gonzalez contested fifth place. Steven Odendaal took the lead from Jules Cluzel and tried to break free at the front while Manuel Gonzalez set the fastest lap with clear track in front of him, and he joined the riders in front of him. Gonzalez tried a few times to pass Bernardi, nipping under at turn eleven and holding it over the next few turns as Bernardi tried to take fourth place back. 

Five laps of eighteen, and Steven Odendaal could not escape Jules Cluzel and Dominique Aegerter, three tenths of a second covering the leading trio over the line. Can Oncu joined the leading five riders but Maria Herrera flipped her bike at turn four, landing hard, bringing out the red flag for the damage to the track caused by her tumbling bike. Maria Herrera was taken to the medical centre as a precaution. Oncu crashed out after the flag came out as he tried to close on the riders ahead of him, sliding off at the last turn, after the pit lane entrance.

The rules are that Oncu had five minutes to limp his bike to the garage to qualify for the restart, and his bike did make it back to the garage, but he wasn't ruled able to start as he didn't make it back within five minutes. The twelve lap race restart would follow the quick start procedure with places based on their last position at a timing marker. With only six of the new SCX tyres allocated for the weekend, not everyone would have a tyre left and some restarted with a used tyre. 

The race restart grid would be Steven Odendaal, Jules Cluzel and Dominique Aegerter on the front row, Manuel Gonzales and Luca Bernardi heading the second row with Raffaele de Rosa promoted to Can Oncu's sixth place. The third row was Federico Caricasulo, Philipp Oettl and Randy Krummenacher. 

Once again, Jules Cluzel got the better start, leading Steven Odendaal and Dominique Aegerter, but Odendaal took first at turn eight. After a lap, Odendaal and Cluzel led Dominique Aegerter, Manuel Gonzalez and Marc Alcoba on a new tyre. Aegerter left a gap that Gonzalez exploited, with Gonzalez following through, pushing Aegerter back to fifth. Luca Bernardi, setting the fastest lap, dragged De Rosa, Krummenacher and Oettl with him, rounding out the leading group to nine bikes. Philipp Oettl set the fastest lap in seventh place.

Odendaal, Cluzel, Gonzalez and Alcoba were at the front of the leading nine riders as Marc Alcoba got a track limits warning and lost fifth place to Luca Bernardi. Randy Krummenacher, at the back of the leading pack, crashed out at the last turn. Alcoba, Oettl and de Rosa dropped off the leading group, riding 1'39 laps as the leading five had a 1'38 pace, all five setting their best laps of the race on lap seven and the top three all setting the fastest laps of the race on lap eight. Lap nine, the fastest man, Manuel Gonazlez passed Jules Cluzel and set his sights on Steven Odendaal whole defending against Cluzel's counterattacks. 

As the Yamahas fought over second place, Steven Odendaal briefly had a gap to second, but on lap ten, as Steven Odendaal got a track limits warning, the leading five clumped together again. Dominique Aegerter stood Jules Cluzel up as he passed him. On the exit of the last turn, Steven Odendaal once again cut across a tiny bit of green track, this time clipping the triangle after the kerb, and bagged himself a long lap penalty. Gonzalez went wide at turn eleven and dropped to fifth place. Odendaal led Aegerter, Bernardi, Cluzel and Gonzales, but Odendaal's long lap penalty would hand the lead to Aegerter, with Odendaal failing to take his penalty on the last lap.

Steven Odendaal took the win, celebrating like he didn't know he was getting a three second penalty that would drop him down to fifth place. Dominique Aegerter looked disappointed with what he thought was second place. Luca Bernardi took second place behind Dominique Aegerter with Jules Cluzel inheriting the last spot on the podium. Manuel Gonzalez's mistake lost him the last spot on the podium.

Steven Odendaal celebrated throughout the cool down lap, oblivious of his penalty, whereas Dominique Aegerter arrived at parc fermé despondent until his team directed him to the centre spot. Luca Bernardi grabbed his second podium of his home race in second place and Jules Cluzel said that for once, luck fell in his favour to put him on the podium in third place. 

Dominique Aegerter's second victory of the weekend increased his championship lead over Steven Odendaal.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap
1 77 D. AEGERTER Yamaha YZF R6  
3 16 J. CLUZEL Yamaha YZF R6 0.926
4 81 M. GONZALEZ Yamaha YZF R6 1.125
5P 4 S. ODENDAAL Yamaha YZF R6 0.767
6 5 P. OETTL Kawasaki ZX-6R 2.165
7 3 R. DE ROSA Kawasaki ZX-6R 5.243
8 70 M. ALCOBA Yamaha YZF R6 5.919
9 94 F. CARICASULO Yamaha YZF R6 7.623
10 38 H. SOOMER Yamaha YZF R6 11.577
11 71 C. BERGMAN Yamaha YZF R6 14.653
12 27 M. ROCCOLI Yamaha YZF R6 16.224
13 88 M. PATACCA Yamaha YZF R6 19.023
14 55 G. HENDRA PRATAMA Yamaha YZF R6 20.568
15 11 L. OTTAVIANI Kawasaki ZX-6R 22.539
16 63 D. STIRPE MV Agusta F3 675 26.312
17 80 A. PONTONE Yamaha YZF R6 27.017
18 23 D. PIZZOLI Yamaha YZF R6 28.206
19 24 L. TACCINI Kawasaki ZX-6R 39.645
20 15 E. MCMANUS Yamaha YZF R6 39.768
21 22 F. FULIGNI Yamaha YZF R6 40.887
22 45 S. KAWASAKI Kawasaki ZX-6R 21.395
RET 84 M. FABRIZIO Kawasaki ZX-6R 3 Laps
RET 2 L. MONTELLA Yamaha YZF R6 9 Laps
RET 95 V. TAKALA Yamaha YZF R6 11 Laps
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