2019 Qatar World Supersport Race Result: The Decider

The World Supersport championship's last race of 2019 will be the title decider. Three riders are in contention, with Randy Krummenacher leading Federico Caricasulo and Jules Cluzel.

Jules Cluzel got to the lead, ahead of his two title rivals, and was joined by a hard-charging Corentin Perolari ahed of Randy Krummenacher, Federico Caricasulo, Lucas Mahias and Isaac Vinales. Mahias got past Caricasulo on lap one and hounded Krummenacher until turn one of lap two where he slipstreamed past Krummenacher and passed him on the brakes at the end of the straight. Caricasulo was then passed by Isaac Vinales and Kyle Smith.

Lucas Mahias, after setting the fastest lap, passed Corentin Perolari into turn one of lap three and took second place from him. A few places behind, Isaac Vinales was joined by Kyle Smith as Randy Krummenacher and Federico Caricasulo disputed sixth place and the world championship, side by side. 

Jules Cluzel, Lucas Mahias and Isaac Vinales all set the fastest lap in succession as Federico Caricasulo took sixth place from his teammate and Corentin Perolari took second place from his fellow Frenchman Lucas Mahias. 

Lap five, and Lucas Mahias lunged into turn one and took the lead before going wide and dropping back to third place. Caricasulo passed Smith down the straight and Randy Krummenacher led the championship by six points over Jules Cluzel and Federico Caricasulo. 

At the start of lap six, Randy Krummenacher passed Kyle Smith had a seven point lead over Federico Caricasulo, but the gap to Jules Cluzel suffered when, on lap nine, Lucas Mahias took the lead from Cluzel and Cluzel swapped places with Isaac Vinales for a few laps as Mahias broke free at the front. Corentin Perolari dropped off the leading trio and ended up three seconds adrift and getting caught by there title fight between the Bardahl riders. 

As Mahias, Cluzel and Vinales settled into podium places, Caricasulo passed Perolari forcibly, nudging him off the track, but Krummenacher didn't try to take advantage, with the fight in front of him getting a bit messy, he just kept his powder dry.

On the last lap, Lucas Mahias was clear of Jules Cluzel with Isaac Vinales almost a second behind him, but five seconds behind the podium precession, Federico Caricasulo and Corentin Perolari were in a deep battle for fourth, with Randy Krummenacher in sixth place taking a look over his shoulder to ensure he had the title in the bag with half a lap left.

Lucas Mahias won the last race of the season ahead of Jules Cluzel and Isaac Vinales. Federico Caricasulo took fourth lace ahead of the new world Champion Randy Krummenacher who caught and passed Corentin Perolari out of the last turn and down the straight, pipping him at the line.

Randy Krummenacher stopped for a simple celebration on the slow down lap, posing for photos with a new number one, helmet and t-shirt, with his team and his wife, an important member of his team. Lucas Mahias was a lot less reserved, very Frenchily doing a rolling burnout into Parc Fermé and immediately shaving one of his team's head, presumably winning a bet by taking the last win of the year. 

Randy Krummenacher ended the year the world champion, ahead of his teammate Federico Caricasulo and third-placed Jules Cluzel. 


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap
1 44 L. MAHIAS Kawasaki ZX-6R  
2 16 J. CLUZEL Yamaha YZF R6 0.868
3 32 I. VINALES Yamaha YZF R6 3.332
4 64 F. CARICASULO Yamaha YZF R6 8.033
5 21 R. KRUMMENACHER Yamaha YZF R6 8.430
6 94 C. PEROLARI Yamaha YZF R6 8.482
7 3 R. DE ROSA MV Agusta F3 675 9.527
8 78 H. OKUBO Kawasaki ZX-6R 9.670
9 11 K. SMITH Kawasaki ZX-6R 11.533
10 86 A. BADOVINI Kawasaki ZX-6R 16.242
11 56 P. SEBESTYEN Honda CBR600RR 16.249
12 36 T. GRADINGER Yamaha YZF R6 25.440
13 95 J. DANILO Honda CBR600RR 25.557
14 38 H. SOOMER Honda CBR600RR 26.727
15 30 G. VAN STRAALEN Kawasaki ZX-6R 35.186
16 2 B. JONES Yamaha YZF R6 37.474
17 29 S. AL SULAITI Yamaha YZF R6 39.371
18 4 C. STANGE Honda CBR600RR 42.438
19 47 R. HARTOG Kawasaki ZX-6R 44.300
20 31 D. VALLE Yamaha YZF R6 44.402
21 10 N. CALERO Kawasaki ZX-6R 49.832
22 53 G. SCONZA Honda CBR600RR 1'30.919
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