2019 Sachsenring Moto3 Race Result: Finally A Bride

A truly overcast Sachsenring set the mood for the second race of the day, the lightweight class brightening up our morning with the usual rough housing for points. The checkered flag finally waved first for Lorenzo Dalla Porta, the Italian taking his first win of the season ahead of teammate Marcos Ramirez, in a perfect result for the Leopard squad. A fine contender for ride of the day was also the man in third, Aron Canet making the best of his worst qualifying position to join the final step of the podium after an eventful 40 minutes.

The first lap of the race told a much different story to the last one, poleman Ayumu Sasaki keeping the lead at the start but promptly getting attacked by Romano Fenati, who started on the second row and went on to lead the way for the next few laps, ahead of the Leopard riders and the poleman. It was an aggressive start for warm up leader Tony Arbolino, the Italian going from 19th on the grid to 10th by lap three. Canet had a much slower start, barely nudging the top 20, while Alonso Lopez and Gabriel Rodrigo did not finish lap one, after the Spaniard lost control out of Omega corner.

By lap five, the machines of Ramirez and Dalla Porta were scraping baby blue paint for the lead but they had about seven other challengers in the lead group and the shenanigans up front allowed the second group led by Arbolino to get close. Meanwhile, Canet joined the point scoring positions by lap nine and was pushing to also join the chasing pack.

The Leopards were still at the front by lap ten but the group behind them was growing ever bigger as the pursuers merged and over 20 riders made up the lead pack line-up, with all the usual contenders in the mix for points. However, with every little gap a tempting proposition for the Moto3 lot, it allowed Ramirez a bit of breathing space at the front, half a second ahead of the group. The Spaniard still showed the way into the second half of the race and despite the massive pack, there was no room yet for spectacular recoveries for the likes of Canet and Vietti, who were still struggling to even keep in the points. Albert Arenas and Kaito Toba left the party with 12 laps to go from well inside the top ten.

The final ten laps temporarily reduced the contenders, seven riders separated from the rest to dispute the podium: Fenati in the lead ahead of Kornfeil, McPhee, Dalla Porta, Ramirez, Fernandez and Sasaki. The rest of the pack did not make the best of the early opportunity and Suzuki was left in charge of the pursuers, one second and a half behind.

There was no room for errors in the tight top seven and the final eight laps were getting feisty at the front, the lead changing hands a couple of times a lap. Dalla Porta, McPhee and Fenati seemed the most keen for fresh air, while Fernandez, Ramirez, Kornfeil and Sasaki were biding their time. Suzuki was starting to bridge the gap and the Japanese rider was dragging a revived Canet into the battle as well. The lead group kept growing once again as the race started the final five laps but only Canet was making progress towards the podium, the (now former) championship leader making contact left and right to start the final three laps in the top two. A track limits warning added to the tension for the Spaniard but he had little time for caution with the Leopards harassing him at the front and the likes of Fenati and Suzuki waiting to pounce.

Ramirez started the final lap in the lead before handing over to Canet in turn one but this time Dalla Porta timed it to perfection out of turn 11 to overhaul Canet and then Ramirez had his back all the way to the line. Canet being demoted to third loses him the lead in the championship battle by two points to the race winner. A thoroughly underwhelming Niccolo Antonelli stays third, 38 points down, while Ramirez climbs to fourth, 47 points behind his teammate.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 48 Lorenzo DALLA PORTA Honda 39'29.348
2 42 Marcos RAMIREZ Honda +0.072
3 44 Aron CANET KTM +0.120
4 55 Romano FENATI Honda +0.185
5 25 Raul FERNANDEZ KTM +0.323
6 17 John MCPHEE Honda +0.445
7 79 Ai OGURA Honda +0.678
8 24 Tatsuki SUZUKI Honda +0.749
9 71 Ayumu SASAKI Honda +0.829
10 84 Jakub KORNFEIL KTM +0.955
11 11 Sergio GARCIA Honda +1.064
12 23 Niccolò ANTONELLI Honda +2.239
13 12 Filip SALAC KTM +6.379
14 61 Can ONCU KTM +6.648
15 14 Tony ARBOLINO Honda +6.652
16 5 Jaume MASIA KTM +6.685
17 22 Kazuki MASAKI KTM +18.243
18 82 Stefano NEPA KTM +33.859
19 16 Andrea MIGNO KTM +33.882
20 76 Makar YURCHENKO KTM +36.088
21 75 Albert ARENAS KTM +36.123
22 54 Riccardo ROSSI Honda +36.859
23 28 Dirk GEIGER KTM +1'17.087
24 69 Tom BOOTH-AMOS KTM 1 Lap
    Not Classified    
  7 Dennis FOGGIA KTM 1 Lap
  13 Celestino VIETTI KTM 1 Lap
  40 Darryn BINDER KTM 1 Lap
  27 Kaito TOBA Honda 9 Laps
  19 Gabriel RODRIGO Honda 22 Laps
    Not Finished 1st Lap    
  21 Alonso LOPEZ Honda 0 Lap
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