2019 Assen World Supersport Race Result: No Snow, Close Racing

Eighteen laps and no snow, World Supersport wouldn't be like qualifying yesterday. 

Raffaele De Rosa led Randy Krummenacher into turn one, with Thomas Gradinger Maning an excellent start to get into third while Federico Caricasulo made a terrible start, getting swamped by eight riders. Jules Cluzel worked lap one hard to end it in third place ahead of Gradinger and Lucas Mahias. Krummenacher closed on De Rosa in the last few turns to make the first of many classic Geert Timmer chicane passes, starting lap two in the lead.

On lap two, Jules Cluzel took second place from Thomas Gradinger at turn six and took the lead into turn thirteen, before the chicane complex. Lucas Mahias in fifth place set the fastest lap. Federico Caricasulo worked his way through the pack to get sixth place behind the fight between Mahias and Gradinger dinger, and when, a lap later, Gradinger tried to pass Mahias, the Kawasaki man defended his place a little aggressively and pushed them both wide, giving Caricasulo a glimpse at a gap. Caricasulo took fourth place, passing both Gradinger and Mahias. Krummenacher took the lead back into the chicane and set the fastest lap, holding the honour for under a couple of seconds as Caricasulo took it from him in fourth place. 

The leading six were clearly at a different pace to the riders behind, with anyone of them capable of leading, evidenced by Jules Cluzel taking the lead from Randy Krummenacher before the chicane, with Krummenacher taking it back into turn one. The leading six, Krummenacher, Cluzel, De Rosa, Caricasulo, Gradinger and Mahias, had Hikaru Okubo, Corentin Perolari and Isaac Vinales on their tails, and Okubo crossed the gap to fight with Mahias for a couple of laps, but as Caricasulo took third ahead of them, Mahias fought back, setting the fastest lap on lap seven to consolidate the leading six, over a second clear of Okubo and Vinales. The leading six riders were covered by less than a second as they started lap nine. Raffaele De Rosa bashed Thomas Gradinger out of the way into turn one, and Lucas Mahias started falling off the back of the pack. 

Another fastest lap later and Mahias was back in the fray, as De Rosa made another aggressive turn one pass only this time on Jules Cluzel, sending the Frenchman wide and forcing him back to sixth place, behind Mahias. At turn nine, Thomas Gradinger made a play for De Rosa's third place, but De Rosa kept his speed up. Unfortunately, he carried a bit too much speed and lean, a wheel's distance ahead of Gradinger, and lost grip, sliding into the gravel trap and ruling himself out of a podium fight. 

Randy Krummenacher, Federico Caricasulo, Thomas Gradinger, Lucas Mahias and Jules Cluzel maintained their places for the last few laps, with Krummenacher sweeping from side to side over a few laps to keep Caricasulo from stealing his clean air for a pass, but Caricasulo seemed happy to follow in second place. 

On the penultimate lap, Cluzel passed Mahias into turn six to take fourth place from his fellow countryman, and on the last lap, Federico Caricasulo made his move. Having patiently waited behind Randy Krummenacher, he'd picked his spot and made his move sweeping around turns six and seven to have the drive for a pass into turn eight. Krummenacher had no answer. The pair were at their best for the last few corners and Krummenacher was at his limit as he took second place behind his teammate. 

Federico Caricasulo took his first victory of the year ahead of Randy Krummenacher and Thomas Gradinger who took his first ever podium. The French battle was won by Jules Cluzel who held off Lucas Mahias for fourth place.

Randy Krummenacher maintains his lead in the championship, but Federico Caricasulo's victory put him ahead of Jules Cluzel with Thomas Gradinger climbing up to fourth place.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap
1 64 F. CARICASULO Yamaha YZF R6  
2 21 R. KRUMMENACHER Yamaha YZF R6 0.032
3 36 T. GRADINGER Yamaha YZF R6 0.223
4 16 J. CLUZEL Yamaha YZF R6 0.580
5 44 L. MAHIAS Kawasaki ZX-6R 1.277
6 94 C. PEROLARI Yamaha YZF R6 13.748
7 78 H. OKUBO Kawasaki ZX-6R 13.873
8 32 I. VINALES Yamaha YZF R6 13.959
9 30 G. VAN STRAALEN Kawasaki ZX-6R 20.784
10 95 J. DANILO Honda CBR600RR 21.632
11 86 A. BADOVINI Kawasaki ZX-6R 22.062
12 56 P. SEBESTYEN Honda CBR600RR 26.266
13 84 L. CRESSON Yamaha YZF R6 1.518
14 47 R. HARTOG Kawasaki ZX-6R 29.374
15 22 F. FULIGNI MV Agusta F3 675 29.766
16 77 W. TESSELS Yamaha YZF R6 5.618
17 74 J. VAN SIKKELERUS Honda CBR600RR 37.936
18 4 C. STANGE Honda CBR600RR 45.681
19 6 M. HERRERA Yamaha YZF R6 55.235
20 15 A. COPPOLA Honda CBR600RR 1'12.589
RET 38 H. SOOMER Honda CBR600RR 2 Laps
RET 3 R. DE ROSA MV Agusta F3 675 5 Laps
RET 11 K. SMITH Kawasaki ZX-6R 4
RET 43 D. RUBIN Yamaha YZF R6 14 Laps
RET 48 X. NAVAND Yamaha YZF R6 3
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