2018 Qatar World Superbike Race Two Results: Race Cancelled

After the shortened World Supersport race finished with almost a third of the riders not completing the race, the World Superbike race was cancelled. While World Supersport runs with treaded tyres, World Superbike's full slicks would have been a liability with all the standing water running across the track at fast corners. With nothing on the line, except Jonathan Rea's attempts at hording more records, the race was sensibly cancelled. 

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Does Dorna make THAT much money from this race?



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It must be quite a big income for Dorna but short sighted.  A bit like our arms sales to Saudi and other countries...We really are all connected on this small planet at the end of the day even if ramifications are delayed.  So many reasons to drop this round or give another country an opportunity.  Seems to have been built on near slavery and excess at the same time!  How much energy is burnt to light it?  How many spectators/outside visitors?  Can you really control the enviroment?  -Admittedly a few more excuses than silverstone to draw on!!

Feel really sorry for Jonathan Rea but congratulations and we look forward to your light burning bright for a long time yet!  -Great interview in BBC sport.

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