2017 Imola World Supersport Race Results: No Result Yet

World Supersport’s race was delayed initially for a bike that returned to the pits smoking. Safety dictated that the track was checked for oil. After it was cleared, the race was started with sixteen laps intended, down one from the original seventeen, but that was red flagged after two laps due to a Robbie Rolfo crash. The restart lasted four laps before Robbie Rolfo crashed again, joined by Kazuki Watanabe and Marco Malone this time, bringing out red flags again. World Supersport will resume after World Superbike has completed and everyone’s had enough time to figure out the rules. The restart will be 14:20 local time.

Federico Caricasulo adds to the rules quandary as he missed the sighting lap in the original start and was told to start at the back of the grid. His Yamaha broke down on lap two of the warm up lap and he went and dejectedly hid in the bushes as his bike was dragged back to the garage. The red flag gave him the opportunity to restart, but he took his original grid position of fourth place instead of fourth from the back, three other riders being sent to the back of the grid for infractions during the quick start procedure.

Caricasulo was given a ride-through penalty on the second lap, but as the race didn’t last long enough for him to take it, and the restart might not be truncated, it’s not yet known if he will be taking part or where he will start. 

In the handful of laps of racing that we did see, Lucas Mahias led for three laps, two in the second race, one in the first, until Kenan Sofuoglu reeled him in and passed just in time for the second red flag.

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