2016 Superprestigio Superfinal Result: Marc Marquez Comfortably Beats Elias And Baker

Marc Marquez has taken revenge at the event he helped to create, winning the 2016 edition of the Superprestigio in dominant style. The 2016 MotoGP champion had dominated the qualifying heats, and chose the inside gate to start from. Though he dropped behind the excellent French Supermoto champion Tom Chareyre off the line, he entered the first corner in good position, with AMA star Brad Baker tight on his tail. The pair quickly slid through to take the lead.

In previous years, Baker was capable of taking the fight to Marquez and beating the Spaniard, but this time, Baker struggled. Marquez quickly built up a lead that would not be challenged. Baker, meanwhile, had trouble behind him, with Toni Elias sliding inside him to take second, leaving Baker to battle with Chareyre for the final podium spot. Chareyre tried one hard move on up the inside with a couple of laps to go, but Baker kept the door closed, and Chareyre went down after hitting the inside of Baker's Honda. A disappointed Baker crossed the line to take third. 

Results of the Superfinal:

Pos No Rider Nation Bike Time
1 93 Marc Marquez ESP Honda 16 laps
2 24 Toni Elias ESP Suzuki 0.715
3 6 Brad Baker USA Honda 4.583
4 19 Xavier Simeon BEL Suzuki 7.594
5 17 Gerard Bailo ESP Suzuki 8.203
6 23 Marcel Schrotter GER Suzuki 9.301
7 77 Ferran Cardus ESP Suzuki 1 lap
8 4 Thomas Chareyre FRA TM 1 lap


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I may be off base on this, but in the lead up to this event Baker seemed to be talking a little smack from the few articles I saw. Said he knows why  Marquez and Rossi wanted to ride with him (implying he is better) and that Marquez would be scared to ride the bigger tracks. 

Looks like he is discovering some things about Marquez....

.... I think he discovered what it means to have a bike prepped to the extent of having a specific mapping for the event.....
I saw bits of it and what I found really striking and puzzling was the absolute superior speed of MM.... it was almost embarrassing.
Then I just read a small piece by Julian Ryder and things started making sense. This takes nothing away from he win but in all fairness Marquez pace was so superior there couldn't have been any competition

I've just had a quick Google and can't find the piece by Ryder, got a link?

Hope it works... if it doesn't apologies, I'm technologically challenged
But before giving any further thought I want to listen to David's podcast : it might have more in depth information so that I can better understand MM incomparable speed

I thought Baker sounded pretty arrogant leading up to the event, you'd be forgiven for taking his words as road racers not being as good as dirt riders, I'm glad he got his ass handed to him.
I'd be very confident to say Marc would be a million times closer to him on a big dirt track than he would be to Marc on a MotoGP bike.

Tony Elias seems to be quite good at this game. And he's racing in the USA again next year. So how about somebody gives him a couple of TT and 1/2 mile rides.