2016 Misano World Superbike Race Two Results: Sykes's 200th Race

The race started with a charge from Alex Lowes to the rear wheel of Jonathan Rea, but Tom Sykes swooped round the outside of turn one and two to pass both of them for the lead. Xavi Fores and Davide Giugliano took fourth and fifth. A few places behind them, Markus Reiterberger clipped Chaz Davies's rear and flipped his BMW over, throwing the German over his bike and off the track. Reiterberger was able to limp off in spite of landing heavily on his back and the marshals dragged his bike to safety, avoiding the need for a red flag.

On the second lap, Davide Giugliano snuck in behind Lowes, passing the customer Ducati of Xavi Fores on his factory Panigale and his teammate Chaz Davies took sixth place from Michael van der Mark, both having dispatched Lorenzo Savadori. Davies lost grip round a corner, much like Giugliano yesterday, and van der Mark had nowhere to go but into the stricken red bike. Both riders crossed paths as they ran to their respective bikes but only van der Mark was able to rejoin the race, albeit in dead last.

Sykes and Rea, meanwhile, were repeating yesterday only in reverse order and with a smaller gap, Rea sitting within two or three tenths of Sykes lap after lap as they broke free of Lowes in third place. Lowes then dropped back to fifth place behind Giugliano and Fores as the Kawasakis at the front built a safe gap.

Sykes and Rea had over a second of a gap to Giugliano, but the Italian matched their 1'35 lap pace and kept the distance constant, even bringing it down to a second and a half for a long stretch of laps.

The race continued like this at the front until six laps from the end. Further back, though, the four way battle for fifth place between Lorenzo Savadori, Alex Lowes, Jordi Torres and Nicky Hayden was heating up, with Lowes getting a break when Savadori had a rear tyre try to throw him off with a tank slapper.

Six laps from the end, Jonathan Rea started looking for a way past, showing Sykes a wheel on the left and the right, hounding him until lap seventeen of twenty one where he copied Sykes's move from lap one round the outside in the first two turns for the lead.

Rea started building a gap on lap eighteen and gouged out over a second on lap nineteen, as Sykes recorded his slowest flying lap of the race to that point.

Rea charged away and won the race by over three seconds from Tom Sykes, securing his tenth double victory of his career and increasing his championship lead to sixty six points over Tom Sykes and ninety nine over Chaz Davies in third.

Alex Lowes was overtaken by Lorenzo Savadori which set of a series of events that led to his being overtaken by Jordi Torres and Nicky Hayden and it was up to Hayden to challenge Savadori for fifth place, but Savadori kept his position and finished fifth, under four seconds behind Xavi Fores.

Niccolo Canepa, standing in for Sylvain Guintoli at Pata Yamaha, ended the weekend with respectable seventh and ninth places.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap Best Lap Speed
1 1 J. REA Kawasaki ZX-10R   1'35.321 270,7 1'34.257 264,7
2 66 T. SYKES Kawasaki ZX-10R 2.963 1'35.495 268,7 1'34.037 266,0
3 34 D. GIUGLIANO Ducati Panigale R 6.356 1'35.389 270,0 1'34.826 263,4
4 12 X. FORÉS Ducati Panigale R 11.691 1'35.807 266,7 1'34.623 264,7
5 32 L. SAVADORI Aprilia RSV4 RF 15.164 1'36.226 269,3 1'34.694 268,0
6 69 N. HAYDEN Honda CBR1000RR SP 15.248 1'35.982 271,4 1'34.707 263,4
7 81 J. TORRES BMW S1000 RR 15.587 1'35.913 272,0 1'36.014 259,6
8 22 A. LOWES Yamaha YZF R1 17.276 1'35.165 266,7 1'34.641 265,4
9 59 N. CANEPA Yamaha YZF R1 20.082 1'36.084 269,3 1'36.335 260,9
10 60 M. VAN DER MARK Honda CBR1000RR SP 23.832 1'35.934 270,0 1'35.108 265,4
11 13 A. WEST Kawasaki ZX-10R 25.004 1'36.405 268,7 1'35.765 266,7
12 40 R. RAMOS Kawasaki ZX-10R 28.020 1'36.383 266,0 1'36.328 265,4
13 15 A. DE ANGELIS Aprilia RSV4 RF 29.703 1'36.352 272,0 1'42.023 268,0
14 25 J. BROOKES BMW S1000 RR 40.695 1'36.792 268,0 1'37.314 266,0
15 17 K. ABRAHAM BMW S1000 RR 56.679 1'37.494 268,7 1'38.380 266,7
16 9 D. SCHMITTER Kawasaki ZX-10R 1'03.741 1'38.070 262,8 1'38.238 264,7
17 61 F. MENGHI Ducati Panigale R 1'10.624 1'38.606 262,1 1'38.143 260,2
18 56 P. SEBESTYÉN Yamaha YZF R1 1'13.063 1'38.580 262,1 1'38.446 257,1
19 11 S. AL SULAITI Kawasaki ZX-10R 1'22.765 1'38.611 262,1 1'38.813 259,6
RET 4 G. VIZZIELLO Kawasaki ZX-10R 7 Laps    
RET 2 L. CAMIER MV Agusta 1000 F4 10 Laps    
RET 7 C. DAVIES Ducati Panigale R 19 Laps    


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A fine race win in Race 2. Good to see that he didn't resort to his dubious, so-called 'tactics' of Race 1, but then race-leader Sykes didn't suddenly decide to deviate his lap times by 0.7 seconds, so everything remained safe as a result and there's no complaints.

No drama and very little action - the best package won on the day. Well done Riba (and Rea). 


I rest my case, if Sykes leads a race from the start with no interference then he wins, if anyone overtakes then he follows & takes whatever position he is left in. Chaz gives it everything, unfortunately that was no points for him in race 2.