2015 Assen World Supersport Race Results: Assen Chicanery

World Supersport gave us the fight we were hoping for and the drama we have come to expect.

Kyle Smith battered his way to the lead at the beginning of the race, but it didn't take long for the battle of Kenan Sofuoglu and Jules Cluzel to get to the front, giving us the four-way group of Jules Cluzel, Kenan Sofuoglu, PJ Jacobsen and Kyle Smith, with the back two trading places throughout the race and Sofuoglu taking the lead at the exact halfway point of the race, passing Cluzel at the chicane at the end of lap nine.

Sofuoglu and Cluzel traded fastest laps as they left the battle behind them at lap record pace. At one point, Kenan Sofuoglu looked back to see Cluzel waving hello to him. Two laps from the end, Cluzel passed Sofuoglu round the outside of the entrance of the chicane in a move that looked like it shouldn't have been possible, but Sofuoglu took the lead back by turn one. The race was then set up to come down to the chicane at the last lap.

As they entered the chicane for the last time, Cluzel took the lead into the entrance. Sofuoglu had the outside line on the left hander and he leant on Cluzel, pushing him into the corner, forcing him to have "coupé le gaz" or close the throttle. Cluzel went wide and across the dirt, losing touch with Sofuoglu and falling into the clutches of a surprised Smith who saw that second place was suddenly possible.

Kenan Sofuoglu won the race, but with a black mark of " 54 under investigation" and a livid Jules Cluzel on the cool-down lap, referring to Sofuoglu's actions as "crazy like Kenan", a sentiment that has been shared by many riders in the past. Sofuoglu's reaction was that there was a door open and Cluzel was only upset because he lost the race.

Cluzel managed to hold off Smith to the line, holding off the Englishman to the last step of the podium.

Once again, Assen provided entertainment at the Geert Timmer chicane and the weather held off long enough for us to slake our thirst.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap Best Lap Speed
1 54 K. SOFUOGLU Kawasaki ZX-6R   1'38.296 250,3
2 16 J. CLUZEL MV Agusta F3 675 0.879 1'38.184 252,1
3 111 K. SMITH Honda CBR600RR 0.908 1'38.392 262,5
4 99 P. JACOBSEN Kawasaki ZX-6R 3.413 1'38.568 263,2
5 44 R. ROLFO Honda CBR600RR 13.968 1'39.291 261,9
6 87 L. ZANETTI MV Agusta F3 675 15.093 1'39.235 253,3
7 14 L. MAHIAS Kawasaki ZX-6R 18.921 1'39.340 261,9
8 5 M. FACCANI Kawasaki ZX-6R 22.948 1'39.492 252,7
9 25 A. BALDOLINI MV Agusta F3 675 27.274 1'39.496 257,5
10 84 R. RUSSO Honda CBR600RR 27.354 1'39.273 249,7
11 36 M. CARDENAS Honda CBR600RR 27.488 1'39.270 250,3
12 61 F. MENGHI Yamaha YZF R6 32.056 1'39.820 256,3
13 6 D. SCHMITTER Kawasaki ZX-6R 44.517 1'39.952 257,5
14 4 G. REA Honda CBR600RR 47.587 1'39.641 250,9
15 69 L. MORCIANO Honda CBR600RR 1'01.998 1'41.507 258,1
16 74 K. CLARKE Honda CBR600RR 1'02.051 1'40.669 248,6
17 10 N. CALERO Honda CBR600RR 1'15.837 1'41.426 240,8
18 34 E. ITURRIOZ Kawasaki ZX-6R 1 Lap 1'43.512 237,1
19 9 R. WILAIROT Honda CBR600RR 2 Laps 1'39.391 253,9


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I'm so tired of this blame-shifting, dirty-riding, fist-throwing, head-butting, Superbike/Moto2 washout "nice guy" (no Supersport broadcast passes without Sofuoğlu being referred to as such at least once). There's nothing wrong with hard racing, but this thug had been getting away with way too much for way too long. His incessant nationalism (leave the damn flag in parc fermé) must be especially galling to Armenian race fans, especially considering this week's grim 100th anniversary of "The Great Crime."

...and congratulations to Jules Cluzel for being the sportsman that the trash-talking Sofuoğlu could never hope to be.

which country are you from bud? There is plenty of 'blame' for everyone :) Stay out of politics on these kinds of sites, you will lose to people who are not biased and know something about history.

fact is Jules blew his pass going in to the last chicane, and he hit Kenan who was on the proper racing line. If you actually watch the race, go back to the part with 10 laps to go and watch how Kenan block passed in to that chicane, that is the proper way to do it, not running hot on the brakes and leaving the door open.

As for Jules' Sportsmanship, that's debatable, name calling, insults during the cool down lap and hypocrisy at his post race interview didn't do him any favors.

That was a very hard pass, but Jules didn't make the block in time to prevent Kenan from taking the racing line.

When it comes down to it, you're the one that needs to take a step back, it's not like people slammed Casey Stoner for carrying his flag on the cool down lap. & last I looked the flag thing is pretty common at the end of races, bringing it up to the podium before the anthem, is hardly worth condemning.

Now if you wanna talk about really hard racing, lets talk about Marc Marquez.

The onus falls on the guy behind to avoid the collision. It doesn't matter that Jules was deep, or off line, Kenan knew that he'd come back on line and there was nowhere else for Jules to go as he was on the paint already anyway. Kenan didn't leave enough room for both of them to get through and the fact that he hit Jules, Jules being in front leading up to and at the initial point of contact, proves that Jules was already on the bit of track that Kenan wanted to be on ... ergo, Kenan caused the contact and was really the only rider in a position to avoid it. Jules would have had to leave the track to avoid Kenan, which is ridiculous, and he wouldn't have seen him coming anyway because Kenan was behind him.

He was very lucky to get away with it, in my opinion, and I don't think he would have if Jules had come off.

Racers know who you can ride close with on the track and who you have to keep an eye on because they're a bit loose ... Kenan has form and a number of riders over the years have pointed this out yet he pretty much always blames everyone else. He's got a persecution complex and a lack of empathy for those around him. He's not far over the line and doesn't always do it, but he definitely does it and needs to recognise that.

But we all love a villain / hero combo! Shame it's so often Kenan who's the villain..