2015 Chang Thailand World Supersport Race Results: The One The Crowds Came For

The first World Supersport race in Thailand was Film Wilairot's home round and it was clear, like with Kenan Sofuoglu in Turkey, that he was the man the packed grandstands really came to see race seventeen laps of the Chang International circuit.

Kenan Sofuoglu, from pole position, led into the first turn followed by Kyle Smith and Jules Cluzel. PJ Jacobsen took third place from Kyle Smith at the end of the second lap. Putting in the fastest lap of the race, Wilairot charged through to fourth place, putting himself into the mix.

Cluzel took the lead from Sofuoglu and a lap later, Jacobsen passed Sofuoglu and Wilairot followed him a few turns later. With the local rider in a potential podium place, the crowd started making a lot of noise, slapping Yamaha-branded thundersticks together for the Honda rider.

On the sixth lap, Wilairot passed Jacobsen for second place and set his sights on Cluzel, but Cluzel was increasing the gap by a tenth of a second a lap. Lorenzo Zanetti crashed out on lap eight, followed by Smith on the ninth lap, leaving the front four of Cluzel, Wilairot, Jacobsen and Sofuoglu to race to the end of the race.

On the thirteenth lap, Jules Cluzel suffered from a technical problem, forcing him angrily out of the race, giving the lead to Film Wilairot, who had a one second gap over PJ Jacobsen and Kenan Sofuoglu.

As the remaining laps were sliced away, Wilairot kept increasing his lead to almost two seconds ahead of the battle behind him.

As Wilairot took his maiden win to thunderous applause, Sofuoglu passed Jacobsen on the last corner of the last lap to secure second place.

A home victory gives Wilairot the lead in the championship and gave the fans the result they dreamed of.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap Best Lap Speed
1 9 R. WILAIROT Honda CBR600RR   1'37.981 262,1
2 54 K. SOFUOGLU Kawasaki ZX-6R 1.828 1'38.285 261,5
3 99 P. JACOBSEN Kawasaki ZX-6R 1.860 1'38.190 267,3
4 14 L. MAHIAS Kawasaki ZX-6R 8.664 1'38.462 266,0
5 59 R. WILAIROT Honda CBR600RR 12.110 1'38.844 266,0
6 44 R. ROLFO Honda CBR600RR 13.599 1'38.718 265,4
7 5 M. FACCANI Kawasaki ZX-6R 14.025 1'38.764 264,1
8 36 M. CARDENAS Honda CBR600RR 14.857 1'38.905 263,4
9 25 A. BALDOLINI MV Agusta F3 675 21.690 1'38.934 267,3
10 4 G. REA Honda CBR600RR 30.238 1'38.485 263,4
11 30 D. KRAISART Yamaha YZF R6 30.639 1'40.021 259,6
12 19 K. WAHR Honda CBR600RR 36.167 1'40.083 259,6
13 11 C. GAMARINO Kawasaki ZX-6R 36.337 1'39.545 264,1
14 68 G. SCOTT Honda CBR600RR 36.670 1'40.205 262,8
15 6 D. SCHMITTER Kawasaki ZX-6R 37.587 1'39.767 265,4
16 27 T. WAROKORN Honda CBR600RR 38.746 1'40.193 260,2


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Super happy for him and Thailand...it's like a fairy tale. I remember Film crashing out of his first podium position back in the GP and he just lay on the ground so disappointed.

That doesn't happen very often, that you see the same name twice in the results. R. Wilairot on first and fifth, it looks like a computer malfunction... Two very happy brothers in Thailand today, that's for sure! Congrats to Ratthapark and Ratthapong, they definitely made the day for the crowd!
I predicted Wilairot for the podium, but I did not expect a win! Really cool. And leading the world championship, that must be another first in history.

Well done, Ratty. Congratulations. You've lived the fairy tale. It doesn't get much better than that.

I watched Wayne Gardner do this in Australia in '86, on an NSR500, against against Rainy, Schwantz, Lawson, and an unknown young recruit team mate nobody had ever heard of called Mick Doohan. It was the inaugural Aus 500GP, and Wayne won it, and the roof came down. It was a very special moment, never to be forgotten. He lived the fairy tale, and now Ratty's done the same.

Not to be overlooked in my mind was the great performance turned in by PJ Jacobsen, grabbing his first podium of the season. This is really nice to see. The young New Yorker is really starting to race well and is making his presence felt on the international stage. Getting to the podium in only the second round is a great momentum builder for the rest of the season. Ride that wave, PJ! Great job to him and to the team.

Neat race, enjoyed it.

Poor Cluzel and MV Augusta, that feels horrible. Great job PJ! Sure, your 2nd got pipped, but make room for joy of the podium. You look solid.

Keenan, your podium celebration antics of suddenly ducking out struck me as self absorbed and disrespectful. Especially of Film and the Thai fans. Not cool, pick yourself up a notch.

And the huge Yamaha fan presence was interesting! Get that R1 out there in WSBK, there is a vacuum pulling it back in.

I will repeat that the WSS rules on 750 for twins needs a revisit. And surprise and disappointment again that the (amazing to ride) Triumph 675 R isn't out there.

Beautiful corner entry Film, you had that thing just over the limit a bunch. Nicely done.

Sofuoglu didn't as much opt out of the celebration as much as adhere to his Muslim faith. I would be very surprised to see him partake in the Prosecco spraying at any subsequent race, either. 

Hi Jared, nice to see you back after the break.

He jumped off of his spot on the podium and out to the right of the stage. Being Muslim has one not drinking alcohol, but leaving? I thought it was one of those "the bike disappointed me so I won't celebrate 2nd" reactions. Has he always exited like that?

The consumption and subsequently spraying on himself would go counter to his beliefs. And yes, he has always done this, with no disrespect to his other riders. He also always comes back if there is a photo to be taken or something else not involving the champagne (or Prosecco)