2014 Le Mans MotoGP QP Results: Surprises Abound

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Another race weekend, another record decimated by Marc Marquez. The 2013 world champion and current points leader seized pole position for Suday's race at LeMans by obliterating both the previous lap and circuit records. Marquez's 1'32.042 during Saturday qualifying put him nearly seven-tenths quicker than second place. And while Marquez's performance ceases to be surprising -- while remaining impressive -- the qualifying order after the Spaniard did hold a surprise or three.

Pol Espargaro had the lap of his young career during qualifying to put his satallite Yamaha on the second slot for the race, just over six-tenths slower than Marquez's record lap. Third on the grid also had a newcomer with Andrea Dovizioso putting his factory Ducati on the front row for the first time in 2014. Stefan Bradl grabbed fourth with Valentino Rossi (5th) right on his heels. Jorge Lorenzo, eight-tenths off the leader, slotted into sixth, the final place on the second row.

Alvaro Bautista, quick all practice, put his satellite Honda into seventh just in front of Aleix Espargaro's open-class Yamaha and Dani Pedrosa's factory Honda. Pedrosa (9th) struggled in practice since setting the second-fastest time in FP1. Bradley Smith rounded out the top 10.


Pos. No. Rider Bike Time Diff. / Prev.
1 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 1'32.042  
2 44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha 1'32.734 0.692 / 0.692
3 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 1'32.755 0.713 / 0.021
4 6 Stefan BRADL Honda 1'32.846 0.804 / 0.091
5 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 1'32.873 0.831 / 0.027
6 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 1'32.899 0.857 / 0.026
7 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 1'33.006 0.964 / 0.107
8 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Forward Yamaha 1'33.015 0.973 / 0.009
9 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 1'33.023 0.981 / 0.008
10 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 1'33.058 1.016 / 0.035
11 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 1'33.102 1.060 / 0.044
12 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Ducati 1'33.315 1.273 / 0.213
13 69 Nicky HAYDEN Honda 1'33.859 0.376 / 0.036
14 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati 1'33.999 0.516 / 0.140
15 5 Colin EDWARDS Forward Yamaha 1'34.203 0.720 / 0.204
16 45 Scott REDDING Honda 1'34.233 0.750 / 0.030
17 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA Honda 1'34.457 0.974 / 0.224
18 17 Karel ABRAHAM Honda 1'34.880 1.397 / 0.423
19 8 Hector BARBERA Avintia 1'35.499 2.016 / 0.619
20 23 Broc PARKES PBM 1'35.795 2.312 / 0.296
21 70 Michael LAVERTY PBM 1'35.932 2.449 / 0.137
22 63 Mike DI MEGLIO Avintia 1'36.163 2.680 / 0.231


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Races are never boring. Just ask MM93 two races ago on the final lap.

I guess we should go watch the "golden years" then. I mean '97 was awesome!!! So many people winning. /end sarcasm.

Maybe those who post repeated complaints about how "boring" MotoGP racing has become are really just closet NASCAR fans who think "good" racing is synonymous with "close" racing or "paint swapping." Maybe they are just following the wrong motorsports series.... "Boogity, boogity, boogity...."

As for me, let the rednecks have all their close racing on four wheels. Close racing or not, I'll take two-wheeled racing in the top class in the world, and enjoy the rich symphony of riding skill demonstrated by the top riders in the world, whether they are bar to bar, or two seconds apart in a "parade."

(BTW, I'm an American, so I can get away with demeaning and ridiculing NASCAR fans, and rednecks, often one and the same....)

All in good fun! ;-)

Being an American does not excuse your gratuitous stereotyping and ridiculing of any race fans, or any socio-economic groups.

"All in good fun!" - NOT.

Moto93 maybe boring but in MotoGP there may be a good fight between Vale, Jorge and Dani for the win.
And Moto3 is always a treat. So I am sorry for you but it will be an interesting Sunday.

Just knew Jorge was going to be closer than .8 off Marquez. That was surprising to me. Pol getting second, VERY surprising to me, happy for him. Hope he can start to show some of that pace that had me talking about him in Moto2. He and Marquez had some memorable battles.

Marquez, not surprised at all. Just wish someone would find something to throw at him to give him a problem. For the first time in my life I, (and cannot believe I am writing this), am REALLY pulling for Jorge to get back on form mentally to challenge Marquez.

furtively knocking on Nicky's door, allegedly attempting to mooch a few spare bottles of prozac.

David, can you verify? ;)

Having watched it since the beginning of Rossi's domination in 2001, and the high level of talent that has since come into the sport, it's absolutely mind-bending to watch MM waltz in and dominate the deep bench we have today.

I only wish they would show more of him slamming the corners during the race even when he's 4-5 seconds out.

A race doesn't need a battle for first to be good, as long as there are battles.

And moto3 is always fun (go Jack).

People that gripe about boring races need to go out and watch a race live every once in a while, or do a track day... the appreciation definitely increases for what these gentlemen are doing.