2014 Argentina Moto3 Race Result: A Bump In The Road

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Romano Fenati won his second career Grand Prix Sunday after he forced his bike to the inside of Jack Miller's KTM and bumped the championship leader wide on the second to last corner of the Moto3 race in Argentina. A trailing Alex Marquez shot through the new opening to take second and an unhappy Miller settled for third place at the Termas de Rio Hondo Circuit.

The bump, deemed legal by race dirrection following the contest, ended what had been a gripping series of final laps with multiple lead changes. Livio Loi, who celebrated his 17th birthday on Sunday, took advantage of the fight among the leaders to grab a surprising fourth, his best-ever finish. Alex Rins, running with the leaders before a late-race mistake, ended his day in fifth and Efren Vazquez grabbed sixth. 

Isaac Viñales finished seventh, nearly nine seconds back folowed by Niklas Ajo another six seconds later. Danny Kent finished ninth and off the track after a final corner crash sent him into the gravel trap but with enough momentum to cross the line. Enea Bastianini completed the top 10.

Fenati's win is the first for Valetino Rossi's Sky Racing Team VR46.  Six riders crashed out. Oddly, the organizers played the French national anthem after Italian Fenati's win. They later played the Italian anthem.


Pos. No. Rider Bike Time / Diff.
1 5 Romano FENATI KTM 38'34.451
2 12 Alex MARQUEZ Honda 0.099
3 8 Jack MILLER KTM 0.54
4 11 Livio LOI Kalex KTM 0.624
5 42 Alex RINS Honda 5.53
6 7 Efren VAZQUEZ Honda 5.653
7 32 Isaac VIÑALES KTM 8.965
8 31 Niklas AJO Husqvarna 14.985
9 52 Danny KENT Husqvarna 15.043
10 33 Enea BASTIANINI KTM 17.31
11 10 Alexis MASBOU Honda 18.821
12 58 Juanfran GUEVARA Kalex KTM 19.038
13 19 Alessandro TONUCCI Mahindra 19.197
14 41 Brad BINDER Mahindra 29.001
15 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN Honda 38.124
16 38 Hafiq AZMI KTM 38.61
17 9 Scott DEROUE Kalex KTM 38.669
18 51 Bryan SCHOUTEN Mahindra 38.807
19 57 Eric GRANADO KTM 48.717
20 84 Jakub KORNFEIL KTM 58.925
21 65 Philipp OETTL Kalex KTM 59.582
22 61 Arthur SISSIS Mahindra +1'00.029
23 22 Ana CARRASCO Kalex KTM +1'00.112
24 95 Jules DANILO Mahindra +1'06.128
25 23 Niccolò ANTONELLI KTM +1'10.178
26 4 Gabriel RAMOS Kalex KTM +1'20.240
Not Classified
  3 Matteo FERRARI Mahindra 2 Laps
  98 Karel HANIKA KTM 3 Laps
  43 Luca GRÜNWALD Kalex KTM 12 Laps
  21 Francesco BAGNAIA KTM 13 Laps
  17 John MCPHEE Honda 14 Laps
  55 Andrea LOCATELLI Mahindra 0 Lap
Not Starting
  44 Miguel OLIVEIRA Mahindra 0 Lap


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Moto 3 is so very aero-dependent that it always brings to mind stock cars at Talladega. OK, I don't really mean that, because Moto 3 lap times do require a lot of skill, and Talladega is the NASCAR venue that doesn't reward pilot skill. But still, both races feature many meaningless passes derived from slipstreaming, passes that only have meaning when they come on the last lap. Just my opinion.

I'm glad the last lap contact was ruled a racing incident, not deserving of punishment.

... like to watch processionel racing ???
The Moto3 race was - again - awsome (appart from the F*ck*ng vuvuzela sound the bikes make) and as racing is supposed to be.

The constant passing and re-passing at Talladega makes it the favorite track of many NASCAR fans. It is all a result of aerodynamics on a circuit with very high speeds and very low horsepower. Actually, I do dislike Talladega because the passes are all meaningless until the very last lap. IMO, the nature of the track, the use of restricter plates, and the laws of aerodynamics create *the illusion* of close competitive racing. Other tracks that reward driver skill and set-up skill are much more interesting to me.

Moto 3 features a lot of aero-derived pack racing and overtaking, and that reminds me of stock cars at Talladega, but as I posted above, Moto 3 does also require a lot of skill in the corners. But I'd find Moto 3 more interesting to watch if the horsepower were doubled or tripled, which would reduce the role played by aerodynamics.

The funny thing is the organizers played French national anthem after the Italian Fenati won. Given that Fenati is on Valentino Rossi's team, and that Fenati bumped an Australian (Miller) to win, it made me wonder if Casey Stoner had control over the music. wink

Loved every bit of it. Great race, fantastic final lap.

To be fair the Belgian well deserved his final place. The scraping between the top three hasn't really given him any advantage, maybe just shortened the gap towards the podium.