2014 Phillip Island Tire Test, Day 2: Lorenzo Leads As Riders Narrow Down Tire Selection

The tire test at Phillip Island continues, with a selection of MotoGP and Moto2 riders putting new specs of tires from Bridgestone and Dunlop through their paces in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the fiasco of last October. After the first day of testing, where the riders tested a large selection of various compounds and constructions, the second day of testing concentrated on the tires which showed the most promise from the short runs on Monday.

Though Jorge Lorenzo was fastest on the day, his time was still over a second off the lap record set by Marc Marquez in October. But fast times were less important than tire enduranc, and Dani Pedrosa, Valentino Rossi and Cal Crutchlow all posted long runs towards the end of the day. Pedrosa managed 20 laps, or just over two-thirds race distance, while Rossi and Crutchlow both did runs of half race distance. Lap times were consistent, with little drop off towards the end. Bridgestone were very happy with the data, and have narrowed the selection down to three possible tires, and hoping to leave with just two options for development ready for the race in October. Jordi Torres did a race simulation on the Moto2 Dunlops, but the tire did not produce the lap times which Dunlop had hoped. The data was useful nonetheless, as it provides further input for development.

Alongside tires, Yamaha was also testing a new fairing at the test. Significantly slimmer and narrower in profile, with a larger intake, the fairing is ostensibly to help cope with the windy conditions at Phillip Island. It is unclear whether the fairing also affects fuel consumption, but given that this remains a concern for Yamaha, the data provided could at least be useful.

Times from Day 2:

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Diff prev.
1 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 1:29.133    
2 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 1:29.381 0.248 0.248
3 4 Andrea Dovizioso Ducati 1:29.387 0.254 0.006
4 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 1:29.516 0.383 0.129
5 35 Cal Crutchlow Ducati 1:29.660 0.527 0.144
6 53 Tito Rabat Kalex 1:32.168 3.035 2.508
7 36 Mika Kallio Kalex 1:32.698 3.565 0.530
8 18 Nico Terol Suter 1:33.014 3.881 0.316
9 81 Jordi Torres Suter 1:33.160 4.027 0.146


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Dovizioso's Duke only 6/1000ths of a second behind Pedrosa doesn't seem too shabby. Could Yamonda have miscalculated?
Too much to expect, perhaps - but if by mid-season Dovi, Cal, Crazy Joe and Aleix were leaving the factory bikes in the dust, I'd have a hard time wiping the smirk off my face.

Is Dorna strategy to give Ducati very high tech software to force other teams out of using their high tech software?

Any photos of tires as they come back? Would be interesting to see. Also I thought they'd be running no less than half distance. Not only one bike to run two thirds and two others half after two Days. We now you can run 29's to half distance, I thought we want to extend that... If they can run this pace the distance, then we are looking at a very fast grid, including Ducati.