2013 Imola World Supersport Race Results

World Supersport planned 19 laps under a cloudless sky, and fate would roll her dice once more.

The race started with Sam Lowes taking the lead ahead of Kenan Sofuoglu while Luca Scassa in sixth place cut across the nose of Lorenzo Zanetti, clipping his bike on the grid. An investigation was into Scassa’s actions was opened. Kenan Sofuoglu took the lead off Sam Lowes at the beginning of the race, and the pair of them set about making a gap from Riccardo Russo, Luca Scassa and Vladimir Ivanov.

Five laps into the race, Valentin Debise’s bike, at the back of the race, started smoking from the engine case, spewing oil onto the track and ending his race, and the oil flags were displayed as the riders approached the corner. Michael Van Der Mark hit the oil and careened into the gravel, luckily able to save his bike, but Tommy Bridewell wasn’t as lucky. Red flags were, later than they should have been according to a few riders on Twitter, finally brought out. Sam Lowes was seen struggling with what he thought was a puncture, causing him to pull out of the race after the red flags were shown, but before anyone saw them, gifting him a second chance. If the red flags had not been flown, Lowes would have retired and almost certainly handed Kenan Sofuoglu an uncontested win and brought the championship to within one more DNF.

The race restart played into the hands of Kenan Sofuoglu as he got a clear escape while Lowes got swallowed by the pack. As Lowes tried to make up places, he missed a corner and ended the first lap, leading the second pack back in 9th place. Sofuoglu led Luca Scassa and Vladimir Leonov and set about eking out a lead.

Halfway through the restarted race, Kenan Sofuoglu had a clear enough lead and the pace to run away, while Sam Lowes picked off riders bite by bite, passing the PATA Hondas of Lorenzo Zanetti and Michael Van Der Mark. As Lowes claimed third place, setting his sights on his teammate a few seconds ahead of him, further back, Luca Scassa and Andrea Antonelli were taking lumps out of each other, barging, gesticulating and making such a nuisance of themselves that Fabien Foret was so distracted by their antics, he missed his braking point and ran into the gravel.

As Sofuoglu’s win turned from likely to certain, thoughts went to team orders for the Yahknich Yamaha team, but Sam Lowes and Vladimir Leonov demonstrated that they were most definitely not in play as Leonov fought tooth and nail to retain his second place, but Lowes finally made a pass stick at the last chicane, leaving Leonov to make an unsuccessful run to the line.

Kenan Sofuoglu won his second race of the year but only managed to claw five points back from Sam Lowes.


1. Kenan Sofuoglu (MAHI Racing Team India) Kawasaki ZX-6R 26'11.297
2. Sam Lowes (Yakhnich Motorsport) Yamaha YZF R6 26'15.254
3. Vladimir Leonov (Yakhnich Motorsport) Yamaha YZF R6 26'15.706
4. Lorenzo Zanetti (Pata Honda World Supersport) Honda CBR600RR 26'17.732
5. Michael Vd Mark (Pata Honda World Supersport) Honda CBR600RR 26'21.264
6. Luca Scassa (Kawasaki Intermoto Ponyexpres) Kawasaki ZX-6R 26'24.734
7. Andrea Antonelli (Team Goeleven) Kawasaki ZX-6R 26'25.409
8. Florian Marino (Kawasaki Intermoto Ponyexpres) Kawasaki ZX-6R 26'39.491
9. Alex Baldolini (Suriano Racing Team) Suzuki GSX-R600 26'40.315
10. Sheridan Morais (PTR Honda) Honda CBR600RR 26'40.434
11. Raffaele De Rosa (Team Lorini) Honda CBR600RR 26'40.889
12. Fabien Foret (MAHI Racing Team India) Kawasaki ZX-6R 26'41.060
13. Jack Kennedy (Rivamoto) Honda CBR600RR 26'41.254
14. Roberto Rolfo (ParkinGo MV Agusta Corse) MV Agusta F3 675 26'42.128
15. Fabio Menghi (VFT Racing) Yamaha YZF R6 26'51.199
16. Balazs Nemeth (Complus SMS Racing) Honda CBR600RR 27'00.729
17. Imre Toth (Racing Team Toth) Honda CBR600RR 27'09.429
18. Massimo Roccoli (Team Pata by Martini) Yamaha YZF R6 27'10.825
19. Mitchell Carr (AARK Racing) Triumph 675 R 27'12.051
20. Alex Schacht (Racing Team Toth) Honda CBR600RR 27'12.379
21. Nacho Calero Perez (Honda PTR) Honda CBR600RR 27'12.631
22. Yves Polzer (Team MRC Austria) Honda CBR600RR 27'33.569
23. Eduard Blokhin (Rivamoto) Honda CBR600RR 26'35.316
RT. Kev Coghlan (Kawasaki DMC-Lorenzini Team) Kawasaki ZX-6R 16'57.615
RT. Riccardo Russo (Puccetti Racing Kawasaki) Kawasaki ZX-6R 15'11.824
RT. David Linortner (Team Honda PTR) Honda CBR600RR 13'26.533
RT. Mathew Scholtz (Suriano Racing Team) Suzuki GSX-R600 9'35.149
RT. Fabrizio Lai (Speedy Bike) Honda CBR600RR 5'49.772
RT. Christopher Moretti (Bike Service) Yamaha YZF R6 2'03.428
NS. Marco Faccani (Evan Bros R. by S.M.A. Honda I) Honda CBR600RR 

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Another great ride by Lowes. Last corner, into 2nd place after bridging a huge gap and so only conceded 5 points to Sofologoloo (anyone else have trouble saying that? :O)
Looking very strong for the rest of the year.