2013 Monza World Supersport Race Delayed: Three Red Flags

The World Supersport race was halted after four laps after the front four riders all went down on oil that was not spotted from a third lap crash at Variante Della Roggia. The restart lasted for two laps before a rider crashed out of the Ascari chicane, immolating the motorbike and destroying the ablative air fencing; an automatic red flag. On the third start of the race, a ten-lap dash, a rider ploughed through Prima Variente, the first chicane, taking a few other racers with him. A third red flag was waved and the race was postponed until after the second World Superbike race. Nobody was significantly hurt in any of the incidents. 

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They chose not to show the WSS restart here in the US. Kind of sad about that, but there was a live bicycle race scheduled and I understand they need to deal with delays. Bit of carnage today there at Monza though. T1 is brutal.


US TV has habitually treated MotoGP & Superbike with contempt. Except for Scott Russell and Freddie Spencer, most of the commentators are uninformed blowhards chosen for their ability to shout the loudest.
This BIS goof is a bad omen - last year Speed cut away from their schedule and ended coverage of an exciting in-progress WSS race to show a trio of rednecks engaged in a post-race discussion of the intricate strategies of NASCAR's moronic high speed tedium punctuated by cars slamming into concrete walls. This year BIS have taken over WSB before establishing a full TV distribution network. US motorcycle road-racing enthusiasts should prepare themselves for more frustration.

They interviewed Sam Lowes just before the race. His left hand was in a lot of pain. He didn't complain and tried to seem cheerful, but that lad was hurting!

He won the race anyway!

GREAT ride Sam! Well done!