2012 Assen Moto3 Race Result: Thrilling Finish To Vicious Battle

Results and summary of a fantastic Moto3 race at Assen:

Maverick Vinales has taken his third victory in a row, winning a scintillating and at times vicious race after a smart move at the final chicane to take back the lead and take the win, his fourth of the season. Vinales' victory gives him a 7 point lead in the championship over Sandro Cortese, the title fight still tight with 11 races still to go.

The race was a thriller from start to finish, with a massive group racing at the front for the first half of the race. The group was gradually whittled down from 24 men to just 7, with Vinales, Cortese, Danny Kent, Luis Salom, Louis Rossi, Alex Rins and Zulfahmi Khairuddin. Khairuddin was the first to drop off the back, followed shortly afterwards by Rins after running wide, leaving five men battling at the front. Though Louis Rossi could follow, he was unable of mixing it for the win, staying with the front group until the end but settling for 5th.

Victory would be decided at the final chicane, but not before the lead changed multiple times over the laps. Despite the fact that two teammates were involved, there was no quarter asked or given by Cortese and Kent, Cortese in particular verging on the dangerous, barging Kent off the line on the exit of the very fast Ramshoek corner.

After practicing a fast but unconventional line through the Ramshoek, passing other riders on the inside, Salom looked like the favorite for the win as the entered the last half of the lap. As expected, Salom flew underneath Cortese and Vinales to take the lead at the Ramshoek, but his line left him too slow into the GT chicane, and Vinales blasted past into the lead, with Cortese just behind. A photo finish was needed for 3rd, with Kent being given the nod over Salom, though Salom's RW Racing team immediately protested the decision.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 25 Maverick VIÑALES FTR HONDA 38'45.432  
2 11 Sandro CORTESE KTM 38'46.263 0.831
3 52 Danny KENT KTM 38'46.274 0.842
4 39 Luis SALOM KALEX KTM 38'46.275 0.843
5 96 Louis ROSSI FTR HONDA 38'46.784 1.352
6 42 Alex RINS SUTER HONDA 38'50.465 5.033
7 10 Alexis MASBOU HONDA 38'53.249 7.817
8 31 Niklas KTM 38'53.287 7.855
9 7 Efren VAZQUEZ FTR HONDA 38'53.469 8.037
10 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA SUTER HONDA 38'53.675 8.243
11 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN KTM 38'53.810 8.378
12 5 Romano FENATI FTR HONDA 38'53.991 8.559
13 84 Jakub KORNFEIL FTR HONDA 38'57.565 12.133
14 9 Toni FINSTERBUSCH HONDA 38'57.790 12.358
15 55 Hector FAUBEL KALEX KTM 38'57.965 12.533
16 61 Arthur SISSIS KTM 38'58.086 12.654
17 89 Alan TECHER TSR HONDA 38'58.268 12.836
18 26 Adrian MARTIN FTR HONDA 38'58.308 12.876
19 23 Alberto MONCAYO KALEX KTM 38'58.376 12.944
20 41 Brad BINDER KALEX KTM 39'06.774 21.342
21 32 Isaac VIÑALES FTR HONDA 39'06.939 21.507
22 19 Alessandro TONUCCI FTR HONDA 39'07.013 21.581
23 15 Simone GROTZKYJ SUTER HONDA 39'24.304 38.872
24 53 Jasper IWEMA FGR HONDA 39'24.669 39.237
25 22 Bryan SCHOUTEN HONDA 39'24.704 39.272
26 40 Julian MIRALLES HONDA 39'24.809 39.377
27 51 Kenta FUJII TSR HONDA 39'24.965 39.533
28 3 Luigi MORCIANO IODA 39'26.440 41.008
29 21 Ivan MORENO FTR HONDA 39'28.625 43.193
Not Classified
  77 Marcel SCHROTTER MAHINDRA 35'53.519 2 laps
  30 Giulian PEDONE SUTER HONDA 30'39.063 6 laps
  99 Danny WEBB MAHINDRA 26'41.937 7 laps
  27 Niccolò ANTONELLI FTR HONDA 24'48.332 8 laps
  94 Jonas FOLGER IODA 5'34.174 19 laps
  8 Jack MILLER    
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1.) I'll get started by saying that this race was the best I've seen in a loooooong time!

2.) Miller's jumpstart: was it fair? I distinctly saw the red lights blink on and off, come on again, then go off quickly one more time. Did Miller jump at the first blink of the red lights? If so, how could race direction punish him for that? The lights came on and then off. That's fair game as far as I'm concerned. Either way, what a strange way to start the race, and I'm surprised that a LOT more riders didn't jump at the first blink of the lights.

3.) I've actually been pushing for Cortese in the the championship (if for no other reason than to not have to see yet another Spaniard win a championship...), but even as a backer I came away thinking that his riding was pretty out of control and dangerous in this race. He reminded me of a Moto3 version of Marquez, and I didn't like to see that. If one of the numerous times he made contact with an opponent resulted in a bike hitting the deck, I think penalties would have been a forgone conclusion. Hope he cleans up his act and didn't get his clock cleaned by his teammate behind the team trailer after the race...

4.) After the race there was a shot of Vinalez and Kent under the podium before climbing up. It looked to me like they were being weighed. Is this what was happening? I've never seen this before and found it curious. What's that all about?

5.) The mayor of Assen's name is "Sicko." That's unfortunate...

It's very rare that a race weekend goes by without one of the classes providing a great show. This round the entertainment crown goes to the lowest class!

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They were being weighed indeed.
Moto3 is the only category in Grand Prix (just like 125 was) where the minimum weight is not only the bike but bike + rider.
The reason is twofold, most of the riders are teenagers and nobody wants to see these very young athletes going to extreme diets to lose weight, also these bikes are quite light and not so powerful so a few kilos will actually make a big difference in acceleration on 55 hp bikes.

Every motorcycle on the rostrum (plus a few others randomly picked) in every category goes under FIM tech scrutiny after the race, which includes riders being weighed in Moto3.

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Thanks for the reply.

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