2012 Catalunya Moto3 Race Result: Epic Battle For 2nd Behind Clear Winner

Results and summary of the Moto3 race at Barcelona:

Maverick Vinales has won his second race of the year, taking victory in indomitable style at Barcelona. The Blusens Avintia rider got away from a big group early, and went on to win unchallenged, claiming back important points in the championship.

Vinales got away early with Le Mans winner Louis Rossi and Efren Vazquez, and quickly got a small gap to a large chasing group containing Hector Faubel, Alex Masbou, Alex Marquez, Miguel Oliveira, Alex Rins, Sandro Cortese and Luis Salom. The three leaders spent the first few laps fighting amongst themselves, but nobody could make a real impression. That allowed the chasing group to catch the trio, and the ensuing melee allowed Maverick Vinales to get away at the front. Once he had a small gap, he could concentrate on just posting laptimes and he quickly pulled a comfortable gap. The Spaniard was never going to be caught after that, and went on to win the race by nearly 8 seconds.

Behind him, the tussle for 2nd made for great viewing, but it also made it impossible to predict who would come out on top. Louis Rossi looked like having a good chance at getting away, but as he was caught and battled for 2nd, his exhaust came partially loose and spent the rest of the race flapping about, though still attached. It came down to a battle on the final lap, from which Sandro Cortese emerged victorious, taking 2nd ahead of Miguel Oliveira, despite suffering the after-effects of a nasty crash yesterday. For Oliveira, it was his first ever Moto3 podium, despite having been close several times.

Cortese's strong finish means that he keeps the damage in the championship limited. Vinales has closed the gap some, but Cortese leads by 7 points, at 87 to Vinales 80.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 25 Maverick VIÑALES FTR HONDA 41'50.965  
2 11 Sandro CORTESE KTM Ajo KTM 41'58.717 7.752
3 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA SUTER HONDA 41'58.818 7.853
4 96 Louis ROSSI FTR HONDA 41'58.972 8.007
5 10 Alexis MASBOU HONDA 41'59.040 8.075
6 12 Alex MARQUEZ SUTER HONDA 41'59.232 8.267
7 55 Hector FAUBEL KALEX KTM 41'59.320 8.355
8 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN KTM 41'59.445 8.480
9 5 Romano FENATI FTR HONDA 41'59.565 8.600
10 39 Luis SALOM KALEX KTM 42'06.988 16.023
11 84 Jakub KORNFEIL FTR HONDA 42'07.092 16.127
12 27 Niccolò ANTONELLI FTR HONDA 42'07.187 16.222
13 89 Alan TECHER TSR HONDA 42'07.757 16.792
14 23 Alberto MONCAYO KALEX KTM 42'21.097 30.132
15 8 Jack MILLER HONDA 42'21.097 30.132
16 53 Jasper IWEMA FGR HONDA 42'21.269 30.304
17 26 Adrian MARTIN FTR HONDA 42'21.628 30.663
18 21 Ivan MORENO FTR HONDA 42'21.935 30.970
19 17 John McPHEE KRP HONDA 42'22.007 31.042
20 52 Danny KENT KTM Ajo KTM 42'34.703 43.738
21 31 Niklas KTM 42'34.730 43.765
22 61 Arthur SISSIS KTM Ajo KTM 42'35.084 44.119
23 15 Simone GROTZKYJ SUTER HONDA 42'52.972 1'02.007
24 32 Isaac VIÑALES FTR HONDA 43'02.285 1'11.320
25 51 Kenta FUJII TSR HONDA 43'10.025 1'19.060
26 3 Luigi MORCIANO IODA 43'10.279 1'19.314
27 30 Giulian PEDONE SUTER HONDA 43'10.296 1'19.331
28 19 Alessandro TONUCCI FTR HONDA 41'54.614 1
Not Classified
  99 Danny WEBB MAHINDRA 30'58.307 6 laps
  77 Marcel SCHROTTER MAHINDRA 31'00.767 6 laps
  42 Alex RINS SUTER HONDA 28'35.629 7 laps
  7 Efren VAZQUEZ FTR HONDA 28'35.913 7 laps
  41 Brad BINDER KALEX KTM 11'33.903 16 laps
  94 Jonas FOLGER IODA 8'19.736 18 laps


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Louis Rossi

So, I was able to finally watch the Moto3 race last night. Why was Louis Rossi not black flaged? That exhaust was hanging off for a good dozen laps and he was battling with 7 other guys at the time for 2nd through 9th. whenever he was in 2nd at one point, I was just worried what would happen to those 7 other guys if the exhaust had come flying off. They could have been seriously hurt by that!

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