2012 Qatar Moto2 Race Result: Typical Thriller Taken To The Line

Results and summary of a thrilling Moto2 race at Qatar:

Marc Marquez has made a triumphant return to the front of the Moto2 World Championship, winning the season opener at Qatar after a tight and race-long battle with Thom Luthi and Andrea Iannone. The win was not without controversy, as Marquez forced Luthi wide after just getting ahead on the final straight, dropping Luthi out of contention.

The race turned into a thriller from the start. Luthi got the drop into the first corner, and soon a group of six formed, consisting of Luthi, Pol Espargaro, Tito Rabat, Andrea Iannone, Marc Marquez and Simone Corsi. With such a tight group, the racing was always going to be good, but the quality of the Moto2 field turned this into a classic. Pol Espargaro held the early advantage, but after a comedy of errors - Espargaro, Corsi, Marquez, Luthi all running wide braking for Turn 1 - only three were left. 

Luthi led for the final few laps, until Marquez attacked at the start of the last lap. He just crept past Luthi along the straight, and thinking he had past the Interwetten rider, pulled across to take his line. Luthi had put up a slightly better defense than Marquez expected, though, his front wheel still level with Marquez' rear, and the Swiss rider found himself forced wide as Marquez moved across to enter Turn 1. A livid Luthi was forced to run wide, and dropped out of podium contention.

The excitement was not over yet. Marquez' pass on Luthi had allowed Iannone to make up the final meters to sit on Marquez' tail, and the Italian attacked in the middle of the rear section. He parried Marquez attacks all the way to the final corner, where Marquez got the better drive and just pipped the Speed Master rider to the post. After 5 months off the bike and a long period of recovery from his eye injury, suffered at Sepang, he returned to take victory, albeit a controversial one. Iannone was forced to take 2nd, with Pol Espargaro in 4th, while Thom Luthi had to make do with 5th after being forced off.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 93 Marc MARQUEZ SUTER 40'34.225  
2 29 Andrea IANNONE SPEED UP 40'34.286 0.061
3 40 Pol ESPARGARO KALEX 40'35.637 1.412
4 80 Esteve RABAT KALEX 40'35.864 1.639
5 12 Thomas LUTHI SUTER 40'38.206 3.981
6 45 Scott REDDING KALEX 40'40.993 6.768
7 63 Mike DI MEGLIO SPEED UP 40'41.019 6.794
8 3 Simone CORSI FTR 40'41.211 6.986
9 38 Bradley SMITH TECH 3 40'45.053 10.828
10 36 Mika KALLIO KALEX 40'45.604 11.379
11 4 Randy KRUMMENACHE KALEX 40'46.975 12.750
12 5 Johann ZARCO MOTOBI 40'48.346 14.121
13 24 Toni ELIAS SUTER 40'51.859 17.634
14 30 Takaaki NAKAGAMI KALEX 40'52.100 17.875
15 60 Julian SIMON FTR 40'52.119 17.894
16 71 Claudio CORTI KALEX 40'53.239 19.014
17 19 Xavier SIMEON TECH 3 40'53.339 19.114
18 77 Dominique AEGERTER SUTER 41'03.027 28.802
19 72 Yuki TAKAHASHI SUTER 41'10.823 36.598
20 47 Angel RODRIGUEZ FTR 41'10.963 36.738
21 14 Ratthapark WILAIROT MORIWAKI 41'11.372 37.147
22 49 Axel PONS KALEX 41'11.668 37.443
23 18 Nicolas TEROL SUTER 41'13.748 39.523
24 88 Ricard CARDUS AJR 41'19.485 45.260
25 95 Anthony WEST MORIWAKI 41'28.011 53.786
26 8 Gino MORIWAKI 41'28.233 54.008
27 10 Marco COLANDREA FTR 41'53.279 1'19.054
28 7 Alexander LUNDH MZ Racing MZ FTR 41'53.296 1'19.071
29 82 Elena ROSELL MORIWAKI 42'09.375 1'35.150
30 76 Max NEUKIRCHNER KALEX 40'47.986 1
Not Classified
  15 Alex DE ANGELIS SUTER 36'41.215 2 laps
  96 Nasser Hasan AL MALKI MORIWAKI 21'22.226 10 laps
  44 Roberto ROLFO SUTER 11'21.485 17 laps


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The race was good, except that event with luthi and marquez, ¿is too hard for race direction to follow strictly the rulebook?, remembering zarco sending off another rider in catalunya and Bradl sending out sofuouglu in valencia when sofuoglu was wilcard in estoril and valencia.

Or Marquez idolises too much pedrosa, the guy try to cheat in a exam, and now marc sending out another rider in this race. hm

First race and starting polemic actions, at least luthi was lucky than marquez dont ram him, he he he.

Kalex is showing good pace, only they need to tune up some stuff in the next race and the Kalex legion will win.

Marquez didn't send Luthi off. Marquez had the line and was in front of Luthi but Luthi was the one who refused to brake sooner than he did and that caused him to run wide. Also Marquez didn't "send out another rider in this race" as Luthi slotted back into 5th if I recall. You make it sounds as if Marquez punted him off the bike. You're certainly not a fan of Marquez or hard racing are you?

there differences in what you considers hard racing and what i saw is can be punished, the problem is than the rulebook is about matter of interpretation, in F1 that type of actions are severely punished because the marshals in F1 follow the rulebook very strictly, but here is not the case.

Again my question

Is too complicated to follow the rulebook strictly, the matter of interpretation causes the things to complicate, is like soccer when the referee puts his interpretation if a defender blocks the ball with the hand, the rule says if you put the hand, thats penalty, so here must be the same, strictly respect to the rulebook, at least marquez must relegate his position to luthi for fair play. but well.

And also what Zarco does and bradl against sofuoglu do in the past was elegible for punishment but again what happen, nothing.

Marquez was able to make the pass on Luthi easily enough, there was no need for the swerving at the end of the straight and the 'fading' across to the ripple strip to take Luthi's line away. Marquez had to have known he was there, its a shame because it takes away from the enormous acheivement marquez has made to be fighting for the win after his eye problems, now im starting to think of him as a rider who would rather put a dodgy move on someone and make them lose time instead of having some good close fair racing. Hopefully he proves me wrong

Don't agree with your assessment, Doughnuts.
There's a vast difference between a block pass and moving to take the other rider's line and leaving him nowhere to go.
I expected Marquez to win, and up until that stunt I was hoping he would, but what he did was unnecessary, and I think David's assessent that he was unaware that Luthi was next to him is very diplomatic, but ultimately overly-generous.
IMHO Marquez would have won in any case, so to take Luthi's line was unnecessary. And unsportsmanlike.

To be certain, I just watched it again. They go past the start/finish side by side and Marquez is not completely past Luthi when he shifts left (to right on the screen) and takes Luthi's racing line. The front-on footage available through my broadcaster clearly shows that.

Hi David,

that last paragraph sounds like a press release straight from Marquez's team. He knew exactly where Luthi was and his intent was to force Luthi to back off or run wide. There's nothing wrong with that, Luthi had the choice to roll off a fraction and tack back onto the back of Marquez, but he couldn't/didn't. There is something about Marquez that worries me. I can't work out what exactly it is, but there's something there.

The worry that Marquez's aggression MIGHT take away some other talent other than just himself. I will feel sorry if he only takes himself out even to the point of retiring from his racing career but to have that happen to others around him too because of his actions, not cool. He is amazing...especially in 125cc but it seems like he grew hungry, and vicious when he graduated to Moto2. Racer needs a killer instinct they say, but not literally out to kill.

Marquez could well be the new Rossi , he!s that good . It is just great to watch. Great race and despite the controversy the best rider won. When he gets fit luthi and the rest will be asking the reporters which way he went. Love moto2. If motogp had any sense , Rossi would be on a good bike also. pity, but Marquez is worth the entrance fee alone. Class!!

"Marquez could well be the new Rossi , he!s that good" - well, let's hope he doesn't go to Ducati in that case!

100% with Doughnuts couldn't have said it better my self... and who cares what they do in F1, this is MotoGp!!

I counted 6 or 7 questionable or overly aggressive maneuvers by Marquez against various riders and that is from the MotoGP stream which only shows a percentage of the race involving Marquez. He is developing a pattern of poor judgment and a win-at-all costs attitude dating back to last year and to a lesser extent his title year in 125cc.

Strangely Gavin and Nick seem to overlook these moves or call them incorrectly. They have the blinders on because they feel they are watching greatness. I think Marquez has enough talent to win the title this year and I don't see any reason why he needs to stretch the bounds of acceptable racing behavior to win.

Other than that, great race though I was hoping Tito would get his first win.

Is there any more news on this yet? Whether or not it is "allowed" or not - well it's just hard racing. But it will be interesting if it is permitted as that will set the precedent for the whole season ahead. And if that is the sort of move that will be allowed, I think we'll see Luthi using it himself...

Obviously Luthi felt that it was not acceptable at all, hitting Marquez arm on the in-lap is very uncharacteristic for Luthi who is usually very sporting in defeat.

Marquez already has a bit of a reputation for putting hard moves on his fellow racers, it seems that some have been thinking about that during the off season as Marquez was the recipient of some hard moves in this race as well. (Although not as hard as the incident with Luthi.)

If a rider tries a draft pass on the inside and ends up on the outside rumble strips before even reaching the corner like Marquez did on Luthi, then his intention is clear, pushing the leader off the track. This is not hard racing, it is stupid racing.