2011 Brno Moto2 Race Result: Five-Way Barnburner Thrills To Last Lap

Results and summary of the Moto2 race at Brno:

Andrea Iannone has taken his second victory of the season in a classic Moto2 barnburner at Brno. The Speed Master rider came out on top of a race-long scrap with Marc Marquez, Stefan Bradl, Alex de Angelis and Thomas Luthi, taking the lead on the last lap and holding off challenges to the line.

The game was afoot from the very start, with the top five quickly breaking away at the very start. The race was the kind of tense, hectic battle that Moto2 has built a reputation for, with hard, brutal passes being made on virtually every lap, and no one walking away without either rubber or paint on their leathers from at least one of the other riders.

Championship leader Stefan Bradl looked the candidate most likely to have the race in hand, the Viessmann Kiefer rider leading for much of the race. But Iannone was on a mission, a mission he shared with Marc Marquez. The second half of the race saw the gloves come off, with Iannone, Marquez and Bradl all sharing the lead, with Alex de Angelis desperately trying to interject himself in the proceedings. Once the dust cleared - in the very final corner of the very final lap - it was Iannone who walked away with victory, ahead of Marquez and Bradl.

The result still leaves Bradl with a comfortable lead in the championship, but Marquez has once again taken points of the German. With a 43-point margin and 7 races left to go, Bradl is getting closer to the title, but with the form of Marquez, he is a very long way from being sure.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 29 Andrea IANNONE SUTER 41'13.255  
2 93 Marc MARQUEZ SUTER 41'13.416 0.161
3 65 Stefan BRADL KALEX 41'13.662 0.407
4 15 Alex DE ANGELIS MOTOBI 41'14.125 0.870
5 12 Thomas LUTHI SUTER 41'17.480 4.225
6 40 Aleix ESPARGARO PONS KALEX 41'26.891 13.636
7 34 Esteve RABAT FTR 41'26.902 13.647
8 77 Dominique AEGERTER SUTER 41'27.620 14.365
9 3 Simone CORSI FTR 41'27.872 14.617
10 54 Kenan SOFUOGLU SUTER 41'34.638 21.383
11 75 Mattia PASINI FTR 41'39.490 26.235
12 72 Yuki TAKAHASHI MORIWAKI 41'42.981 29.726
13 36 Mika KALLIO SUTER 41'43.301 30.046
14 71 Claudio CORTI SUTER 41'43.635 30.380
15 63 Mike DI MEGLIO TECH 3 41'43.714 30.459
16 44 Pol ESPARGARO FTR 41'44.946 31.691
17 14 Ratthapark WILAIROT FTR 41'45.007 31.752
18 51 Michele PIRRO MORIWAKI 41'48.803 35.548
19 18 Jordi TORRES SUTER 41'53.525 40.270
20 9 Kenny NOYES FTR 41'53.977 40.722
21 53 Valentin DEBISE FTR 41'54.058 40.803
22 88 Ricard CARDUS MORIWAKI 41'55.502 42.247
23 19 Xavier SIMEON TECH 3 41'55.540 42.285
24 80 Axel PONS PONS KALEX 41'55.603 42.348
25 39 Robertino PIETRI SUTER 42'06.291 53.036
26 45 Scott REDDING SUTER 42'06.299 53.044
27 64 Santiago HERNANDEZ FTR 42'19.929 1'06.674
28 97 Steven ODENDAAL SUTER 42'21.190 1'07.935
29 13 Anthony WEST FTR 42'43.615 1'30.360
30 95 Mashel AL NAIMI MORIWAKI 42'43.754 1'30.499
Not Classified
  24 Tommaso LORENZETTI FTR 40'37.888 1 lap
  25 Alex BALDOLINI SUTER 23'18.886 9 laps
  16 Jules CLUZEL SUTER 24'06.400 9 laps
  76 Max NEUKIRCHNER MZ-RE HONDA 15'30.569 13 laps
  31 Carmelo MORALES SUTER 6'26.237 17 laps
  38 Bradley SMITH TECH 3 2'10.962 19 laps
  68 Yonny HERNANDEZ FTR 2'14.342 19 laps


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Marquez was monstered from the first lap onwards but held his cool. That sort of experience will serve him well for his no doubt important career.
I think sometimes the TV announcers are watching some different coverage or something... they miss an awful lot, like the coming together on lap one with Bradl and Marquez.

Marquez was the perpetrator in that very early contact with Bradl. Marquez has a bit of the Batman Joker grin about him as he goes about his work of destroying the great and good of Moto2's Gotham city.

Alex De Angelis. Boy he put his front wheel in a few places it really shouldn't have gone. Uber aggressive riding. He justified his reputation for making his fellow racers nervous today.

Highly entertaining race though and a big up to all the front running competitors.

These wheezy little 600's were getting around Brno pretty well this weekend on their Dunlop rubber. I would be intrigued to see some overlap sectional data of their top riders versus the big boys of MotoGP and just how well they compare. On paper the bikes are similar in weight, yet they've got little more than half the H.P of the 800's. Can the Dunlop's run the corner speed of the 'Stones?

Fastest lap and new lap record was 2'02.64", with most of the laps by the fast guys in the low 2'03" region. Stoner was in the 57's every lap, the best of the rest (except Bautista) were low 58's.

The 600's are actually quite a bit lighter, 135kg vs 155 (?)kg plus fuel.

The 250 lap record btw is held by Lorenzo at 2'02.299", so they're not down to 250 pace yet, despite slightly better power-weight (with rider included). I suspect a lot of that is due to the fairly awful Suter clutch, they're all sideways into corners like MotoGP in 2002. I notice they can push-start the bikes, so it's got pretty minimal slip. That seems to imply quite a sudden transition from braking to turning.

Still, they are now about 1s/lap faster than the WSS bikes... nice to know all that money spent on the chassis (and better aerodynamics) can make up for the hp difference.

I think their courage in going fast pales in comparison to how they don't absolutely freak out when they litterly get run over while riding just fast enough to not go under the wheels of the other bike.

But Marquez was maybe more concerned about the stains on the inside of his leathers after his move in front of Bradl at the beginning of the opening lap. He was very lucky to hold it together.

Ask Dovi about racing against de Angelis on a 250 at Mugello.

The problem is not that just that he does brutal passes, it's that he slows down after passing. He can ride fast while following, but as soon as he is past, he holds up the person he's passed. That's what he did repeatedly to Dovi at Mugello, it's what he did to both Marquez and Bradl yesterday at Brno... except they started retaliating by blocking him very forcefully.

However, while I'm no fan of de Angelis, I'm impressed by his bike: while Suter is bringing out multiple revisions of their chassis, the Motobi looks like TSR just welded a wider pair of spars and some new engine mounts into one of their RS250 frames... and it seems to work. Doesn't even have a huge air intake as current fashion decrees necessary.