2011 Assen 125cc Race Result: Thrilling Race Shortened By Rain

Results and summary of the 125cc race at Assen:

Maverick Viñales has taken his second victory of his rookie season, after a thrilling battle at Assen was cut short by rain. The flowing southern loop of the circuit - which retains echoes of this once glorious track - created a fantastic set of battles, with the front 8 riders splintering into groups, then clumping together again, no rider gaining a clear advantage from the start.

Viñales took off from pole to an early lead, but in the run up to the fastest corner of the circuit, the fabulous left-hander of the Ramshoek, Johann Zarco and Efren Vazquez shot past on either side, bumping Viñales back into 3rd ahead of Luis Salom. Sergio Gadea joined in the fun on the next lap, shooting past Zarco and Vazquez, only to lose out again and see Salom climb back up to 2nd, while Viñales got shuffled back down the pack.

Once the field sorted itself out, a group of 8 riders found themselves scrapping for the lead. Gadea, Zarco, Vazquez and Salom had a small gap to Jonas Folger, Sandro Cortese, Viñales and Danny Kent. That gap lasted a few laps, before the 8 came together then split again with a different group in the lead.

As the race went on, the field sorted itself out, with Viñales, Gadea, Cortese and Zarco leading, while the others remained close behind. But spots of rain started falling as the laps ticked off, never enough to wet the track properly, but enough to confuse the situation a little. It was Viñales who used that situation to maximum advantage: while Gadea and Cortese looked at each other and raised their hands, calling for the race to be stopped, the 16-year-old rookie kept pushing on, showing neither fear nor favor of the rain.

The hesitation was enough for Viñales to pull a gap, and take charge of the race. While others hesitated behind him, Viñales charged until Race Direction red-flagged the race after the rain got harder, taking the second win of the young Spaniard's career. RW Racing's Luis Salom also capitalized on the prevarication of the two veterans. Salom shot past the Gadea and Cortese, with only Gadea capable of following, then Salom hung on to take second, just holding off the charging Gadea.

The absence of Terol - the championship leader snapped a tendon in his little finger, and flew back to Barcelona for surgery to fix it - turned out not to be too costly for the title leader. The 2nd place man Jonas Folger only managed to snag 8th, leaving Terol still with a 27-point lead going in to Mugello. Terol's absence, did improve the racing, however, with a large group suddenly contesting victory. This was a classic example of what 125cc racing should be like.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 25 Maverick VIÑALES APRILIA 25'04.147  
2 39 Luis SALOM APRILIA 25'06.702 2.555
3 33 Sergio GADEA APRILIA 25'06.802 2.655
4 11 Sandro CORTESE APRILIA 25'07.817 3.670
5 5 Johann ZARCO DERBI 25'08.050 3.903
6 52 Danny KENT APRILIA 25'08.616 4.469
7 7 Efren VAZQUEZ DERBI 25'12.975 8.828
8 94 Jonas FOLGER APRILIA 25'14.563 10.416
9 77 Marcel SCHROTTER MAHINDRA 25'14.938 10.791
10 55 Hector FAUBEL APRILIA 25'17.385 13.238
11 10 Alexis MASBOU KTM 25'19.402 15.255
12 15 Simone GROTZKYJ APRILIA 25'20.208 16.061
13 99 Danny WEBB MAHINDRA 25'29.567 25.420
14 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN DERBI 25'31.101 26.954
15 23 Alberto MONCAYO APRILIA 25'31.725 27.578
16 84 Jakub KORNFEIL APRILIA 25'32.033 27.886
17 3 Luigi MORCIANO APRILIA 25'33.597 29.450
18 41 Luca GRUENWALD KTM 25'36.514 32.367
19 30 Giulian PEDONE APRILIA 25'37.619 33.472
20 56 Peter SEBESTYEN KTM 25'43.966 39.819
21 28 Josep RODRIGUEZ APRILIA 25'44.216 40.069
22 51 Bryan SCHOUTEN HONDA 25'50.766 46.619
23 19 Alessandro TONUCCI APRILIA 25'51.792 47.645
24 43 Francesco MAURIELLO APRILIA 25'52.051 47.904
25 21 Harry STAFFORD APRILIA 25'52.488 48.341
26 17 Taylor MACKENZIE APRILIA 26'08.109 1'03.962
27 36 Joan PERELLO APRILIA 26'10.494 1'06.347
28 75 Thomas VAN LEEUWEN HONDA 26'14.550 1'10.403
29 67 Jerry VAN D EBUNT HONDA 26'26.275 1'22.128
30 96 Louis ROSSI APRILIA 26'27.210 1'23.063
31 50 Sturla FAGERHAUG APRILIA 26'29.719 1'25.572
32 61 Ernst DUBBINK HONDA 26'37.581 1'33.434
33 26 Adrian MARTIN APRILIA 25'44.249 3 laps
Not Classified
  53 Jasper IWEMA APRILIA 22'40.512 2 laps
  31 Niklas AJO APRILIA 8'34.745 11 laps


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