MotoGP Race And Practice Results

2009 WSS Valencia Race Result - Another New Winner

Results of the 2009 Valencia World Supersport Race:

Pos No. Rider Country Bike Fastest Lap Diff Total laps
1 35 C. Crutchlow GBR Yamaha YZF R6 1'36.865   23
2 13 A. West AUS Honda CBR600RR 1'37.282 0.171 23
3 54 K. Sofuoglu TUR Honda CBR600RR 1'37.566 8.408 23
4 8 M. Aitchison AUS Honda CBR600RR 1'37.699 12.421 23
5 21 K. Fujiwara JPN Kawasaki ZX-6R 1'37.539 16.529 23
6 14 M. Lagrive FRA Honda CBR600RR 1'38.148 19.242 23
7 51 M. Pirro ITA Yamaha YZF R6 1'38.319 26.124 23
8 77 B. Veneman NED Suzuki GSX-R600 1'38.326 34.525 23
9 50 E. Laverty IRL Honda CBR600RR 1'37.462 35.436 23
10 99 F. Foret FRA Yamaha YZF R6 1'37.899 38.337 23
11 105 G. Vizziello ITA Honda CBR600RR 1'38.816 39.759 23
12 127 R. Harms DEN Honda CBR600RR 1'38.471 39.970 23
13 1 A. Pitt AUS Honda CBR600RR 1'38.328 50.532 23
14 55 M. Roccoli ITA Honda CBR600RR 1'37.913 51.506 23
15 5 T. Pradita INA Yamaha YZF R6 1'38.989 1'02.755 23
16 7 P. Vostarek CZE Honda CBR600RR 1'39.897 1'12.275 23
17 28 A. Vos NED Honda CBR600RR 1'40.192 1'24.237 23
18 117 M. Praia POR Honda CBR600RR 1'39.099 1'31.250 23
19 26 J. Lascorz ESP Kawasaki ZX-6R 1'37.143 1 Lap 22
20 88 Y. Guerra ESP Yamaha YZF R6 1'40.912 1 Lap 22
21 32 F. Lai ITA Honda CBR600RR 1'40.718 5 Laps 18
RET 78 S. Geronimi AUS Suzuki GSX-R600 1'43.449 5 Laps 18
RET 83 R. Holland AUS Honda CBR600RR 1'43.535 8 Laps 15
RET 9 D. Dell'Omo ITA Honda CBR600RR 1'40.840 9 Laps 14
RET 24 G. McCoy AUS Triumph Daytona 675 1'46.126 10 Laps 13
RET 69 G. Nannelli ITA Triumph Daytona 675 1'38.625 12 Laps 11
RET 96 M. Smrz CZE Triumph Daytona 675 1'40.161 12 Laps 11
RET 30 J. Gunther GER Honda CBR600RR 1'49.281 19 Laps 4


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2009 WSBK Valencia Race 1 Result - Double Triumph

Results of the first World Superbike race at the Valencia round:

Pos No. Rider Country Bike Fastest Lap Diff Total laps
1 41 N. Haga JPN Ducati 1098R 1'34.862   23
2 84 M. Fabrizio ITA Ducati 1098R 1'35.179 3.677 23
3 76 M. Neukirchner GER Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 1'35.033 3.959 23
4 55 R. Laconi FRA Ducati 1098R 1'35.121 4.210 23
5 91 L. Haslam GBR Honda CBR1000RR 1'35.381 13.824 23
6 71 Y. Kagayama JPN Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 1'35.287 14.562 23
7 66 T. Sykes GBR Yamaha YZF R1 1'35.562 15.155 23
8 3 M. Biaggi ITA Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1'35.372 16.316 23
9 67 S. Byrne GBR Ducati 1098R 1'35.680 20.361 23
10 23 B. Parkes AUS Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'35.521 23.878 23
11 121 J. Hopkins USA Honda CBR1000RR 1'35.778 30.902 23
12 9 R. Kiyonari JPN Honda CBR1000RR 1'36.082 31.298 23
13 111 R. Xaus ESP BMW S1000 RR 1'36.477 32.660 23
14 100 M. Tamada JPN Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'36.588 42.156 23
15 33 T. Hill GBR Honda CBR1000RR 1'36.768 43.040 23
16 31 K. Muggeridge AUS Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 1'36.575 45.204 23
17 86 A. Badovini ITA Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'37.146 52.023 23
18 99 L. Scassa ITA Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'37.212 52.474 23
19 25 D. Salom ESP Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'36.946 55.775 23
20 15 M. Baiocco ITA Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'37.021 56.202 23
RET 7 C. Checa ESP Honda CBR1000RR 1'35.471 2 Laps 21
RET 94 D. Checa ESP Yamaha YZF R1 1'37.029 10 Laps 13
RET 24 B. Roberts AUS Ducati 1098R 1'36.222 11 Laps 12
RET 19 B. Spies USA Yamaha YZF R1 1'35.276 14 Laps 9
RET 77 V. Iannuzzo ITA Honda CBR1000RR 1'37.046 14 Laps 9
RET 88 R. Resch AUT Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 1'37.743 17 Laps 6
RET 96 J. Smrz CZE Ducati 1098R 1'35.638 18 Laps 5
RET 11 T. Corser AUS BMW S1000 RR   22 Laps 1
RET 65 J. Rea GBR Honda CBR1000RR   22 Laps 1


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2009 Valencia FIM Superstock 1000 Cup Results

Results of the first round of the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup at Valencia:

Pos. No. Name Country Bike Diff
1 71 C. CORTI ITA Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9  
2 19 X. SIMEON BEL Ducati 1098R 4.939
3 21 M. BERGER FRA Honda CBR1000RR 7.339
4 112 J. FORES ESP Kawasaki ZX 10R 11.388
5 77 B. BURRELL GBR Honda CBR1000RR 15.167
6 29 D. BERETTA ITA Ducati 1098R 16.927
7 69 O. JEZEK CZE Honda CBR1000RR 17.129
8 119 M. MAGNONI ITA Yamaha YZF R1 17.855
9 111 I. ORTEGA ESP Kawasaki ZX 10R 27.934
10 8 A. ANTONELLI ITA Yamaha YZF R1 28.101
11 7 R. MAHR AUT Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 29.031
12 30 M. SAVARY SUI Honda CBR1000RR 29.418
13 46 T. BRIDEWELL GBR Yamaha YZF R1 42.639
14 72 N. POUHAIR FRA Yamaha YZF R1 43.580
15 53 D. LAMMERT GER Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 48.918
16 93 M. LUSSIANA FRA Yamaha YZF R1 51.384
17 5 D. DE BOER NED Yamaha YZF R1 52.590
18 117 D. SACCHETTI ITA KTM RC8 R 53.445
19 16 R. SCHOUTEN NED Yamaha YZF R1 55.472
20 11 P. TUTUSAUS ESP KTM RC8 R 56.456
21 107 N. ROSSO ITA Yamaha YZF R1 57.086
22 63 P. BJORK SWE Honda CBR1000RR 57.095
23 36 P. THIRIET BRA Honda CBR1000RR 59.182
24 64 D. ANDRIC BRA Yamaha YZF R1 1'00.038
Not Classified
RET 14 F. BIAGGI ITA Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1 Lap
RET 22 A. LOWES GBR MV Agusta F4 312 R 2 Laps
RET 2 L. MORELLI ITA Kawasaki ZX 10R 2 Laps
RET 65 L. BAZ FRA Yamaha YZF R1 3 Laps
RET 20 S. BARRIER FRA Yamaha YZF R1 4 Laps
RET 44 B. NEMETH HUN Honda CBR1000RR 4 Laps
RET 86 L. NAPOLEONE FRA Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 6 Laps
RET 34 D. GIUGLIANO ITA MV Agusta F4 312 R 9 Laps
RET 51 S. BARRAGAN ESP Honda CBR1000RR 10 Laps
RET 25 G. BLACK GBR Yamaha YZF R1 10 Laps


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2009 WSBK Valencia Superpole - Pole Man Takes It By Nearly Three Quarters Of A Second

Only 19 riders started the Superpole session at Valencia, Shinya Nakano having qualified for the session, but unable to participate after breaking his collarbone. During the first 12 minute session, tactics were mixed, with some riders choosing to use one of their two qualifiers, to ensure they got another shot at a decent grid position. For Ruben Xaus that didn't work out well, crashing out on a fast lap before he had the chance to set a time good enough to qualify.

But Xaus wasn't the only big name to be dropped at the first time of asking: both Aprilia's Max Biaggi and Yamaha's Tom Sykes couldn't set times fast enough to get into Superpole 2, and will start from the 5th row of the grid.

Out after Superpole 1: Biaggi, Sykes, Xaus

Ben Spies set the fastest time in Superpole 2, in just a single fast lap. Remarkably, on his slowdown lap, he ran wide and off the track, and was forced to abandon his bike and run back to the pits. There were a lot of people pushing during the session, as Nori Haga almost came a cropper, having a big wobble round the back of the circuit, and Shakey Byrne crashed out while on a very fast lap, having set the 2nd fastest time at the first intermediate point.

Newcomer John Hopkins struggled a little with the qualifying format, finishing 16th, although a couple of fast laps were ruined when the rear started sliding round Valencia's notoriously tricky long downhill left hander before the final turn. 

Out after Superpole 2: Ryuichi Kiyonari, Leon Haslam, Jakub Smrz, Shakey Byrne, Broc Parkes, Troy Corser, Brendan Roberts, John Hopkins

Final Superpole session: Spies went out for a lap, then came straight back in again. Laconi made the early running, taking pole at the start of the session, while Nori Haga waited for the second half of the session to go out. But as fast as Haga was, he couldn't get close enough to Laconi's time to beat it. But with just a couple of minutes in the session left, Ben Spies went out for his first attempt at pole position.

At the first sector, he was already a quarter of a second quicker than the rest of the field, and by the end of the lap, Spies had smashed Max Neukirchner's lap record by over 0.6 seconds, to take his third straight pole in a row. Three poles from three attempts is a remarkable record, and with three wins out of four races, Ben Spies is looking virtually unstoppable.

119B. SPIESYamaha YZF R11'33.270
255R. LACONIDucati 1098R1'33.955
341N. HAGADucati 1098R1'34.082
484M. FABRIZIODucati 1098R1'34.259
571Y. KAGAYAMASuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'34.755
676M. NEUKIRCHNERSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'34.903
765J. REAHonda CBR1000RR1'35.056
87C. CHECAHonda CBR1000RR1'35.346
99R. KIYONARIHonda CBR1000RR1'34.536
1091L. HASLAMHonda CBR1000RR1'34.655
1196J. SMRZDucati 1098R1'34.684
1267S. BYRNEDucati 1098R1'34.742
1323B. PARKESKawasaki ZX 10R1'34.823
1411T. CORSERBMW S1000 RR1'34.863
1524B. ROBERTSDucati 1098R1'35.082
16121J. HOPKINSHonda CBR1000RR1'35.251
1766T. SYKESYamaha YZF R11'35.203
183M. BIAGGIAprilia RSV4 Factory1'35.204
19111R. XAUSBMW S1000 RR1'35.806
2056S. NAKANOAprilia RSV4 Factory1'35.416
2125D. SALOMKawasaki ZX 10R1'35.718
2233T. HILLRacing Honda CBR1000RR1'35.890
2331K. MUGGERIDGESuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'35.909
24100M. TAMADAKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.030
2599L. SCASSAKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.119
2694D. CHECAYamaha YZF R11'36.581
2786A. BADOVINIKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.745
2877V. IANNUZZOHonda CBR1000RR1'36.813
2915M. BAIOCCOKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.826
3088R. RESCHSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'37.820


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2009 WSBK FP2 Results - Biaggi Back In Charge

In the final session of free practice before Superpole, Max Biaggi set the fastest time on the Aprilia, with this morning's fastest man Ben Spies forced down in third. But the big surprise was the man who as second fastest: Leon Haslam hasn't been able to crack into the top ten so far this weekend, but in this session, the Stiggy Racing rider chopped 4/10ths of his best time so far, coming painfully close to cracking into the 1'34s. Finding that much speed just 15 minutes before Superpole is due to start will be a useful leg up for Haslam.

Results of the second free practice session for World Superbikes at Valencia:

13M. BiaggiITAAprilia RSV4 Factory1'34.900 20
291L. HaslamGBRHonda CBR1000RR1'35.0560.15619
319B. SpiesUSAYamaha YZF R11'35.1030.20317
441N. HagaJPNDucati 1098R1'35.1890.28918
555R. LaconiFRADucati 1098R1'35.2240.32418
676M. NeukirchnerGERSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'35.2350.33518
77C. ChecaESPHonda CBR1000RR1'35.3000.40016
866T. SykesGBRYamaha YZF R11'35.3270.42714
99R. KiyonariJPNHonda CBR1000RR1'35.3660.46620
1065J. ReaGBRHonda CBR1000RR1'35.5030.60316
1171Y. KagayamaJPNSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'35.5880.68817
1267S. ByrneGBRDucati 1098R1'35.6250.72519
1396J. SmrzCZEDucati 1098R1'35.6730.77313
1423B. ParkesAUSKawasaki ZX 10R1'35.7290.82917
1524B. RobertsAUSDucati 1098R1'35.7930.89316
16121J. HopkinsUSAHonda CBR1000RR1'35.9591.05916
1711T. CorserAUSBMW S1000 RR1'36.0131.11311
1884M. FabrizioITADucati 1098R1'36.0791.17918
1931K. MuggeridgeAUSSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'36.2051.30514
20111R. XausESPBMW S1000 RR1'36.3381.43815
21100M. TamadaJPNKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.4331.53319
2225D. SalomESPKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.5431.64315
2333T. HillGBRHonda CBR1000RR1'36.6831.78319
2486A. BadoviniITAKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.7531.85316
2599L. ScassaITAKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.9172.01721
2694D. ChecaESPYamaha YZF R11'36.9222.02213
2715M. BaioccoITAKawasaki ZX 10R1'37.2122.31216
2877V. IannuzzoITAHonda CBR1000RR1'37.4882.58816
2988R. ReschAUTSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'38.4453.54512


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2009 WSS Valencia Qualifying Results

Going into the qualifying practice session for the World Supersport class, the outcome seemed like a foregone conclusion. In both free practice sessions, local hero Joan Lascorz had ripped up the timesheets, far and away the fastest rider at the track. And at the start of qualifying, this pattern looked like being repeated, with the Motocard Kawasaki man taking the lead from the off. And as the session progressed, Lascorz kept chipping away, extending his lead over the chasing pack.

The pole looked to be in the bag, but Lascorz hadn't counted on the wiles of Yamaha's Cal Crutchlow. In the dying minutes of the session, the Briton put in two blistering laps to smash Lascorz' pole record from 2008, and take pole for himself, with an exceptional lap of 1'35.865, pushing Lascorz down to 2nd on the grid. But as has been the case all weekend, Crutchlow and Lascorz have been a cut above the rest of the field, with third place man Ant West nearly 8/10ths behind Lascorz on the Stiggy Honda. Lascorz' Motocard Kawasaki team mate Katsuaki Fujiwara completes the front row of the grid.

The session was a troubled one for several riders, with Andrew Pitt, Eugene Laverty, Matej Smrz, Joan Lascorz and Doni Tata Pradita all crashing out, Pitt managing to do so three times. The time lost to crash damage left Pitt down in 9th, heading up the third row of the grid, two places ahead of his Ten Kate team mate Kenan Sofuoglu. Clearly, Ten Kate is still having teething problems with the 2009 CBR600RR. Winner of the last race Laverty, meanwhile, will start from 13th.

Full results of the qualifying practice session for the World Supersport round at Valencia:

135C. CrutchlowGBRYamaha YZF R61'35.865 19
226J. LascorzESPKawasaki ZX-6R1'36.0330.16817
313A. WestAUSHonda CBR600RR1'36.6640.79920
421K. FujiwaraJPNKawasaki ZX-6R1'36.7540.88916
551M. PirroITAYamaha YZF R61'36.8120.94720
68M. AitchisonAUSHonda CBR600RR1'36.9101.04520
714M. LagriveFRAHonda CBR600RR1'36.9181.05319
899F. ForetFRAYamaha YZF R61'37.0131.14815
91A. PittAUSHonda CBR600RR1'37.0631.19816
10127R. HarmsDENHonda CBR600RR1'37.1881.32318
1154K. SofuogluTURHonda CBR600RR1'37.2201.35519
1277B. VenemanNEDSuzuki GSX-R6001'37.2901.42520
1350E. LavertyIRLHonda CBR600RR1'37.4031.53815
1455M. RoccoliITAHonda CBR600RR1'37.4571.59219
1569G. NannelliITATriumph Daytona 6751'37.6671.80216
16105G. VizzielloITAHonda CBR600RR1'37.7021.83719
1724G. McCoyAUSTriumph Daytona 6751'37.7441.87918
185T. PraditaINAYamaha YZF R61'37.8662.00121
19117M. PraiaPORHonda CBR600RR1'37.9842.11920
2083R. HollandAUSHonda CBR600RR1'38.2442.37917
2130J. GuntherGERHonda CBR600RR1'38.2452.38020
229D. Dell'OmoITAHonda CBR600RR1'38.3342.46920
237P. VostarekCZEHonda CBR600RR1'38.5122.64720
2428A. VosNEDHonda CBR600RR1'38.5812.71618
2596M. SmrzCZETriumph Daytona 6751'38.7682.90312
2632F. LaiITAHonda CBR600RR1'38.9353.07021
2788Y. GuerraESPYamaha YZF R61'39.8263.96120
2878S. GeronimiAUSSuzuki GSX-R6001'42.0256.16020


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2009 WSBK Valencia QP2 Result - Spies Edges Laconi For Provisional Pole

Ben Spies confirmed his form by taking provisional pole position at Valencia this morning, putting him in prime position for Superpole this afternoon. But Spies took top spot by just a fraction, Regis Laconi getting his DFX Corse Ducati to within 5/1000ths of a second of Spies' Yamaha, and pushing Max Biaggi's Aprilia down to third.

The session was a difficult one for the Aprilias, with Shinya Nakano's Aprilia blowing a seal and spewing oil all over the track, causing the session to be red flagged briefly to clean it up. Even worse for Nakano, the oil on his back tire caused the Japanese rider to highside nastily, breaking his left collarbone in the process and ruling him out of the rest of the weekend. Biaggi fared little better, being sidelined twice with technical problems.

The BMWs, on the other hand, showed some signs of improving, Troy Corser jumping up to 6th place in the standings, ahead of Ducati's Noriyuki Haga, who was unable to improve his time from yesterday. 

The problem is that the times are so close that a couple of hundredths can move riders up or down the standings several places. Team Pedercini's David Salom is the first rider to be over a second behind Spies' time, but this leaves him down in 21st place, and out of Superpole. Series newcomer John Hopkins is just 0.847 off Spies, and has only just scraped into Superpole. But on a new bike and new tires, and after having ridden the bike for little more than an hour before arriving at Valencia, that's not bad going, especially as he is just over 1/10th behind his team mate Leon Haslam.

The final grid positions will be determined by this afternoon's Superpole session, scheduled to kick off at 3pm.

Aggregate World Superbike result after QP2:

119B. SpiesUSAYamaha YZF R11'34.709 35
255R. LaconiFRADucati 1098R1'34.7140.00543
33M. BiaggiITAAprilia RSV4 Factory1'34.7750.06643
484M. FabrizioITADucati 1098R1'34.8170.10842
571Y. KagayamaJPNSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'34.8390.13040
611T. CorserAUSBMW S1000 RR1'34.8510.14241
741N. HagaJPNDucati 1098R1'34.9080.19944
89R. KiyonariJPNHonda CBR1000RR1'34.9390.23044
976M. NeukirchnerGERSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'34.9550.24645
1023B. ParkesAUSKawasaki ZX 10R1'34.9680.25940
1124B. RobertsAUSDucati 1098R1'34.9970.28846
1296J. SmrzCZEDucati 1098R1'35.0510.34246
1365J. ReaGBRHonda CBR1000RR1'35.1170.40841
147C. ChecaESPHonda CBR1000RR1'35.1390.43040
1567S. ByrneGBRDucati 1098R1'35.2360.52740
1666T. SykesGBRYamaha YZF R11'35.2700.56131
17111R. XausESPBMW S1000 RR1'35.4160.70736
1856S. NakanoJPNAprilia RSV4 Factory1'35.4160.70724
1991L. HaslamGBRHonda CBR1000RR1'35.4370.72840
20121J. HopkinsUSAHonda CBR1000RR1'35.5560.84736
2125D. SalomESPKawasaki ZX 10R1'35.7181.00941
2233T. HillGBRHonda CBR1000RR1'35.8901.18145
2331K. MuggeridgeAUSSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'35.9091.20036
24100M. TamadaJPNKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.0301.32142
2599L. ScassaITAKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.1191.41048
2694D. ChecaESPYamaha YZF R11'36.5811.87242
2786A. BadoviniITAKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.7452.03640
2877V. IannuzzoITAHonda CBR1000RR1'36.8132.10439
2915M. BaioccoITAKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.8262.11739
3088R. ReschAUTSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'37.8203.11125


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2009 WSS Valencia FP2 Result - Lascorz Takes Top Spot, But Has To Work

Joan Lascorz continued his domination at Valencia during the second session of free practice. In the cool of the morning, the Spanish Kawasaki man led for much of the session, but Britain's Cal Crutchlow kept Lascorz honest, taking over the top spot for the latter part of practice. Lascorz then pulled out a record-breaking lap in the last minutes of practice to take back top spot. Lascorz finished a third of a second ahead of Crutchlow.

But the Kawasaki rider and the Yamaha man were way ahead of the rest of the field. Ant West was 3rd fastest, over a second behind Lascorz, while behind West, the field was a good deal closer. Michele Pirro was a creditable 4th on the Lorenzini Yamaha, while Eugene Laverty took 5th spot on the Parkalgar Honda. Barry Veneman was top Suzuki rider in 7th, as ever, while the Ten Kate Hondas continued to struggle with setting up their 2009 Honda CBR600RRs, Kenan Sofuoglu finishing in 8th, well ahead of series leader Andrew Pitt down in 12th.

The sole qualifying session will take place this afternoon at 1pm.

Full times from the World Supersport FP2 session at Valencia:

126J. LascorzESPKawasaki ZX-6R1'35.948 16
235C. CrutchlowGBRYamaha YZF R61'36.3110.36320
313A. WestAUSHonda CBR600RR1'37.0091.06121
451M. PirroITAYamaha YZF R61'37.2081.26017
550E. LavertyIRLHonda CBR600RR1'37.3511.40322
621K. FujiwaraJPNKawasaki ZX-6R1'37.3951.44715
777B. VenemanNEDSuzuki GSX-R6001'37.5021.55420
854K. SofuogluTURHonda CBR600RR1'37.5451.59721
999F. ForetFRAYamaha YZF R61'37.5821.63419
108M. AitchisonAUSHonda CBR600RR1'37.6141.66619
1114M. LagriveFRAHonda CBR600RR1'37.6141.66619
121A. PittAUSHonda CBR600RR1'37.7011.75318
13127R. HarmsDENHonda CBR600RR1'37.8591.91118
1455M. RoccoliITAHonda CBR600RR1'37.9832.03522
15105G. VizzielloITAHonda CBR600RR1'38.2582.31018
1696M. SmrzCZETriumph Daytona 6751'38.3132.36517
175T. PraditaINAYamaha YZF R61'38.3732.42521
18117M. PraiaPORHonda CBR600RR1'38.4762.52818
1930J. GuntherGERHonda CBR600RR1'38.5812.63319
2069G. NannelliITATriumph Daytona 6751'38.7002.75218
2183R. HollandAUSHonda CBR600RR1'38.7502.80218
2224G. McCoyAUSTriumph Daytona 6751'38.7722.82416
239D. Dell'OmoITAHonda CBR600RR1'38.8722.92418
247P. VostarekCZEHonda CBR600RR1'39.2423.29416
2532F. LaiITAHonda CBR600RR1'39.6103.66219
2628A. VosNEDHonda CBR600RR1'39.9073.95915
2788Y. GuerraESPYamaha YZF R61'40.3514.40319
2878S. GeronimiAUSSuzuki GSX-R6001'42.7236.77512


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2009 WSBK Valencia QP1 Result - Biaggi Edges Spies And Haga

The track had clearly warmed up for the first qualifying session of World Superbikes at Valencia, and the times dropped considerably. Not only were the times a lot different, but the timesheet was completely shook up as well. Max Biaggi topped the Friday afternoon qualifying session on the Aprilia RSV4, with Yamaha's Ben Spies having much improved his times, up from 17th in the morning session just over a tenth behind. Spies took second place by the narrowest of margins, edging out Xerox Ducati's Noriyuki Haga by just one thousandth of a second.

The front three had a comfortable margin to the rest of the field, but the difference between Michel Fabrizio's 4th place and Ryuichi Kiyonari in 10th was just over one tenth of a second. New boy John Hopkins dropped two places from the morning session, finishing qualifying in 18th. But he improved his time, and after the session, Stiggy team boss said "John started to understand the bike in this session". Hopper's 18th place would at least put him in the frame for Superpole.

The second qualifying practice session takes place tomorrow morning, with the final grid to be settled in Superpole at 3pm.

Results for the first qualifying session of practice at the Valencia World Superbike round:

13M. BiaggiITAAprilia RSV4 Factory1'34.775 28
219B. SpiesUSAYamaha YZF R11'34.9070.13218
341N. HagaJPNDucati 1098R1'34.9080.13324
484M. FabrizioITADucati 1098R1'35.2430.46823
566T. SykesGBRYamaha YZF R11'35.2700.49515
696J. SmrzCZEDucati 1098R1'35.2780.50328
776M. NeukirchnerGERSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'35.2850.51026
871Y. KagayamaJPNSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'35.3160.54121
965J. ReaGBRHonda CBR1000RR1'35.3280.55323
109R. KiyonariJPNHonda CBR1000RR1'35.3720.59726
1156S. NakanoJPNAprilia RSV4 Factory1'35.4160.64124
1255R. LaconiFRADucati 1098R1'35.4890.71426
1311T. CorserAUSBMW S1000 RR1'35.5160.74124
1491L. HaslamGBRHonda CBR1000RR1'35.5350.76022
157C. ChecaESPHonda CBR1000RR1'35.5410.76621
1623B. ParkesAUSKawasaki ZX 10R1'35.6620.88720
1724B. RobertsAUSDucati 1098R1'35.7550.98027
18121J. HopkinsUSAHonda CBR1000RR1'35.8681.09318
1967S. ByrneGBRDucati 1098R1'36.0511.27622
2025D. SalomESPKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.0861.31122
21100M. TamadaJPNKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.1891.41423
2231K. MuggeridgeAUSSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'36.2661.49119
23111R. XausESPBMW S1000 RR1'36.4041.62921
2486A. BadoviniITAKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.7451.97021
2599L. ScassaITAKawasaki ZX 10R1'36.7581.98327
2694D. ChecaESPYamaha YZF R11'36.9062.13123
2733T. HillGBRHonda CBR1000RR1'37.0412.26626
2877V. IannuzzoITAHonda CBR1000RR1'37.5092.73420
2915M. BaioccoITAKawasaki ZX 10R1'37.5412.76621
3088R. ReschAUTSuzuki GSX-R 1000 K91'38.2253.45011


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2009 WSS Valencia FP1 Results - Lascorz Dominates At Home Again

Joan Lascorz continued where he left off from last year at Valencia today, dominating in practice at the track where he won a convincing victory last year. The Lascorz was light years ahead of the rest of the field, with Yamaha's Cal Crutchlow the only rider to get within a second of the Glaner Motocard Kawasaki. Katsuaki Fujiwara's third fastest time suggests that the Kawasakis are pretty fast here at Valencia, though Lascorz is over a second faster than his team mate.

From third place, the field tightens up considerably, with 9/10ths covering third through fifteenth. Kenan Sofuoglu is fastest of the title contenders in fourth spot, while his team mate and championship leader Andrew Pitt is down in tenth, behind Ant West, who was eighth fastest, but ahead of the winner at Qatar Eugene Laverty, who is way down in 14th.

Practice continues tomorrow, with the single qualifying session under the new event schedule due to take place tomorrow at 1pm.

Full results of first session of World Supersport free practice at Valencia:

126J. LascorzESPKawasaki ZX-6R1'36.672 22
235C. CrutchlowGBRYamaha YZF R61'37.3430.67122
321K. FujiwaraJPNKawasaki ZX-6R1'37.7011.02922
454K. SofuogluTURHonda CBR600RR1'37.8341.16224
599F. ForetFRAYamaha YZF R61'37.8641.19224
614M. LagriveFRAHonda CBR600RR1'37.8931.22124
751M. PirroITAYamaha YZF R61'37.9711.29921
813A. WestAUSHonda CBR600RR1'38.0551.38323
977B. VenemanNEDSuzuki GSX-R6001'38.1971.52523
101A. PittAUSHonda CBR600RR1'38.4211.74922
11105G. VizzielloITAHonda CBR600RR1'38.4751.80322
12127R. HarmsDENHonda CBR600RR1'38.5421.87022
138M. AitchisonAUSHonda CBR600RR1'38.5761.90426
1450E. LavertyIRLHonda CBR600RR1'38.5771.90525
1524G. McCoyAUSTriumph Daytona 6751'38.6201.94826
1655M. RoccoliITAHonda CBR600RR1'38.8312.15918
17117M. PraiaPORHonda CBR600RR1'39.1002.42821
1896M. SmrzCZETriumph Daytona 6751'39.5602.88822
1969G. NannelliITATriumph Daytona 6751'39.5612.88923
205T. PraditaINAYamaha YZF R61'39.5972.92527
2183R. HollandAUSHonda CBR600RR1'39.7083.03618
227P. VostarekCZEHonda CBR600RR1'39.8013.12925
2330J. GuntherGERHonda CBR600RR1'39.8153.14323
249D. Dell'OmoITAHonda CBR600RR1'40.0383.36624
2532F. LaiITAHonda CBR600RR1'40.3563.68425
2628A. VosNEDHonda CBR600RR1'40.9194.24720
2788Y. GuerraESPYamaha YZF R61'41.2284.55624
2878S. GeronimiAUSSuzuki GSX-R6001'42.9326.26025


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