2010 Valencia Moto2 Race Result: Last Lap Thriller Sees Surprise Winner

Results and summary of the Moto2 race at Valencia:

In a thrilling and incident-packed final Moto2 race of the season, Karel Abraham took his first ever Grand Prix victory before the Czech rider moves up to the MotoGP class. Behind Abraham, Julian Simon finished ahead of Andrea Iannone to wrap up 2nd in the championship.

The race didn't look like turning into the thriller it became: Andrea Iannone took the lead from the start, and the Fimmco Speed Up rider proceeded to walk away at the front. But Iannone's lead never grew much beyond a second, and the chasing group remained within sight of the green machine. That group was led at first by Kenan Sofuoglu, newly confirmed at the Technomag CIP team for 2011, and Stefan Bradl on the Viessmann Kiefer bike. But the German and the Turk would not lead that chase for 2nd for long: Bradl first pushed Sofuoglu off at Turn 1, Sofuoglu trying to hold his line as Bradl stuffed his Suter up the inside of the Technomag rider, and then Bradl crashed out on his own on lap 12.

With Bradl and Sofuoglu out, Julian Simon took over the chase for Iannone. Simon had Scott Redding, Toni Elias, and Karel Abraham with him, and Thomas Luthi not far behind. Redding was the first to leave the group, the Marc VDS rider's tires giving up the ghost with 5 laps to go.

Iannone's lead dwindled as the race passed the halfway mark, Simon determined to secure second place in the championship with a win. But the Mapfre Aspar rider was not the only rider with victory on his mind. Elias, Simon, Abraham and Iannone swapped the lead for the last 5 laps, while Thomas Luthi looked on with hopes of glory, the front four close to taking each other out throughout the race.

On the last lap, that was almost exactly what happened: Toni Elias decided he wanted to cap his 2010 Moto2 World Title with a victory, the Gresini Moriwaki rider kitted out in a special chrome livery. He stuffed his Moriwaki bike up the inside of Simon to take 2nd, but found the leader Iannone in his way, clipping the rear of Iannone's Speed Up bike on the entry of turn 11. Elias ran off and crashed out, forced Simon way off line, and unsettling Iannone's bike. Karel Abraham seized his chance, just far enough behind Elias to stay out of trouble, taking the lead and going on to win the race, his first ever, and a timely win as the Czech rider leaves for MotoGP. Simon had recovered his composure to hold 2nd, but Iannone barged his way through at the final corner to demote the Spaniard to 3rd, Iannone taking 2nd from Simon. Simon's position was enough to retain 2nd in the championship, however.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 17 Karel ABRAHAM FTR 43'49.499  
2 29 Andrea IANNONE SPEED UP 43'50.021 0.522
3 60 Julian SIMON SUTER 43'50.082 0.583
4 12 Thomas LUTHI MORIWAKI 43'50.259 0.760
5 45 Scott REDDING SUTER 43'53.704 4.205
6 15 Alex DE ANGELIS MOTOBI 43'54.884 5.385
7 3 Simone CORSI MOTOBI 44'00.898 11.399
8 40 Sergio GADEA PONS KALEX 44'10.919 21.420
9 77 Dominique AEGERTER SUTER 44'11.938 22.439
10 2 Gabor TALMACSI SPEED UP 44'12.411 22.912
11 16 Jules CLUZEL SUTER 44'13.010 23.511
12 9 Kenny NOYES PROMOHARRIS 44'14.668 25.169
13 6 Alex DEBON FTR 44'20.070 30.571
14 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ BQR-MOTO2 44'20.576 31.077
15 19 Xavier SIMEON MORIWAKI 44'20.775 31.276
16 46 Javier FORES AJR 44'22.880 33.381
17 25 Alex BALDOLINI I.C.P. 44'23.047 33.548
18 72 Yuki TAKAHASHI TECH 3 44'27.055 37.556
19 71 Claudio CORTI SUTER 44'28.101 38.602
20 56 Michael RANSEDER SUTER 44'28.262 38.763
21 55 Hector FAUBEL SUTER 44'29.039 39.540
22 14 Ratthapark WILAIROT BIMOTA 44'29.334 39.835
23 43 Roman RAMOS MIR RACING 44'29.348 39.849
24 35 Raffaele DE ROSA TECH 3 44'30.018 40.519
25 44 Roberto ROLFO SUTER 44'32.302 42.803
26 63 Mike DI MEGLIO SUTER 44'33.733 44.234
27 8 Anthony WEST MZ-RE HONDA 44'51.221 1'01.722
28 5 Joan OLIVE PROMOHARRIS 44'51.530 1'02.031
29 61 Vladimir IVANOV MORIWAKI 44'59.025 1'09.526
30 24 Toni ELIAS MORIWAKI 45'15.028 1'25.529
31 88 Yannick GUERRA MORIWAKI 43'50.836 1 lap
32 95 Mashel AL NAIMI BQR-MOTO2 44'04.606 1 lap
33 66 Hiromichi KUNIKAWA BIMOTA 44'05.040 1 lap
Not Classified
  80 Axel PONS PONS KALEX 42'41.895 1 lap
  39 Robertino PIETRI SUTER 36'37.587 5 laps
  10 Fonsi NIETO MORIWAKI 32'30.158 9 laps
  70 Ferruccio LAMBORGHINI MORIWAKI 28'35.701 10 laps
  65 Stefan BRADL SUTER 17'53.059 16 laps
  54 Kenan SOFUOGLU SUTER 15'26.177 18 laps
  31 Carmelo MORALES SUTER 12'01.129 20 laps
  53 Valentin DEBISE ADV 6'52.904 23 laps
  Not starting        
  4 Ricard CARDUS BIMOTA    
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I just can't make up my mind.
At first I thought that was an horrible move from the german, intentionnaly pushing out Sofuoglu, but then I saw it again and I'm not quite sure?
One thing is for sure, it's a shame Sofu got out cause he would have added more flavour (if it was possible!) to this battle at the front.

It looked to me like Sofuoglu was determined not to put on the brakes until after Bradl had. Unfortunately for him it was too late to make the corner. In my view it was much too early in the race for a win-it-or-bin-it move. Had Sofuoglu ceded the position I'm certain he would have had better opportunities to make a successful pass. I don't think he had a chance in the world of out-braking Bradl on the outside entering the first turn.

I agree entirely Wazhazhe. Bradl was there and Kenan should have conceded the corner - end of. But then it is Sofuoglu's style to push up to and over the limit - he is great to watch.

Abraham may have picked up the pieces but boy he rode a great aggressive race, sticking his front wheel in there and making gaps for himself. Well done.