2010 Estoril Moto2 FP1 Result -

The atrocious weather let up a little late in the morning at Estoril, just enough to allow the large part of the Moto2 field to brave the rain and wind and lap the Portuguese circuit. Fastest man at the end of the day - despite an impressive crash at he end of the main straight - was Marc VDS Racing's Scott Redding, the British rider topping the timesheets by over 1.6 seconds.

In 2nd place came rain specialist Ant West aboard the MZ, but perhaps the biggest surprise of the session was Kenan Sofuoglu's 3rd fastest time. The FP1 session was the 2010 World Supersport champion first outing at the Portuguese track, and his first laps in anger aboard the Technomag CIP Suter machine, after a brief test at Albacete earlier this week. Sofuoglu was two seconds slower than Redding, but just a few hundredths ahead of Redding's teammate Hector Faubel.

The break in the weather looks to be just temporary, though. The rain is expected to turn heavy again this afternoon, from around the time the bikes are scheduled to get back on track for FP2.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Diff Previous
1 45 Scott REDDING SUTER 2'04.031    
2 8 Anthony WEST MZ-RE HONDA 2'05.648 1.617 1.617
3 54 Kenan SOFUOGLU SUTER 2'06.085 2.054 0.437
4 55 Hector FAUBEL SUTER 2'06.137 2.106 0.052
5 2 Gabor TALMACSI SPEED UP 2'06.604 2.573 0.467
6 24 Toni ELIAS MORIWAKI 2'07.016 2.985 0.412
7 40 Sergio GADEA PONS KALEX 2'07.054 3.023 0.038
8 19 Xavier SIMEON MORIWAKI 2'08.480 4.449 1.426
9 12 Thomas LUTHI MORIWAKI 2'08.699 4.668 0.219
10 44 Roberto ROLFO SUTER 2'08.847 4.816 0.148
11 16 Jules CLUZEL SUTER 2'08.898 4.867 0.051
12 17 Karel ABRAHAM FTR 2'09.247 5.216 0.349
13 77 Dominique AEGERTER SUTER 2'09.307 5.276 0.060
14 4 Ricard CARDUS BIMOTA 2'09.400 5.369 0.093
15 9 Kenny NOYES PROMOHARRIS 2'09.756 5.725 0.356
16 56 Michael RANSEDER SUTER 2'09.852 5.821 0.096
17 53 Valentin DEBISE ADV 2'09.962 5.931 0.110
18 25 Alex BALDOLINI I.C.P. 2'11.599 7.568 1.637
19 15 Alex DE ANGELIS MOTOBI 2'11.922 7.891 0.323
Not qualified (Out 107%) 2'12.713
  68 Yonny HERNANDEZ BQR-MOTO2 2'12.878 8.847 0.956
  95 Mashel AL NAIMI BQR-MOTO2 2'13.608 9.577 0.730
  65 Stefan BRADL SUTER 2'13.939 9.908 0.331
  61 Vladimir IVANOV MORIWAKI 2'14.232 10.201 0.293
  80 Axel PONS PONS KALEX 2'14.341 10.310 0.109
  10 Fonsi NIETO MORIWAKI 2'14.465 10.434 0.124
  70 Ferruccio LAMBORGHINI MORIWAKI 2'16.088 12.057 1.623
  66 Hiromichi KUNIKAWA BIMOTA 2'17.763 13.732 1.675
  39 Robertino PIETRI SUTER 2'18.505 14.474 0.742
  88 Yannick GUERRA MORIWAKI 2'18.614 14.583 0.109
  5 Joan OLIVE PROMOHARRIS 2'19.723 15.692 1.109
  7 Dani RIVAS BQR-MOTO2 2'24.998 20.967 5.275
  14 Ratthapark WILAIROT BIMOTA 2'28.241 24.210 3.243
  31 Carmelo MORALES SUTER 2'31.302 27.271 3.061
  29 Andrea IANNONE SPEED UP      
  3 Simone CORSI MOTOBI      
  35 Raffaele DE ROSA TECH 3      
  6 Alex DEBON FTR      
  60 Julian SIMON SUTER      
  63 Mike DI MEGLIO SUTER      
  71 Claudio CORTI SUTER      
  72 Yuki TAKAHASHI TECH 3      
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"The biggest surprise of the session"?!?!???

What exactly is the surprise, given that the 'aliens' in World Supersport this season have been blisteringly fast at consistently quicker than Moto2 riders and every crossover circuit this season.

You're not falling for this "Grand Prix riders are the creme de la creme" BS, are you?

Have you learnt nothing of the politics and finance involved in your MotoGP 'adventure' this season...?

I'm not that familiar with the world's 600cc riders but I don't think that the top class in the large displacement (WSBK and MotoGP) categories are equal in depth of talent.

MotoGP if chock full of world and national champions and without doubt has the most talented riders - by far.

Sure, MotoGP is where the big money is so they are constantly trying to ensure there is worldwide representation and interest, but they have no neeed to compromise, or problem with, attracting the best of the best for their series.

I'm not saying this to deminish any other series, they also have fantastic talent, just not the plethora that MotoGP has.

What's surprising is that Sofuoglu has never been to Estoril before. If Sofuoglu had gone 3rd fastest at Valencia - which he knows well - that would not have been a surprise. To come to a track he's never seen before and be fast in the wet straight out of the gate is very impressive. 

Looks Like redding and the british rainy season played a big part today. Way to go Kenan love to see him rattle the field like that.

To make it interesting, Kenan wildcards and makes a great show, assuming he continues his strong showing. Jason Disalvo did a similar stunt at Indy though was caught up in a first lap wreck it would be interesting to see what he could do if he was given a full team support with data and tech, and a full season ride I would expect a regular top ten - five contender.

Landing a ride will be tough given the falling out of him and Triumph to bad the press plays it as he quit.

Was just trying to make a point that the majority of the Moto2 field is there because they're either not being paid or they're bringing some financial contribution to the team. Of course, that's true of a lot of racing classes these days - yes, including MotoGP.

Despite his (sometimes) bad press, Sofuoglu is genuinely a world-class talent, who is not going there to make up numbers.

I believe that Eugene Laverty and, to an extent, Joan Lascorz would've achieved something similar, so Sofuoglu in P3 was certainly no surprise. New track, wet track, new bike, new team, whatever.

Class is class. End of.