2010 Phillip Island Moto2 Race Result - Three-Way Battle Settled In Late Laps

Results and summary of the Moto2 race at Phillip Island:

Alex de Angelis has won the second race of the day at Phillip Island, and his own second ever victory in the middle class, his first coming at Valencia aboard a 250 in 2006. Four years later, the man from San Marino secured a mature and comfortable win with room to spare.

De Angelis had got away with a group early, consisting of Mapfre Aspar's Mike di Meglio, who had taken the holeshot off the line, Marc VDS Racing's Scott Redding and Fimmco Speed Up's Andrea Iannone. Redding took over the lead at the Honda Hairpin, and held on for just over a lap, before Andrea Iannone used the fantastic drive the Italian was getting out of the final corner to fire past over the front straight and into the lead. Redding would not let Iannone disappear, though, and round the fast back section through Siberia and up towards Lukey Heights, Redding was back again and into the lead, only to see Iannone pull exactly the same move again over the front straight.

This would become the pattern of the first part of the race: Redding fighting his way to the lead around the back section, only to see Iannone snatch it back over the front straight and into Turn 1. The pair kept this up for the first 7 laps, while Alex de Angelis worked his way past Di Meglio and bided his time in 3rd.

On lap 7, Iannone's resistance finally crumbled, and De Angelis got past to try his luck with Redding. De Angelis took his time to work towards Redding, but by halfway, the JIR rider was upon Redding, bringing Iannone back with him. The pair came past on lap 14, and Iannone renewed his bid for the lead. He took it, but it would not last long, with both De Angelis and Redding soon back again.

De Angelis led, and as the laps clicked off, it became ever more clear that the man from San Marino was in control of the situation. Redding followed De Angelis for a long time, but in the end, had to let the JIR rider go, De Angelis going on to win by over two seconds. Iannone closed on Redding in the final laps, but could not get near enough.

Iannone's 3rd place finish closed his deficit to Julian Simon for 2nd in the championship, with Simon working his way forward to finish 4th, passing Stefan Bradl and Mike di Meglio in the process. Toni Elias came out on top of a typical Moto2 battle for 7th, eight men scrapping over the position all the way down to the line.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 15 Alex DE ANGELIS MOTOBI 39'51.102  
2 45 Scott REDDING SUTER 39'53.274 2.172
3 29 Andrea IANNONE SPEED UP 39'54.076 2.974
4 60 Julian SIMON SUTER 40'01.446 10.344
5 65 Stefan BRADL SUTER 40'01.719 10.617
6 63 Mike DI MEGLIO SUTER 40'08.949 17.847
7 24 Toni ELIAS MORIWAKI 40'18.247 27.145
8 3 Simone CORSI MOTOBI 40'18.351 27.249
9 6 Alex DEBON FTR 40'18.500 27.398
10 17 Karel ABRAHAM FTR 40'18.768 27.666
11 12 Thomas LUTHI MORIWAKI 40'18.779 27.677
12 10 Fonsi NIETO MORIWAKI 40'18.953 27.851
13 77 Dominique AEGERTER SUTER 40'19.435 28.333
14 80 Axel PONS PONS KALEX 40'19.540 28.438
15 71 Claudio CORTI SUTER 40'19.599 28.497
16 35 Raffaele DE ROSA TECH 3 40'23.746 32.644
17 72 Yuki TAKAHASHI TECH 3 40'28.773 32.644
18 2 Gabor TALMACSI SPEED UP 40'34.035 42.933
19 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ BQR-MOTO2 40'37.246 46.144
20 25 Alex BALDOLINI I.C.P. 40'37.266 46.164
21 8 Anthony WEST MZ-RE HONDA 40'37.472 46.370
22 14 Ratthapark WILAIROT BIMOTA 40'42.943 51.841
23 16 Jules CLUZEL SUTER 40'45.216 54.114
24 40 Sergio GADEA PONS KALEX 40'51.831 1'00.729
25 46 Javier FORES BIMOTA 40'55.242 1'04.140
26 44 Roberto ROLFO SUTER 40'55.287 1'04.185
27 39 Robertino PIETRI SUTER 41'00.401 1'09.299
28 53 Valentin DEBISE ADV 41'00.896 1'09.794
29 61 Vladimir IVANOV MORIWAKI 41'07.162 1'16.060
30 49 Alexander CUDLIN BQR-MOTO2 41'07.297 1'16.195
31 9 Kenny NOYES PROMOHARRIS 41'25.258 1'34.156
32 28 Kazuki WATANABE SUTER 40'01.861 1 lap
33 88 Yannick GUERRA MORIWAKI 40'11.052 1 lap
34 5 Joan OLIVE PROMOHARRIS 40'11.915 1 lap
Not Classified
  95 Mashel AL NAIMI BQR-MOTO2 34'05.664 5 laps
  56 Michael RANSEDER SUTER 29'11.229 7 laps
  66 Hiromichi KUNIKAWA BIMOTA 21'46.809 15 laps
Not finished first lap
  55 Hector FAUBEL SUTER    
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It's easy to forget he's just 17 years old.

Both he and DeAngelis seem to have been in improved form since the tragedy at Misano. Their mental recovery is remarkable. But throughout the race with them battling at the front I couldn't help but think about the bike that should have been racing right there with them.

Maxwell got taken out by Hector Faubel on the first lap, and he then proceeded to shove Faubel about physically. Race Direction does not look kindly on that kind of behavior, and DQ'ed him 

I am Wayne's PR/Media officer and I'm sorry to say was worse than that. The push was but one thing; he actually punched him in the helmet right on the visor.

We have accepted a 5k Euro fine without appeal and published our apology here: http://bit.ly/cEwGDX


Thanks for the link. I like a man that can give a genuine apology for a momentary error in the heat of the moment, which is easily done on a race track. Unfortunately it is hard to get your good reputation back soon afterwards because not everyone that saw the offense will see the apology.

I for one appreciate Wayne's apparent honest humility and I'm sure he will benefit from this to go on to greatness. I hope he does as he seems to have the necessary passion and good character to go with it.