2010 Aragon Moto2 Race Result - Another Flag-To-Flag Blow-Out

Results and summary of the Moto2 race at Motorland Aragon:

If ever there was a prototypical Moto2 race, the race at Aragon was it. It had two of the key ingredients of a Moto2 race, the one which everyone expected and the one which has surprised so many since the start of the season. The unsurprising feature was the first-corner mayhem which almost inevitably ensues, with 5 riders going down and an eighth of the field excluded after just one corner. 

The feature that hadn't been expected at the start of the season was a dominant victory, but this is once again what Moto2 served up at Aragon. FIMMCO Speed Up's Andrea Iannone swept the race, leading into the first corner never to be seen again, going on to win by what would have been over 10 seconds if the Italian hadn't taken plenty of time to celebrate across the line. Once unleashed, Iannone is unstoppable, a quality he demonstrated in spades at Aragon.

The action behind Iannone was a little more interesting. Mapfre Aspar's Julian Simon led the chase for Iannone, with JIR's Simone Corsi and Iannone's teammate Gabor Talmacsi right behind. Corsi pushed, but faded late in the race, allowing Talmacsi past. The Hungarian pushed, but could not get by Simon to make it a FIMMCO Speed Up 1-2, and was forced to settle for 3rd.

Championship leader Toni Elias did a great job of limiting the damage to his very generous championship lead. The Gresini Moriwaki rider - who is still struggling with a virus that has plagued him since Indianapolis - started from 12th on the grid, but worked his way forward methodically. The Spaniard was clearly faster than most of the riders ahead of him, and picked them off one at a time. His final victim was Simone Corsi, but Elias could get no further, stranding just under a second short of the podium in 4th. Elias still has a 76-point margin over his closest rival, Julian Simon, putting him on course to clinch the first Moto2 title at Sepang.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 29 Andrea IANNONE SPEED UP 40'33.264  
2 60 Julian SIMON SUTER 40'39.467 6.203
3 2 Gabor TALMACSI SPEED UP 40'39.540 6.276
4 24 Toni ELIAS MORIWAKI 40'40.387 7.123
5 3 Simone CORSI MOTOBI 40'42.424 9.160
6 16 Jules CLUZEL SUTER 40'46.145 12.881
7 77 Dominique AEGERTER SUTER 40'46.251 12.987
8 45 Scott REDDING SUTER 40'52.145 18.881
9 65 Stefan BRADL SUTER 40'54.157 20.893
10 12 Thomas LUTHI MORIWAKI 40'54.435 21.171
11 71 Claudio CORTI SUTER 40'54.690 21.426
12 72 Yuki TAKAHASHI TECH 3 40'55.242 21.978
13 63 Mike DI MEGLIO SUTER 40'55.435 22.171
14 51 Michele PIRRO MORIWAKI 40'58.011 24.747
15 14 Ratthapark WILAIROT BIMOTA 41'03.716 30.452
16 43 Roman RAMOS MIR RACING 41'04.980 31.716
17 55 Hector FAUBEL SUTER 41'06.858 33.594
18 17 Karel ABRAHAM FTR 41'07.065 33.801
19 44 Roberto ROLFO SUTER 41'10.885 37.621
20 40 Sergio GADEA PONS KALEX 41'12.692 39.428
21 8 Anthony WEST MZ-RE HONDA 41'17.063 43.799
22 6 Alex DEBON FTR 41'18.119 44.855
23 64 Santiago HERNANDEZ MORIWAKI 41'18.428 45.164
24 88 Yannick GUERRA MORIWAKI 41'33.190 59.926
25 28 Kazuki WATANABE SUTER 41'44.440 1'11.176
26 59 Niccolo CANEPA BIMOTA 41'44.472 1'11.208
27 53 Valentin DEBISE ADV 41'44.628 1'11.364
28 5 Joan OLIVE PROMOHARRIS 41'55.488 1'22.224
Not Classified
  80 Axel PONS PONS KALEX 25'35.078 8 laps
  95 Mashel AL NAIMI BQR-MOTO2 24'01.821 9 laps
  9 Kenny NOYES PROMOHARRIS 24'03.826 9 laps
  35 Raffaele DE ROSA TECH 3 19'31.422 11 laps
  75 Mattia PASINI SUTER 18'37.247 12 laps
  39 Robertino PIETRI SUTER 16'09.860 13 laps
  15 Alex DE ANGELIS MOTOBI 11'41.127 15 laps
  54 Kev COGHLAN FTR 2'47.040 20 laps
  10 Fonsi NIETO MORIWAKI    
  25 Alex BALDOLINI I.C.P.    
  4 Ricard CARDUS BIMOTA    
  68 Yonny HERNANDEZ BQR-MOTO2    
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Another kamikaze move by a Spaniard in the first turn at his home race. The FIM are apparently going to let this one fly as well. I'm not concerned with Fonzi's personal tribulations, if you dive bomb in turn one and cause an accident, it should be automatic suspension. They'd be doing him a favor b/c he's not fit and he's not thinking clearly either.

Debon at Catalunya was just as aggravating.

I don't understand the sporting regs in Moto2. Are there any? Tomizawa gets killed. There is no review of the red flag procedures (which are clearly commercially motivated) and they refuse to suspend riders who knock their competitors into the racing line where they can be struck by oncoming traffic.

Did nothing happen at Misano? Was I having a nightmare? Or are their simply two different sets of rules? one set for Spaniards at their home round, and another set for everyone else.

Dive in too hot, and you cause a crash. Hit the brakes too hard, and you cause the 30+ riders behind you to swerve to avoid, leading to another crash.

With 40 bikes on the grid, things will get messy. There's just no way around it.

And, I'm pretty sure (though not positive, so don't quote this as fact) that they had an extensive conference to discuss the red flag incident in which the Race Directors sat and listened to crew chiefs, medical personnel, and riders talk at length. David even had a post about it, with some quotes from Hayden & co.

And, let's not forget Misano '09 in MotoGP. De Angelis taking out Hayden and Edwards on Turn 2(?) of Lap 1. The "home-rider-kamikaze-move" is not exclusively Spanish. Throw 4 Spanish races into one season, and have the vast majority of all the riders be Spanish... you have cold, hard numbers saying that a Spaniard is likely to cause a crash at a Spanish race.