2010 Laguna Seca MotoGP Race Result: Mid-Race Crash Makes For Easy Victory

Results and summary of the Red Bull US GP at Laguna Seca:

Jorge Lorenzo has tightened his grip on the 2010 World Championship by taking a comfortable victory at Laguna Seca. The Fiat Yamaha rider was helped in both respects in no small part by his compatriot and chief rival, Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa, who crashed out of the race while leading.

Lorenzo had taken a strong start once the lights dimmed, but was passed first by Marlboro Ducati's Casey Stoner, and then by Pedrosa, who shot past round the outside, and got the holeshot into Laguna's first real corner, Turn 2. Lorenzo was further discomforted by Monster Tech 3 Yamaha's Ben Spies, who had dropped the Spaniard to 4th by the time they headed up the hill towards the Corkscrew for the first time. Pedrosa seemed hell-bent on doing a repeat of his victory here last year, when the Repsol Honda man cleared off from the line never to be seen again, but he would not have it so easy this Sunday.

Stoner was pushing Pedrosa from the off, while Jorge Lorenzo sized up Ben Spies. Lorenzo was past the Texan at Rainey Curve, and set about chasing down the leading pair. It took a little over a lap, but soon Lorenzo was on Stoner, and not far off the leader Pedrosa. Stoner, meanwhile, was becoming erratic, smashing his own lap record from 2008 on one lap, then losing almost a second the next. His problem, it later emerged, was a lack of grip at the front, the Australian losing the front a couple of times before deciding that discretion was the better part of valor and running at a slightly less blistering pace.

Stoner's problems handed Lorenzo the initiative, and on lap 6, the Fiat Yamaha man was past. He then set about catching Pedrosa, but Pedrosa was proving to be a far tougher nut to crack. Lorenzo edged closer, and Pedrosa responded, the gap seesawing at just under a second, until the race was decided on lap 12. Pedrosa headed into Turn 5 hot, folded the front and crashed out, taking with him both his hopes of victory and any realistic chance of wresting the 2010 MotoGP championship away from Jorge Lorenzo. From there on in, it was plain sailing for Lorenzo, the Mallorcan only having to keep his bike the right way up to take victory. He did, finishing comfortably ahead of the struggling Stoner, and extended his championship lead to an impressive 72 points. Though there's still half the season left to go, barring incident, Lorenzo should have this year's title in the bag. The fact that the Fiat Yamaha man has only finished in either 1st or 2nd place makes it almost impossible to claw points back from Lorenzo, and only a serious incident can prevent a runaway win.

While the front of the race was rather processional, the battle behind the front two places was rather more interesting. After Pedrosa crashed out, it looked like his Repsol teammate Andrea Dovizioso would take the final spot on the podium, but that was reckoning without the mayhem that was being unleashed behind. Valentino Rossi had barged his way past Ben Spies, dragging Nicky Hayden in his wake. Dovizioso sat comfortably in 3rd, Rossi apparently incapable of catching him, until stimulus appeared from behind. Spies had elbowed his way past Nicky Hayden at Turn 5, and was closing the gap to Rossi rather rapidly. Feeling the Texan breathing down his neck, Rossi ramped up the pace, and the pair started to reel Dovizioso in.

Just as Rossi caught Dovizioso, Spies made a mistake and ran wide, running onto the extended tarmac strip on the outside of Turn 11, losing touch with Rossi and ceding the spot to Hayden. But Spies' efforts paid off, though only for the man he had been chasing. The pressure Spies had applied had put Rossi on Dovizioso, and on lap 26, the Fiat Yamaha man stuffed his M1 up the inside of the Repsol Honda to take 3rd. Dovizioso was not prepared to just roll over, pushing hard to get back for the remaining 6 laps, but try as he might, he could not get past. An exhausted Rossi took the final spot on the podium, holding off Dovizioso to the line. Nicky Hayden held on to take 5th, at the head of an American trio, the Marlboro Ducati man leading the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team of Ben Spies and - some 20 seconds further behind - Colin Edwards. San Carlo Gresini's Marco Melandri took 8th, while a photo finish decided the race for 9th in Mika Kallio's favor, the Pramac Ducati rider finishing just one thousandth of second ahead of Rizla Suzuki's Loris Capirossi.

Turn 5, where Dani Pedrosa had crashed, took rich pickings this Sunday, with Aleix Espargaro and Marco Simoncelli joining Pedrosa in the gravel there. Added to a couple of retirements, this left a measly 12 riders classified, a rather thin effort, despite a "full" MotoGP grid of 17 starting the race.

The MotoGP riders head back to Europe, to join their Moto2 colleagues for an extended break. The series reconvenes at Brno on the weekend of August 15th, with big announcements on the future of Valentino Rossi (to Ducati), Dani Pedrosa (at Honda) and Nicky Hayden (staying at Ducati) expected.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 43'54.873  
2 27 Casey STONER DUCATI 43'58.390 3.517
3 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 44'08.293 13.420
4 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 44'09.061 14.188
5 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 44'09.474 14.601
6 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 44'13.910 19.037
7 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 44'35.594 40.721
8 33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 44'42.092 47.219
9 36 Mika KALLIO DUCATI 44'47.686 52.813
10 65 Loris CAPIROSSI SUZUKI 44'47.687 52.814
11 95 Roger Lee HAYDEN HONDA 45'08.962 1'14.089
12 15 Alex DE ANGELIS HONDA 45'09.539 1'14.666
Not Classified
  41 Aleix ESPARGARO DUCATI 39'12.758 4 laps
  58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 25'05.284 14 laps
  26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 15'07.225 21 laps
  40 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 4'24.713 29 laps
  19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 2'58.025 30 laps
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…a boring race. Unless you're a Rossi fan, there was nothing to see.


Did Spies screw up again in the last lap or two, or did he give up? He went from .8 behind to almost 5 seconds in the space of a lap and a half.

The commentators on Speed said that Spies had overcooked a corner as he was closing in on Rossi but that's all we heard. I have to say the Speed guys, especially Russell, were next to useless. The mindless dribble and "info" for non-racing fans was incredibly frustrating as we had no idea what was actually developing in the race as riders moved up or closed gaps. The commentary during the qualifying broadcast on Saturday was even worse. You get more info watching the live timing from the MotoGP website!

Did Dovi get ahead of Rossi on that last lap and then screw up in the last corner? It looked like it but the commentators didn't seem to care...

Spies ran wide at turn 11 I think, wasting all that work he had done. A shame really as I had him down for a podium this weekend.

Dovi ran it wide on the last corner of the last lap trying to get past Rossi. He didn't actually get past though from what I saw. He just managed to keep in front of Hayden.

Yeah, he definitely overcooked one trying to catch Rossi, which is how Hayden got past, but something happened after that.

This race has gone much the way the season thus far has gone and man do I love the Eurosport commentary so much more than Speed. Heck even BBC may be better than Speed. On a side note idk if anyone else noticed Ben Spies umbrella girl per race but she needs to be my wife lol

Does anyone else hear a clinching noise when Pedrosa went sliding into the gravel?

I guess it's not official, but posting another 25pts on Pedrosa basically seals it as long as Lorenzo stays healthy. They should just call the rest of the season off and get busy building the 1000s.

The GP10 is really starting to make me sick. If Stoner is 3.5s behind the winner at Laguna, the bike is a steaming pile of excrement.

Hayden went 1:22.137 on lap 30 and approximately the same on lap 5, IIRC. That's cute, fast enough for the podium, but he can't get the tires to work in the middle of the race.

Maybe it isn't the GP10 that's so bad but the fact that Jorge is just on it this year. It's his year. Stoner was second so it's not like he's on a Suzuki. That bike may be worthy of being called a steaming pile of something.

Lorenzo rode very well b/c he dropped the overall time from last year by 8 seconds. Stoner didn't ride in 2009 and 2008 probably would have been faster than Lorenzo's time from this season, but that was pre-control tire.

Lorenzo rode very well, but I still think the GP10 has gone backwards, hence the steaming pile reference. It's one thing to be awful but moving forward, its another thing to move backwards.

Speed has no reason to use the super dork Ralph Sheheene or whatever the hell his name is, or that guy who sounds like half of his tongue is missing Scott Russel...just play the normal Gav and Nick commentary. Nick maybe slowly slipping in his golder years but ill take him anyday...here in the U.S. we dont have the pleasure of being able to listen to Julian and Toby (just another of many reasons its not good to be american) but keep the comentary like the rest of the season nobody cares that they have americans calling the race ala nascar style...thank god i have a motogp.com subscription but i still like to dvr the races and i watched it twice today what a joke, not only the race but the comentary!!!!

I have to say I agree about Speed's commentators. Sheehan is kind of an all purpose tool that would be put to better use on some other production (one that I won't watch, preferably). It's like using a pair of pliers on a swiss watch. And the qualifying commentary, as already mentioned, was awful. I DID get more from the MotoGP timing site. The Nick Harris and Gavin Emmett duo work just fine for me.

Pretty boring race. Once Pedrosa crashed it fizzled. Great to see Rossi on the podium, no question, but I'm looking forward to Brno big time.

Listen, I like RLH, but he got 11th b/c of 4 crashes and 1 mechanical. He still rode well. And one could argue that if you don't crash, and 4 others do, then you rightly deserve your final points. I believe that. But does 11th today give him another ride? I really don't know. I'm more impressed how Damian Cudlin rode in Germany last week in Moto2. And no, I'm not Aussie.

This race isn't like 2007 when he was riding a factory Kawasaki while contracted to Kawasaki USA. RLH is riding an LCR Honda for a private team with limited financial resources, and he's contracted to Team Pedercini.

RLH had no choice but to keep Randy's engines in good nick. Under these engine rules, you can only expect a wild card to keep the bike upright and pick up a championship point or two if others crash out. RLH won the only victory LCR would afford him by beating the other wild card rider on the same equipment.

. . . . . . . . Roger Lee's first two instructions upon showing up last weekend were probably:

1. Don't bin the bike.
2. Don't overwork or damage the engine.

After which, that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for actual racing. I was actually quite happy that he passed DeAngelis and didn't show up last. Given that he was rprobably riding with a lot less freedom than that previous Kawasaki effort, he did quite respectably.

RLH rode very well to finish the race within sight of the field and one place up on last - name someone else who could have done better?

As for Cudlin, yes he did a great job but remember he is racing in the German series and has spent a lot of time racing in Germany. And yes, I'm an Aussie :)

It's a sign of the times that 11th in that race was second last, just ahead of another (albeit far more experienced) stand-in rider.
Having said that RLH should be proud, circulated quickly, kept it upright etc, and probably did it on an old engine with some revs knocked off the top end.

As for his chances at Brno, the presenters in Oz mentioned that RdP intends to be back for Brno!

Speaking as you are about commentators, we are truly blessed in Aus right now. Happily, OneHD now seems to have their quite informative intro/adbreak resume/wrap-up by Daryll Beattie and a pretty well informed commentator/compare, plus crosses to Steve Parish for gossip/news each round, then now mercifully they flip back to Gavin/Nick for the racing. Great setup!
If only they also showed the WSBK!!

…if only they didn't jump to commercials in the middle of the goddamned race, multiple times.

... don't forget it is free to air. It does have to be paid for by someone. I think they do a pretty decent job of minimising the ad breaks during the races, although inevitably something (these days sometimes the ONLY thing) happens during a break. The alternative is to pay $60/month for an SD coverage on Fox, still lots of ads but not during the racing.
In any case, I use a PVR (windoze media centre) for all my tv, so I delay my start by a little and skip straight thru the ads anyhow (horror). It is also handy for skipping through the latest embarrasingly cheesey Lorenzo victory "celebration". Hopefully he grows out of them.

Getting closer to the topic of racing, but still the coverage thereof - how good are those gyro cams on Rossi's bike? Really makes you appreciate how they crank those things over. The view on the back of Rossi's bike down the corkscrew and Rainey curve was brilliant.

The downside of moving a bit out of town is Australia's useless infrastructure, the only stream I get is the one that flows out of the reserve out the back after it buckets down. Hell, I can only just get tv reception! :-)
But I wouldn't go back.

Somehow your report made the race more interesting then the impression left from video.

Some random race thoughts :

Oddly enough, I find that I miss RDP more then I did Rossi. Lorenzo flashing the '14' pre-race was a perfectly worded salute to Randy.

It was nice to see RLH jump in dry and finish ahead of many of the regulars. Even if it was mostly a matter of keeping it up right. I hope he's considered again if RDP benches Brno. There can't be that many other 3 letter guys to ride the LCR bike.

I've given up all hope of Spies getting a win this year. Unless they change the laws of physics or some freak condition happens.

It's a crying shame that the honda cup madhouse moto2 has to concede it's track time to the local AMA stuff. Not to mention the 125s. They really must correct this. Hey AMA, we love you, but this double dating thing is cramping our style, you know?

I don't think we'll find much footage of this race in the end of year highlight reels. I'm being kind here and not starting a half-assed rant about bad rules and misguided money saving. Perhaps the era of the e-bike in GP Racing is already here with these sealed machines you plug laptops into. Where your only hope of advancement comes from blackbox hand-me-downs from the factory..anyway, no rant from me!

Brno next! As Rossi says, 'we try'.

I have to say I was glad Hayden finished before Spies. Let him, on factory machinery, be the best American for this year. It could well be his last opportunity before Spies moves to the factory bike.
Funny how Spies said on beforehand he did not care about being the first American to cross the line. Did not look like that after the race, immediately leaving the pit box as the camera was on him!

that the entire race Ben was fighting with his visor, as it kept opening up. He was obviously pissed as he immediately stormed to the back of his pit box. Anyone else heard about this.

it isn't widely reported. Someone here referenced the GPOne article where they state that Ben did not want the issue addressed in the Tech3 after race report. He didn't want to seem like he was making excuses.

Here is the article titled "Spies keeps a lid on helmet issue"

"The visor on his HJC would not stay shut and the Texas Terror had to deal with it flying open over the course of the 32 laps. He was too proud to mention it after the race, not wanting to look like he was making excuses, and so the issue does not appear anywhere in the official Team Tech3 press release."

In his interview on MotoGP.com he made a reference to a mistake (I think the one where he lost his position to Hayden - and 3 seconds of time to boot) which he said frustrated him because it wasn't really "his" mistake. I wonder if it was the helmet malfunction?

But he also readily admits that he was passed like a "15th place rider" in the beginning and he has to get better at the start of the race because he had the pace for the podium.

That was the most frustration that I've seen after a race. He'll come back strong though, because he is Spies and that is what he do. :)

I am not sure why I didn't watch this race on motogp.com like I usually do; I think I was hoping that Speed would suddenly "get it" this time. Don't forget that we are damned here either way, for we get the same type of production when it is broadcast on Fox as Fox owns this channel.
How can you treat this like a Nascar event??? Just Horrible. Until the sport grows we are stuck with these twits.
I am watching it on the website again now so that I can actually find out what the heck happened during the race!

Ever see the comedy, Best in Show? Speed Channel's coverage of MotoGP is Americas' motorcycle version of, "Buck Laughlin (Fred Willard), the hopelessly clueless commentator of the Mayflower Dog Show in Philadelphia. Buck reminds me of my Uncle Bob, the man who doesn't know anything about anything but talks about it anyway." Pretty sad coverage, isn't it.

To our non-American compatriots who are trying to figure out just how bad the Speed coverage was:

1. At the end of the race, they posted the first screen with the first nine finishing places. They never bothered to post the second screen with places 10-12, plus the five non-finishers.

2. They never posted the championship standings screen at all. I finally found the totals about three minutes ago on this website.

3. For those Americans who were curious how Roger Lee Hayden fared, it was only due to a off-the-cuff mention 30 seconds before the broadcast shut down that you found out that he: a. Finished, b. Didn't come in last.

4. Except for Pedrosa's binning it, every important move in the race happened during a commercial break. As the actual race broadcast started at 1414, I'm assuming what we were seeing was actually at a 14 minute or so delay (I'm used to races actually starting on the hour or half hour, and on time). They couldn't edit the video fast enough to let us see the actual event "as it happend"?

And we're stuck with the crew for Indianapolis, too. Now I'm really sorry that the wife and I are going to miss it this year.

...on the BBC Steve Parrish and Suzi Perry 2.0 actually discussed what a pity but how understandable it was that RLH finished last. Bad.
And I find the directing to be pretty poor in general over the past few races. What is with all these replay 'riding style comparisons' while people are fighting it out live? Why ride with the race leader for half a lap when there is a fight going on for the last podium place?

GPOne is reporting that Spies had a visor malfunction. They report that according to Ben, his visor would not stay shut. Hmmmmm, very interesting...

This is my third year of going to Laguna - driving up from L.A. The race was great but...being there in person i felt like it wasnt a good show of Americana as it could have been, maybe as the other main sponsor at Laguna besides RedBull is Mazda, and while they may be hot ships on europe (or somewhere..Japan), i would have thought showing off some detroit muscle would give visitors more of a taste of where they are - more U.S themed stuff would have been appreciated.
-Every year it seems that the population of Monterey gets more and more crochetty about proceedings (like theres any other reason to visit there town). Last year they didnt even have 4th of July fireworks - must have been the only town in the U.S not to have it! (that should be considered treason!) Again some proof to visitors that they are in the U.S would have been appreciated. Down in the main street/restaurant area the cops closed the Cannery row access even before riders had a chance to get back from the track so they had about half the people and 1/5th of the bikes as last year. Obviously it takes a special @sshole to be a cop (regardless if they try to claim solidarity with our soldiers in the field - its the ego thing), and its prob not their decision but people notice attempts to screw with things they are passionate about.
-yeah they played the italian anthem for about 3 seconds before they figured out the problem!
-i felt bad when waiting for some riders after qualifying i heard this guys hard luck story about wanting to get a poster sign by Stoner for his son then we heard they bundled away the top 3 riders in a car to some press conference. So its catch 22 i guess, the media wants to inform fans around the world but they do so by taking the riders away from the fans at the actual event - go figure. It must be hard to balance it out cuz the riders and such wanna be aloof and get there job done, but not too aloof that we dont know they were even at the event hehe.
-was suprised by the lack of any kind of supporters for any rider during the 3 days, then on sunday about an hour before the race theres just yellow '46' everywhere - can you say 'bandwagon' anyone. This is what must give rossi fans a bad name. But basically its not a well known sport in the U.S which is a shame.
-Got a photo of the wife with capirossi at Cannery row. I saw his bushy sideburns checking out a chopper bike - finally a piece of americana - but no american flag painted on the tank - shame hehe. I guess Loris walking around Cannery row would be like some L.A lakers star walking around his own championship parade and not getting noticed - as nobody realised. But we were on the ball and he didnt get away!
-Had dinner at a table next to Marco Simoncelli which was pretty cool, that afro is huge! He crashed 3 times at Rainey curve this weekend. The fact that riders can get around without being mobbed is prob a cool thing in the U.S i remember at the AMA round in Fontana-L.A 3 years ago, you could just go up to Ben Spies eating cereal near his tent and say hello have a chat, wish them the best. So maybe the sport in the U.S shouldnt change as the riders are totally accessible.
-Im an aussie my wife is american, she got me into motogp, we both ride, done track days and other stuff - been in L.A 5 years. 4th year at laguna for her 3rd for me. cheers

After reading your comment, I had the chance to see Marco Simoncelli at SFO today. I was chilling at Caffee taking a break, when this kid with the huge hair came along.....he look so damn familiar, and I just went "Hey Marco...." He looked at me, shook my hand when I offered mine. All I could say was "Sorry about your race yesterday man...." and he smiled and shook his head. Very friendly kid in real person, totally changed my point of view about him. Think he earn himself a new fan.

HJC IMO. Biggest selling, yes. Reasonably priced, yes. High quality, not so much.

Yes, it is a cheap shot b/c Korean companies generally rip-off Japanese products which means they can reproduce them without R&D expense in a favorable labor market. I don't hold a grudge b/c that's just a part of business, but HJC's ARE cheap and that's why they are the best selling (partly why anyway). I would recommend them to people for road riding b/c they are affordable and Snell rated, but I wouldn't ride in FIM competition with one.

The other major companies have entire departments dedicated to racing development. HJC USA bought Spies b/c they are the market share kings in the US. AFAIK, HJC USA do not develop the products, and they don't have any dedicated AMA development teams who gather data for the factory.

Spies was just their window dressing, and minor malfunctions like this were going to surface inevitably. A visor should be designed to stay closed and it should probably have a fail safe on the lock as well. The last thing a rider needs is for his visor to fly open at speed or during a crash.

I'm not trying to insult HJC, it's just that they don't have dedicated racing development personnel so running their helmets is a bit of a gamble. I'm sure they pay well.

Usually the helmets worn by the riders in motogp and wsbk are one of creations made in italy or by some reputable prototype helmet manufacturing house specifically for the rider. The KBC, KWC, HJC, Icon and all those 'cost leader' helmets that are bought by the general public arent really hailed as being good helmets as the companies do the graphics but then outsource the shell. So obviously if you outsource the shell you usually want it as cheap as you can get it. Bad combination especially when all you need to do for Snell/DOT is pass a 30mph crash or something quite scary like that.

Other Helmets like Shoei, Suomy Shark and a bunch of others put more effort into the design and crash resistance so they still have Snell/DOT stickers but are really good for much more impact resistance and have better designs.

Thats one of the reasons i thought Scorpion was such as good helmet when they came out as the same facility makes the helmet trimming and the shell as well - so no outsourcing to the lowest bidder. And its quiet cheap so a good helmet for casual riding.

Ive crashed a Shoei. My wife endoed at 110mph at the track and slid along the ground and i still have there blood soaked suomy, as well as their shoei from a previous crash - held up awesome and im just glad we didnt get some cheapo-depot lid cuz it had some cool skull painted on it or something. Makes me kinda cringe when i see young dudes going around with some fancy graphic and no real protection.

... Premium helmets like Arai or Shoei. I just retired my RX7 Corsair. Now I have an X-12. I am fortunate that I don't have to cheap out on protection. My next maybe a Bell though, I had one save my life back in '85. Spies must be getting paid a pretty penny to ride with that HJC crap bucket.

I have to say that the SpeedTV commentating is getting better every year for these home races. It's unfortunate that they cut to commercials while important passes were made but they have to show commercials and since they were broadcasting live, they had no way to predict when the passes were made.

As for the commentating, I can't complain because in past years with Ralph Shaheen and Freddie Spencer, it was much worse. Both of whom could neither pronounce nor remember any of the racers names (you can tell because they start calling the racers by their numbers rather than their name). I have no issues with Leigh Diffey or Scott Russell, both of whom know the riders and their machinery and can knowledgeably comment on the race.

That isn't to say it's the best commentary, but they are doing the best of it with the commentators that they have.

I think the missed drama was as much the fault of the camera direction as SPEED. I watch the MotoGP.com feed and there were about four key position changes there were lost by the camera work or direction. I believe the direction is geared toward the Spanish broadcast and commentators. Gavin Emmett is often speechless as to why they can't get a replay of a key event when some other odd replay is being shown. The video feed and the English language broadcast audio is not linked in any way.

That said, seeing the one mildly dramatic race illustrates to me the value of the 125 and moto2 support races. If it were just the MotoGP wagon train, I probably wouldn't pay for the subscription. Or at least not nearly as much. And I surely wouldn't participate in my ritual of getting up at 3 or 4 am to watch them live. What Dorna should offer DMG is the broadcast of the AMA races at Laguna Seca. They could see what kind of eyeballs they get and the production value behind online streaming of the motorcycle races. I'm surprised that the people behind NASbore don't see the opportunity there. Likely the incestuous relationship with SPEED holds back the online delivery.

... is where they cross to a completely pointless shot of the pit wall cheering-on the out-in-front winner for about 5 seconds, and thereby miss the last corner battle for the lower positions. Show the damn racing first guys. Has-been riders, semi-celebrities and other hangers-on cheering in the pits can be shown as a replay later. This now happens ALL the time, even during the race. Maddening.

This seems to have happened a bit more frequently lately. But I think it is deserving to show the winner cross the finish line. The people shown cheering are usually the crew who arguably deserve their spotlight time. Not quite what I'd call 'hangers-on'. But I can definitely sympathize with wanting them to make the winners camera time at the end a bit shorter when there is a podium battle occurring 5 seconds behind. Should we tell the leader to make his lead bigger or the 'also rans' to slow down a bit? I would love to propose the idea of a compromise of the a nice close up, slow motion montage of the crew celebrating on the pit wall, AFTER any impending action. But It seems as though even the people from Nick Harris Media Communications have little input to the camera direction.