2009 Brno 250cc Race Result - Duel To The Line

Result and summary of the 250cc race at Brno:

Marco Simoncelli has clawed back some very useful points at Brno by winning the 250cc race at Brno, but he had to hold off a very strong challenge from Mattia Pasini to do so.

It was Simoncelli's team mate Roberto Locatelli who led away from the line, ahead of Hiroshi Aoyama and Simoncelli, with Hector Barbera a close 4th. But Locatelli's lead would last only a couple of laps, before Hiroshi Aoyama got past and into the lead. Next lap round, it was Barbera's turn to take over 1st, Marco Simoncelli following in his wake and forcing Aoyama down into 3rd. Simoncelli then took on Barbera and took over the lead, with Mattia Pasini closing on his fellow Italian a lap later.

By this time, the race had divided into two groups, with Simoncelli leading Pasini, and a small gap to Barbera, Alvaro Bautista - who had recovered strongly from a mediocre start - Hiroshi Aoyama and Bautista's team mate, Mike di Meglio. Barbera quickly dropped off the group, while di Meglio started making himself useful attacking Aoyama. He took several attempts, but his final try was just a fraction too much, finding himself going too hot into Turn 10, standing the bike up and just clipping Aoyama's back wheel. Di Meglio ran wide, ran off and rejoined in 11th, though a brilliant ride back through the field saw him eventually finish in 9th.

The incident between di Meglio and Aoyama opened up the gap which had already been forming between Aoyama and Bautista, and left the Scot Honda rider out of contention. Bautista seized the opportunity to go chase the leaders, and was closing rapidly when a huge moment on lap 16 saw him lose too much to Simoncelli and Pasini, and forced him to settle for 3rd.

The victory would be disputed between the two Italians. Some six or seven times, Pasini got the drive out of the final corner to get ahead of Simoncelli going into turn 1, but every time, Simoncelli would respond in turn 3 and take back the lead. On the last lap, Pasini was just too far behind to try into turn 1, and a very strong lap by Simoncelli saw him hold just enough of an advantage to hold the lead to the line and claim victory. Pasini was forced to settle for 2nd, while Bautista came home in 3rd. Both Simoncelli and Bautista took important points back from the championship leader Hiroshi Aoyama, who finished the race in 4th place, ahead of Roberto Locatelli and Raffaele de Rosa.

Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 58 Marco SIMONCELLI GILERA 41'06.490  
2 75 Mattia PASINI APRILIA 41'07.174 0.684
3 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA APRILIA 41'10.871 4.381
4 4 Hiroshi AOYAMA HONDA 41'15.236 8.746
5 15 Roberto LOCATELLI GILERA 41'16.211 9.721
6 35 Raffaele DE ROSA HONDA 41'17.360 10.870
7 40 Hector BARBERA APRILIA 41'22.129 15.639
8 16 Jules CLUZEL APRILIA 41'24.901 18.411
9 63 Mike DI MEGLIO APRILIA 41'25.053 18.563
10 55 Hector FAUBEL HONDA 41'26.448 19.958
11 14 Ratthapark WILAIROT HONDA 41'26.574 20.084
12 52 Lukas PESEK APRILIA 41'37.122 30.632
13 48 Shoya TOMIZAWA HONDA 41'43.608 37.118
14 11 Balazs NEMETH APRILIA 42'23.974 1'17.484
15 53 Valentin DEBISE HONDA 42'31.174 1'24.684
16 7 Axel PONS APRILIA 42'31.622 1'25.132
17 10 Imre TOTH APRILIA 42'53.415 1'46.925
18 77 Aitor RODRIGUEZ APRILIA 42'58.955 1'52.465
19 56 Vladimir LEONOV APRILIA 43'06.284 1'59.794
Not Classified
  8 Bastien CHESAUX HONDA 25'36.289 8 laps
  6 Alex DEBON APRILIA 19'02.327 11 laps
  25 Alex BALDOLINI APRILIA 13'54.614 14 laps
  54 Toby MARKHAM APRILIA 2'19.072 19 laps
Not finished first lap
  12 Thomas LUTHI APRILIA    
  17 Karel ABRAHAM APRILIA    
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