2007 Season MotoGP Results

Championship Standings:

Final 2007 MotoGP World Championship Standings after Round 18, Valencia, Spain

Results of all of the MotoGP races run so far this season.

Round 18 - Valencia, Spain

Valencia Race Results

Valencia Qualifying Practice times

Valencia FP3 times

Valencia FP2 times

Valencia FP1 times

Round 17 - Sepang, Malaysia

Sepang Race Results

Sepang Qualifying Practice times

Sepang FP3 times

Sepang FP2 times

Sepang FP1 times

Round 16 - Phillip Island, Australia

Phillip Island Race Results

Phillip Island Qualifying Practice times

Phillip Island FP3 times

Phillip Island FP2 times

Phillip Island FP1 times

Round 15 - Motegi, Japan

Motegi Race Results

Motegi Qualifying Practice times

Round 14 - Estoril, Portugal

Estoril Race Results

Estoril Qualifying Practice times

Estoril FP3 times

Estoril FP2 times

Estoril FP1 times

Round 13 - Misano, San Marino / Rimini

Misano Race Results

Misano Qualifying Practice times

Misano FP2 times

Misano FP1 times

Due to the flooding on the first day, two of the free practice sessions scheduled on Friday afternoon were canceled.

Round 12 - Brno, Czech Republic

Brno Race Results

Brno Qualifying Practice times

Brno FP3 times

Brno FP2 times

Brno FP1 times

Round 11 - Laguna Seca, United States of America

Laguna Seca Race Results

Laguna Seca Qualifying Practice times

Laguna Seca FP3 times

Laguna Seca FP2 times

Laguna Seca FP1 times

Round 10 - Sachsenring, Germany

Sachsenring MotoGP Race Results

Sachsenring Qualifying Practice times

Sachsenring FP3 times

Sachsenring FP2 times

Sachsenring FP1 times

Round 09 - Dutch TT Assen, The Netherlands

Assen MotoGP Race Results

Assen Qualifying Practice times

Assen FP3 times

Assen FP2 times

Assen FP1 times

Round 08 - Donington Park, Great Britain

Donington MotoGP Race Results

Donington Qualifying Practice times

Donington FP3 times

Donington FP2 times

Donington FP1 times

Round 07 - Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Catalunya MotoGP Race Results

Catalunya Qualifying Practice times

Catalunya FP3 times

Catalunya FP2 times

Catalunya FP1 times

Round 06 - Mugello, Italy

Mugello Race Results

Mugello Qualifying Practice Times

Mugello FP3 times

Mugello FP2 times

Mugello FP1 times

Round 05 - Le Mans, France

Le Mans Race Result

Le Mans Qualifying Practice Times

Le Mans FP3 Times

Le Mans FP2 Times

Le Mans FP1 times

Round 04 - Shanghai, China

Shanghai Race Result

Shanghai Qualifying Practice times

Shanghai FP3 times

Shanghai Day 1 fastest times, all from FP2

Round 03 - Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Race Result

Istanbul Qualifying Practice times and report

Istanbul FP3 times

Istanbul FP2 times

Istanbul FP1 times

Round 02 - Jerez, Spain

Jerez Race Result

Jerez Qualifying Practice times

Jerez FP3 times

Jerez FP2 times

Jerez FP1 times

Round 01 - Losail, Qatar

Qatar Race Result

Qatar Qualifying Practice report and times

Qatar FP3 times

Qatar FP2 times

Qatar FP1 times

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