Sepang February Testing, Day 3, Preliminary Results

Testing completed at Sepang today, with Colin Edwards back at the top of the table, having broken Valentino Rossi's pole record, set on a 990 cc bike in September, by nearly 0.4 seconds. What's more Edwards is also 7/10ths faster than Rossi's fastest time at the previous test in January. Rossi also beat his time at the previous test, setting the second fastest time, over half a second behind Edwards.

Randy de Puniet is fastest Kawasaki again, though this time team mate Olivier Jacque is much closer, half a second behind instead of over a second yesterday.

Makoto Tamada heads up the Tech 3 Yamaha riders, though the Japanese rider was slower today than yesterday. Team mate Sylvain Guintoli was quicker again, and has made good progress since starting this test, improving his time by nearly 2 seconds over the three days.

Ilmor continue to make slow progress, with Andrew Pitt improving his time by 1.3 seconds. But the British-based team is still a long way behind the rest, nearly 3 seconds off Guintoli's pace, and over 7 seconds off Edwards' blistering lap.

1. Colin Edwards - Yamaha Factory Racing - 2'00.248
2. Valentino Rossi - Yamaha Factory Racing - 2'00.793
3. Randy de Puniet - Kawasaki Racing - 2'02.071
4. Olivier Jacque - Kawasaki Racing - 2'02.607
5. Makoto Tamada - Tech 3 Yamaha - 2'03.380
6. Sylvain Guintoli - Tech 3 Yamaha - 2'04.636
7. Andrew Pitt - Ilmor SRT - 2'07.373

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