World Supersport: Rider Anthony West provisionally suspended

The FIM has provisionally suspended Ant West for failing a doping test. He won't be taking part in this weekend's World Supersport race. Previously, in 2012, he failed a test due to an energy drink that contained methylhexaneamine.

The FIM press release appears below:

FIM Anti-doping
2018 FIM Supersport World Championship Rider Anthony West provisionally suspended

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) has advised Australian rider Anthony West that he is provisionally suspended pursuant to Article 7.9 of the FIM Anti-doping Code (CAD). The decision to provisionally suspend Mr. West was mandatory following the receipt of a report from the WADA accredited laboratory in Cologne indicating an Adverse Analytical Finding of a non-specified substance under Section 6 (Stimulants) of the 2018 FIM Prohibited List, in a urine sample collected from him at an in-competition test carried out by the FIM at the round of the 2018 FIM Supersport World Championship held in Misano, San Marino, on 8 July 2018.

Mr. West has the right to request and attend the analysis of his B sample.

Mr. Anthony West is provisionally suspended with effect from 14 September 2018. He is therefore barred from participating in any motorcycling competition or activity until further notice. Under Article CAD, Mr. West may request lifting of his provisional suspension.

Under the World Anti-Doping Code and the FIM Anti-Doping Code, the FIM is unable to provide any additional information at this time.

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Sad, rules are rules. But methylhexaneamine is in many over the counter nasal decongenstants annd training suppliments and many times is not listed as an ingrediant in those suppliments. Often it is found in trace amounts due to cross contamination in manufacturing. It's a short acting stimulant, slightly more powerful than caffeine.

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Anyone competing in any sport at a professional level has to be so careful about the supplements they consume.

The "I didn't know the compound contained a banned substance", simply doesn't wash today. 

If Ant gets a ban he only has himself to blame.

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How can a rider that has reportedly sold everything that he owns to support a Supersport campaign be so careless or unwise to test positive again?

His interviewing skills sometime make him sound like he is not the sharpest tool in the shed  but to test positive again by accidental consumption would put him in the the thick as a short plank area. (to resort to carpentry analogies).

I hope the second sample is clear because otherwise that will probably be it for his eventful career, one that has delivered many thrills and even more disappointment to him and those that have followed him for over 20 years.

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