Official Statement By Davide Tardozzi Of Ducati On Safety Commission Meeting At Silverstone

Today, Ducati issued an official statement regarding the events surrounding the calling of the impromptu Safety Commission Meeting on Sunday afternoon at Silverstone, at which the riders decided that it would not be possible to race on the new surface at Silverstone due to standing water on the track. 

The statement, from team manager Davide Tardozzi, appears below:

Davide Tardozzi (Team Manager)

“Yesterday afternoon I did not receive any official notification of a meeting between the riders and the Race Direction to make a decision about the cancellation of the Grand Prix.

The initiative of the meeting with the Race Direction came about spontaneously between a number of riders who started to inform the others to come to the IRTA offices. For example, Jorge Lorenzo had been informed by his manager Albert Valera, who had heard from Aleix Espargarò. All the riders were not present because some of them had not been informed and others only showed up after seeing the images on television, but no one had officially called them. That’s exactly what I did, I saw the images on television and I went on my own to find out what was going on. As always, no Team Manager entered the meeting, just as we are not present at the Safety Commission officially organized on Friday in the circuits.

After excluding the possibility of racing on Monday with a vote between the teams (we voted in favour of this possibility), Ducati was totally in agreement with the decision taken because it was the safest thing for everyone, but I still believe that a decision of this importance should be made with all the riders on the grid through an official meeting.”

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This was a total Goat fornication from the start of the morning. Total disarray it seems? Some teams saying no to racing, others saying yes lets race. They knew on Saturday the water was pooling up, why would one think the next day it would somehow not rain especially with a forecast of the possibilty of the exact same weather pattern on Sunday.

This didn't feel like a PR reviewed and blessed statement as you might expect, but more of a retelling of the experience.  I suspect that David and team will get the full story eventually, but telling the full story will take time recontructing the day from many different participant interviews.  No winners this weekend, Tito Rabat clearly the most unfortunate rider, but I suspect the blame game is just beginning between Dorna, teams, Silverstone organizers and the track resurface company.