Yamaha Press Release: Q&A With Jorge Lorenzo - "This Year, I Am In Much Better Shape"

After the launch of the Movistar Yamaha team in Madrid, the team issued two press releases, featuring interviews with their 2015 riders. After yesterday's interview with Valentino Rossi, today we publish the interview with Jorge Lorenzo:


Where and how did you spend your winter holidays?

“I spent five days in Santo Domingo, sunbathing and enjoying the beach. I always like to go to a country where there is good weather. I started my training on January 2nd and have been preparing for the pre-season to be fit for the first test in Sepang. I’ve also been for a few days in Lugano and Punta Cana.”

Last year began with so many difficulties, how are you this year?

“I think I’m in much better shape. Physically I’m stronger from training because we have been focusing on the best workout sessions and I have not had to undergo surgery as occurred in 2014. Until I get on the bike and see how it’s going I prefer to be cautious and see what happens.”

What has changed in preparing this year compared to 2014?

“Well, last year I decided to change trainers because at the end things were not going as I wanted. Now I’ve found my balance with my new coach from Argentina and have been working conscientiously for this season, so I hope to get better and not make the mistakes of the past year.”

Every year is a new challenge, each year a new dream is coming up. What do you expect this season?

“Well, as I always say I can’t guess the future, the future is uncertain for everyone and especially in sport and in motorcycling where you never know what can happen. Obviously you can prepare well and have more options to get a better result than if you do not but ultimately many factors affect whether you are the best and battling for the title. Last year the bike got better and better and in the second half I was able to take podiums. If we continue improving and other factories do not give many steps forward I think we can start strongly. You never know if winning is enough but at least staying constantly on the podium will mean finishing high up in the World Championship.”

What guarantees does Yamaha give you regarding a more competitive bike?

“We don’t know until we start the first practice of the year. We don’t know at what level the M1 will be at Sepang but I am sure our engineers have worked hard to make it very fast! I know already I should not expect improvements of a second per lap, but I am very positive and optimistic.”

The second half of 2014 season saw you tuned in on the podium. Do you feel as a strong title contender again this year?

“Last year I certainly was not, because I was never there in the first races because of the mistakes. I prefer not to assume the favourite role because I’m not this time. I think the final result of the championship was in line with how the season went. I think Marquez should be the favourite, and then Valentino. Dani and I are behind until the opposite is proven.”

With you in good shape and with Vale at the level that he showed last year do you believe this year could belong to Yamaha?

“Well, that’s the hope for all of us. We suspect that Honda has some difficulties with the new bike and we can continue in the good path with new parts that give us more speed and consistency. That’s just a hope at this moment.”

What stimulates you more, having a strong teammate again like Valentino or having a younger opponent like Marquez as the man to beat?

“Well, the first opponent you should beat is always your teammate because you ride with the same bike and if he rolls faster that means you are slower. If you are the best in the garage then you are able to challenge your team to improve, or give you a better bike, but if your teammate is winning you have to beat him so for me it is a great motivation. Valentino is very strong and if the fight is just between us, then Yamaha should be very happy!”


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He is sounding relaxed, confident, and positive. Hopefully this year he will start off with less of an anxiety problem. Last year Lorenzo said so many things I never imagined him saying that I am now ready to see him fight for wins. This coming from someone who never was a fan but always respected his force of nature mentality and talent. He is definitely faster than he showed last year.

JL: "I think Marquez should be the favourite, and then Valentino. Dani and I are behind until the opposite is proven.”

Not the words of arrogance rather the thoughful young man we don't always see.