Pramac Press Release: Team Boss Francesco Guidotti Breaks Down The Valencia Test

After the Valencia tests, the Pramac team issued a press release looking back at how the team's two riders, Yonny Hernandez and Danilo Petrucci, fared in the test, and takes a look at what he expects of the two in 2015. The press release appears below:

Pramac Racing Team ready for Moto GP 2015 - Team Manager Francesco Guidotti's analysis

The Valencia week represents the natural division between motoGP 2014 and 2015 seasons. The Grand Prix assigning the world champion title for the three classes passes the baton to the official tests on the base of which the teams will start to build the following season. And it is from the first 2015 tests that important data come to light with regards to structure, analysis and expectations. The Pramac Racing Team ones are run by the Team Manager Francesco Guidotti.

New Pramac Racing Team Structure

"The team's first rider will be Yonny Hernandez, in the Pramac Racing Team for the second year in a row, after becoming official with Ducati. He will manage the Ducati Desmosedici Gp 14.2 that in the last 5 races of the GP 2014 was driven by Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone. Danilo Pertucci will race with the Ducati Desmosedici Gp 14.1 used by Cal Crutchlow during season 2914. The mission of the Team is to create the conditions for a technical growth of our riders. We hope Yonny Hernandez and Danilo Petrucci will be following Andrea Iannone's steps as he has been protagonist of a huge growth over the past two years in the Pramac Racing".

First 2015 tests analysis: Yonny Hernandez

"He has capitalized the little time available, since he was given the bike only last Tuesday, and, on top of that, on a full day of rain. He had the chance to start gaining confidence with the Gp 14.2 only on the last day, immediately understanding that the motorbike was better than the previous one. It is clear though that there is a long way ahead as far as personalization on balancing and geometries are concerned. His team has worked hard on technical aspects and Yonny was pretty much confident at the end. The only certainty is that we stil have a lot of margin and our data support this. The quick time lap setted (1'31.834) is very satisfactory".

First 2015 test analysis: Danilo Petrucci

"Defininig it positive may sound reductive. Danilo's position is totally new, and the driving style must be modified. However he immediately chose the right path, resulting in a more than respectable seventh position (1,31.665, 6 tenths away from the best result of Marquez) for a rider that has had only a few lapses available to gain confidence with the new reality. As we are not only talking about a new motorbike, but also of a different approach to work since there is the need to understand how much electronic may help him or limit him. On wet conditions the data registered have also been very positive, apart from the first result obtained on the second day of tests. Danilo broke the ice showing determination."

Expectations: Yonny Hernandez

"He must continue in his growth path started 2014 with a motorbike that had some clear limits as far as performance is concerned. With Gp 14.2 we expect to raise the bar. Yonny must grow and become more mature in his driving and in the competition approach during the race, being more concrete and effective to fight for those ranking areas that really count. Results? Our expextations are obviously to see him always among the first 10 positions".

Expectations: Danilo Petrucci

"We hope that we always manage to gain points after every race. We must see of course the level of our opponents, that is inevitably destined to improve. The Gp 14.1 driven by Crutchlow has registered great progresses in the last 5 Gps of the season. We have no doubt that it might improve even more. It is correct to underline that Danilo has never driven a real race motorbike before and this implies a rearrangement and a balancing of his driving style. Gp 14.1 must be driven in a more modern way if compared to others that are less powerful and that he is used to drive. Moreover he will have and first class entourage that owns many data coming from 2014 season that may be used. There are all the necessary assumptions to believe he will overcome all difficulties".


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"Danilo has never driven a real race motorbike before"

Nice lineup and I wish them well. Petrucci probably won't be a considered a dark horse for long, his time in testing was great straight away. Yonny also looked solid this year on a bike a couple of steps behind the other Ducatis.

" Danilo Pertucci will race with the Ducati Desmosedici Gp 14.1 used by Cal Crutchlow during season 2914."

Petrucci on the Desmo of the Future!!!!

in all seriousness though, very excited for both riders

Isn't it amazing how people for whom English is a second language often express themselves more effectively—if sometimes a little more oddly—than those for whom it is the first?