2014 Misano Moto2 And Moto3 Friday Post-Practice Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after a soaking practice at Misano:

Miller shows he is also fast in the wet

San Marino and Riviera di Rimini Grand Prix begins with two free practice sessions featuring rain. Miller places third on the combined timesheet and Hanika thirteenth.

09/12/2014 - Misano World Circuit, San Marino

The weather conditions did not make things easy for the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders on the first day at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli. However, the rain present in both free practice sessions today could not prevent Jack Miller from going third fastest in both runouts. Karel Hanika, thirteenth on the combined timesheet for the day, was riding for the first time in such conditions in the Moto3 class.

The Red Bull KTM Ajo duo had to deal with a wet track right from the start at the Italian track. Miller immediately felt comfortable, always among the fastest. Third in the session with a time of 1:56.334, the Australian had a small crash in the last minute at Turn 8 but escaped unharmed. Hanika, much less experienced in the wet, placed thirteenth with a 1:59.243 lap.

In the afternoon the track conditions worsened, accompanied by heavy rain. This created doubts for riders like Miller, who preferred to sit out the start of the second session. Hanika preferred to gain experience in the wet, although he would crash at Turn 6 with 23 minutes remaining and be forced out of the rest of the run. The Czech rider suffered damage to his ring finger on his left hand but will still be able to participate tomorrow. Meanwhile, Miller only needed eight minutes to make the red helmets appear on the timing screens and take the third fastest time of the session. The Aussie ended the afternoon as he did the morning, with a light crash.

Tomorrow sees the thirteenth qualifying session of the year. So far Jack Miller has taken six pole positions and three additional front row starts.


"The track was very slippery today, so I've had a couple of minor crashes; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It was not our best day, but it was fun. The truth is that I really enjoyed riding in the rain and the bike sliding. It is not something common and was entertaining. We did not want to crash, of course, but I'm still pretty happy with the feeling that we had on the bike because this year we had not had a fully wet session.

I used only the last 10 minutes of the second session, and I noticed a big difference to the morning. I am very pleased with how the bike responded and I felt great with the setup. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be better. It’s good to have a session in the rain, but we do not want it to be wet throughout the weekend."


"I think this was the first time I've ridden in a completely wet session this season and with this bike. The truth is that the two sessions did not go badly. In the first practice we built up slowly, learning as we rode more laps and gaining a good feeling. At the end we were not so far off the top, so I'm satisfied.

In the second practice session we started about the same, in the same position and still pretty fast. On one of the corners I was getting a little more on gas than was necessary, one of the wheels slid out and I went into the gravel. I've done some damage to my ring finger, but I am convinced that tomorrow I can ride again."

Soaking rain at Misano affects first day for Scott Deroue and Ana Carrasco

Heavy rain made the practices on the first day of the San Marino GP look like boat races. It took a while before the riders got out on the track. Some of them didn’t ride at all, like Ana Carrasco. Scott Deroue did go out and set the 22nd time: 2.03,664.

The rain wasn’t as bad as in 2007, when MotoGP returned to the Misano circuit for the first time. Back then the track was flooded and ducks were swimming in the first turn. This time the track was not flooded, but the circumstances were not ideal, to put it mildly. With steady rain and an air temperature of only 16 degrees Celsius, it was cold and wet.

Many riders decided to wait for a while for better circumstances, but halfway through the first practice session they decided to go out anyway. Scott Deroue made it to 9 laps and finished in 26th with 2.00,998.

In the afternoon it rained even harder and Carrasco stayed in, as she didn’t feel confident enough to ride under the circumstances. Deroue did 14 laps without taking any risks, setting a lap time of 2.03,664, good enough for 22nd.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is better.

Scott Deroue – 22 (2.03,664)

“This morning we decided to wait a bit and adjust the bike to a wet setting. Halfway through the session we decided to go out and put in some miles to get used to the track and the circumstances.

In the afternoon it was even wetter, with rain pouring down. Not very nice circumstances to ride, but I think we did a decent job: put in the miles, not taking any risks, bringing the bike home in one piece. At least we got a sound base to work on for tomorrow.”

Rain disrupts work for Husqvarna riders

Adverse weather takes centre stage on the opening day of the San Marino and Riviera di Rimini GP, in which Danny Kent places eighth and Niklas Ajo eleventh.

09/12/2014 - Misano World Circuit, San Marino

Cut tyres, clear helmet visors and red lights on the Moto3 machines were the order of the day on Friday at the Misano World Circuit. Danny Kent and Niklas Ajo had their first full day of wet practices so far this year to open the weekend. Both found a good feeling in the difficult conditions, finally taking eighth and eleventh place in the combined timesheet for the day.

The first practice session for the Husqvarna riders in San Marino saw the duo have 40 minutes in which to regain their feel for wet conditions. Niklas Ajo was the fastest to adapt, riding with the frontrunners from the opening stages until a small crash at Turn 15 ended his morning with 9 minutes to go. He took the eleventh best time of 1:58.795. Meanwhile, Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo rider Kent climbed to eighth place with a 1:58.333 lap.

With a setup tested in the wet, the Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo rider decided against taking risks in a second session held under heavy rain. He stayed in the garage, whilst Kent went out with 12 minutes remaining in order to improve some aspects pending from the morning. He would conclude the day with an improved feeling and the seventh best lap of the session: 2:00.645.

At 12:35pm tomorrow at the Misano World Circuit Misano Simoncelli, the qualifying session that will decide the starting grid Sunday will get underway. In his two appearances at this track in the lower cylinder class, Danny Kent has always taken a place on the second row.


"It was the first time this year in which we were able to ride with the Husqvarna on a completely wet track. The feeling with heavy rain was not bad. Still, I did not want to take too many risks, because the forecast for the remainder of the weekend is for it to be dry. I wanted to go out for a few laps to get a feel for it, both with the bike and with the track, but didn’t want to take risks.

At the end of the second session we decided to go out, because there were some aspects from the morning that we wanted to improve upon and we also wanted to test the changes we had made. They worked well for the ten minutes I was on track."


"This morning I had a good feeling on the bike, despite the crash I had shortly before the end of the session. I honestly do not know exactly why I crashed. The track is very slippery, as shown today with all the crashes that occurred in all three categories. If it rains during the race, I think we can do well.

In the second session I thought it best not to go out, as many riders had fallen down. I did not want to risk it. We tried to see how others did and, if necessary, we will use data from those who did go out, so I’m sure we will be fine. Hopefully tomorrow and Sunday are dry, like the weather forecast says."

Alex Rins leads the way in the rain

The winner of the last race leads two wet sessions on Friday. Marquez also shows good pace in the wet to place fifth in the combined classification.

Friday was a positive first day of practice for the Grand Prix of San Marino and Rimini despite rain, as Alex Rins and Alex Marquez again demonstrated a good feeling with their Honda NSF250RW machines. The winner of the last race led both sessions, despite a crash in the second free practice, whilst Marquez –runner up in Great Britain– was second in the afternoon session. Marquez placed fifth on the combined timesheet –despite a pair of light crashes.

Difficult conditions greeted the Repsol Moto3 riders at the Misano circuit, as steady rain all day left the track surface slippery. There were numerous falls in every class and Rins and Marquez were no exception. None of their falls came with any serious consequences and both were able to perform well on the soaking surface.

In the first session Rins completed 14 laps and recorded a best time of 1:55.049, more than a second faster than his nearest rival. Marquez, with a small crash at Turn 6 in the session, set his fastest time on the last of 12 laps: 1:57.728. The rain increased throughout the day and, although the pace was slower than in the morning, both showed that they were still strong in the afternoon. They led the way, 0.250s apart, despite crashes for both Rins and Marquez, after 11 and 12 laps respectively.

Tomorrow will see a final practice session, followed by qualifying. The weather is expected to improve and the rain is forecast to disappear.

Alex Rins 1st 1:55.049 25 laps 106 km

"From the morning session things have gone pretty well for us. Calmly and cautiously, the times have come for us and I felt comfortable on the bike. In the afternoon the track conditions changed, there was a lot more water on the surface and at Turn 3 on the first lap I lost grip with the rear and had a small crash. The important thing is that afterwards we were able to return to the pace that the other riders were doing. Hopefully it will be dry tomorrow morning, so that we can find a good setup for the race".

Alex Marquez 5th 1:57.728 24 laps 102 km

"Today we tried the bike on very wet asphalt and also a little drier, and I had two crashes –one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It was very easy to crash today. For the morning crash I do not yet know exactly what happened, but in the afternoon it was because I was pushing a little more. I fell because I was forcing things, but I think that in the wet this bike is going well. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have dry track time, but if not we have a very good base".

Rain hampers first day's work at Misano

Juanfran Guevara works to find feeling after morning crash

The San Marino Grand Prix got underway at Misano today although the circuit looked more like one of the many swimming pools dotted along the Adriatic coast as constant rain led to more than the odd rider taking the plunge. Turns one and six were the most critical points on track and seemed to be where most of the crashes occurred but thankfully there were no major injuries and the riders will hope for better conditions tomorrow. Alex Rins navigated his way to the fastest lap of the day despite a crash at the start of the afternoon session, whilst Alex Márquez and Jack Miller were second and third fastest respectively despite also both crashing.

Juanfran Guevara was amongst the many fallers this morning, the MAPFRE Aspar youngster one of several to get caught out in turn six. Thankfully, despite a blow to his right hip, he was able to return to the track and continue working this afternoon, when a late set-up change to the rear end of his machine provided some progress on an otherwise difficult day.

31st Juanfran Guevara 2.03.052 (24 laps): “This circuit is quite slippery and we struggled today to find a good feeling on the wet track. The crash this morning was a setback and I lost some confidence but at the end of the afternoon session we tried a different setting, shortening the swingarm slightly, and I felt more comfortable. It is the first time this season we have had so much rain, apart from a crazy session at Assen and one at Montmeló, so the only goal was to get a feeling for the wet, especially bearing in mind the flyaway races when you often get days like this. I bashed my right hip in the crash but it's nothing serious.”

Hafiq Azmi rides in the wet at Misano

SIC-Ajo Team rider finishes 22nd in the combined timesheet for rainy first day of practice of the San Marino and Riviera di Rimini GP.

09/12/2014 - Misano World Circuit, San Marino

Rain had a big impact on the start of the thirteenth round of the Moto3 calendar, the San Marino and Riviera di Rimini Grand Prix. Both free practice sessions at Misano took place in the wet, making it difficult for Hafiq Azmi to adapt to a track where he has not ridden since 2012. The Malaysian rider set his best time in the first practice session, stopping the clock at 2:00.345. This placed him 22nd position overall for the day.

The first practice session was used by the SIC-Ajo Team rider to find a good feeling on a totally wet track. This was the first time this year that he had ridden in completely wet conditions, and after a first pit stop to share his impressions of the surface with his team, Hafiq Azmi began setting very consistent times and achieved his best time on his penultimate lap. His 2:00.345 put him twenty-second.

In the second free practice session the rain became even more intense and the Malaysian rider, like the rest of the Moto3 grid, was unable to improve from the morning. Nevertheless, he continued putting in the laps and was up into the Top 10 for much of the session. His best lap of 2:02.641 earned him 16th place in the session.

Tomorrow morning sees the third and final free practice session followed by a forecast dry qualifying session at 12:35pm local time.


"Today was difficult because it has not stopped raining and the track was very slippery. We did not have much grip and tried to find a good feeling. Above all, however, we tried to be very careful. I like the track. I still do not feel entirely confident to go faster though. This morning I had a good feeling, but the time I set was not too good. At the end I started to establish more consistent times. In the second session the team made a couple of changes to the bike that made it work much better in the first part. With ten minutes remaining I went out and felt very uncomfortable; the track was too wet for that. I just tried to get some experience in the rain."


The rain disrupted today the first two free practice session of the Grand Prix of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini at the Misano circuit: the Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3 riders, Niccolò Antonelli and Enea Bastianini, set the second and fifteenth fastest time respectively, obtained during the morning session, before the intensification of rain in the afternoon.

In the first session Antonelli made a very good 1’56”103 and he was beaten only by Spaniard Alex Rins, then he performed well also in the second free practice session, during which he set the fourth fastest time in 1’59”686 despite a slight fall in the final stages.

His teammate, Bastianini crashed after only a few laps in the morning session, but he was able to re-join the track and to set 1’59”764. In the afternoon, the rookie from Rimini was out on track only in the final 10 minutes, getting a positive eighth fastest time.

NICCOLO' ANTONELLI (2nd - 1'56"103)

“I’m very happy because we were fast this morning and also this afternoon, when it rained more. At the end of the second session the track conditions have improved, probably my bike was set for heavy rain conditions and therefore as soon as I made ​​a small mistake the bike lost grip at the rear and I crashed. Anyway, today the conditions were really bad and many riders crashed. Tomorrow and Sunday the track should be dry, so today’s practice may have been useless, but it’s always good to be up front”.

ENEA BASTIANINI (15th - 1'59"617)

“This morning, in the first free practice session, I crashed after a few laps and it was a big fall, fortunately without consequences, so I managed to re-join the track and continue the session. This afternoon, the rain intensified, so we preferred to stay in the garage; I went out on track only when the track conditions have improved in the last ten minutes of the session: in just three laps I managed to get the eighth fastest time, so I’m satisfied. This track is very slippery with the rain, I hope tomorrow will be sunny”.


“Today we met with very difficult conditions, the track was slippery: Enea fell in the morning, Niccolò in the afternoon, but with these conditions it was very hard to avoid crashes. However, both our rider did a very good job today, and moreover today was not necessary to push too hard, considering that the weather is expected to improve for the rest of the weekend, so it’s very likely that today’s practice will prove to be useless”.

Gino Rea off to a fighting start in 7th at the Misano GP despite quickshifter failure

Gino Rea concluded Friday’s free practice sessions at Misano with a solid 7th position finish. Rea improved his Free Practice 1 time by 2.5 seconds in the afternoon session, plugging in a time of 1:53’5 in damp conditions.

The AGT REA Racing team were the early pace setters in both free practice sessions on Friday, with Gino Rea and Ant West taking pole position interchangeably. After a long pit stop in Free Practice 2 due to a failed quickshifter, Gino was able to put in consistently faster times despite the quickshifter not working after he pitted out. Rea was losing time down each straight yet worked his way from 15th to 6th, only to be bumped to 7th position at the flag.

Gino comments on a positive day at the Misano World Circuit “Marco Simoncelli” for the AGT REA Racing team:

“I’m very pleased to finish today in 7th. It’s our best Friday of the year. Even though it’s wet, it’s still a good feeling to show what I’m capable of. I struggled in the morning session because the bike set up just wasn’t there but we improved for the afternoon. Unfortunately on the third lap of FP2, my quickshifter stopped working so I pulled into the pits. We tried to fix it but we were unable to so I went out at the end to see how the bike felt. I was able to improve a lot on my lap time even though I was losing speed down every straight as I had to twist the throttle off and on to change gear. I would have been happy with this position if the bike was working fine so to do it with this problem is an even bigger positive for me. It’s good for my confidence and I’m just hoping we can be faster in the dry.”

Team Director, Martin R. de Rooy: “Gino brought a smile to all of the faces in the garage today with so many red helmets on the timing screens (fastest sector times). Towards the end of Free Practice 2, a decision was made between fixing the quickshifter again or to go out and ride through the problem. Gino chose the latter with his usual enthusiasm finishing 7th in FP2.”

AGT REA Racing will be back in action tomorrow for Free Practice 3 and the Moto2 Qualifying session at 15.05 local time. Follow the team on Facebook www.facebook.com/agtrearacing and Twitter @AGT_REA_Racing for live updates throughout the weekend.

No risks for championship leaders at wet Misano

Misano, Italy – 12 September 2014: On an opening day at Misano that was marred by dismal weather, Mika Kallio mastered the wet and tricky conditions to finish sixth fastest on combined times. Tito Rabat ended the day 16th, after working to improve the wet set up on his Kalex Moto2 machine.

The rain at Misano was pretty much constant all day and the track surface, notorious for being particularly slippery when wet, claimed a number of victims during both 45-minute Moto2 free practice sessions.

Kallio struggled to find a good feeling with the bike during this morning’s free practice, but a change back to a setting closer to that used last year brought an increase in confidence for the Finn during this afternoon’s equally wet 45-minute session.

Rabat focussed on improving the set up of his Kalex Moto2 machine in both sessions today, as the 25-year-old Spaniard has struggled to find a good feeling with the bike in full wet conditions this season. The championship leader improved his lap time significantly this afternoon, despite still missing the feedback needed to instil confidence.

The Marc VDS Racing Team’s Moto3 rider, Jorge Navarro, took advantage of today’s weather to familiarise himself with the Kalex-KTM in wet conditions for the first time, at a track he has never seen before. The 18-year-old Spaniard ended the day 27th on combined times, after two sessions that saw a lot of crashes as the tricky conditions took their toll.

All three Marc VDS riders are hoping that the better weather forecast for tomorrow and Sunday does actually make an appearance.

Mika Kallio // 6th // 1’53.503

“Conditions today were difficult and there is always a risk when you ride in the wet, so it was important to test what we needed to test without crashing. So, while I had something in my pocket today, you still need to push if the tests are to have any meaning. After missing feedback from the bike this morning we switched to a setting closer to the one we used last year and there was a definite improvement this afternoon. We make up time in some places on the track, but we lose out in others, so there is still work to do if conditions remain the same tomorrow.”

Tito Rabat // 16th // 1’55.114

“Of course I didn’t want to take big risks in the conditions today, but it was important to push hard enough to test things on the bike, as we’ve had some issues in the wet that we need to address. Today the conditions were perfect for this and it’s good to have this opportunity on a Friday when we don’t have to think about qualifying. I did a lot of laps and we found some improvement, but there is still work to do if we are to be fully competitive in wet conditions.”

Jorge Navarro // 27th // 2’01.352

“Today was another day for firsts. It is my first time here at Misano and it’s the first time I’ve ridden the Kalex-KTM in wet conditions, so there was plenty to learn. For me it was a positive day, because I was constantly improving and my feeling with the bike was better with ever lap. Today was not a day to take risks, because the weather is supposed to improve for tomorrow and Sunday. Today was all about getting a feel for the bike in these conditions, which we accomplished without crashing, and everything is okay for tomorrow.”

Moto3 - San Carlo Team Italia standout in the opening day at Misano

Andrea Locatelli (4th in the combined times) and Matteo Ferrari (7th) achieve very good results under the rain.

The rain has been the main player in the Moto3 opening day at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, where round 13 of the 2014 World Championship is being held. At the today’s low-grip track Alex Rins (Honda) has been fastest in both the MotoGP FP3 run and the two San Carlo Team Italia riders have shone in the top positions of the timesheets.

On the same track where last year he made an awesome 1-2 in the CIV Moto3 Championship, Andrea Locatelli (Mahindra MGP3O #55) has confirmed to be one of the fastest riders in those tricky conditions: his fourth best lap time in 1’57”562 came with three crashes that only confirmed his strong efforts to do well at Misano Adriatico since Friday morning.

Matteo Ferrari (Mahindra MGP3O #3) has lapped on a similar strong pace posting the seventh best lap time in the morning in 1’58”019 and ending tenth in the afternoon run despite a consequence-free slip off out of turn 6.

Andrea Locatelli (San Carlo Team Italia - Mahindra MGP3O #55) 4th, 1'57"562

"Looking at our performance, today has definitely been a good day for us. Despite a few harmless crashes we remained at excellent levels in both sessions. This morning, particularly, I had a great feeling with my bike. When we deal with these conditions we always do well but I hope the weather improve tomorrow. Today we were playing the odds: you are fast and next thing you know you are down. Anyway, crashes apart, I’m happy with today and I’m motivated to do well also tomorrow".

Matteo Ferrari (San Carlo Team Italia - Mahindra MGP3O #3) 7th, 1'58"019

"I think today has been a positive day. I had a good feeling with my bike since this morning, I could post some good lap times that put me in the high ranking of the standings. Too bad I fell in the afternoon but it was just a light crash. Our target for tomorrow is to confirm the progress we made in the last races. I feel more and more comfortable with my Mahindra thanks to some good choices we recently made about the bike’s setup and electronics maps".

Virginio Ferrari (Riders Manager - San Carlo Team Italia Moto3)

"These kind of weather conditions are generally good to us and underline the strong attitudes of our riders. When a rider is able to be fast in such treacherous conditions, he really prove his worth. This applies to both Matteo and Andrea: today they had to deal with a surface different from that of the other tracks and this explains their crashes such as those of many other riders".

Bright start on opening day at wet Misano for Cardus and Schrotter

Ricky Cardus completed a successful first day of practice at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli where he audaciously battled against the challenging conditions to seize 8th in the combined standings aboard the Mistral 610. The Spanish rider began the day by finishing in 22nd position during the downpour this morning yet remained determined and upbeat for the afternoon. As FP2 began, Cardus and the Tech3 Racing Team continued their work on the team’s self built and designed Moto2 bike with the changes enabling him to run inside the top 5 at the mid point. He completed the practice with a top time of 1’53.628 with a dry line appearing towards the end of the session. Cardus’ forward start today see’s him brimming with confidence for the qualifying battle tomorrow in the fiercely competitive intermediate class.

Meanwhile Marcel Schrotter rode his Mistral 610 to 13th in the combined standings in Friday’s practice at the 4226 meter Misano circuit. The German rider kicked off his Misano account strongly this morning to produce a best time of 1’55.448, finishing in 8th and only three tenths of a second behind 5th in full wet conditions. His bold start in the intermediate class continued in the afternoon session where Schrotter proceeded to surge across the finish line in 13th place, speeding to a best time of 1’54.672 highlighting the potential of the Mistral 610 for the 13th round of the 2014 World Championship. With his confidence high for either wet or dry weather tomorrow, the young German will seek to assert himself in the top ten for qualifying for Sunday’s 26 lap race.

Ricky Cardus : 8th – 1’53.628 – 32 laps

“I am satisfied with my result especially considering the tough conditions which we had to face today. In the morning, I didn’t push to the absolute limit as I was still not too confident with the bike and with the track being so slippery I didn’t want to crash like many of the other riders did. Moreover, I felt that we had a lot of margin for improvement and fortunately the changes we undertook before the second session, paid off hugely. Also the drying track conditions towards the end made me more feel more comfortable and allowed me to run quicker and post the times I knew I was able to do. It was a good day, but unfortunately I made a small mistake towards the close of the session which I must apologise to the team for. Tomorrow the weather is due to improve and I fully intend to do the same with my lap times also. The team made a fantastic effort today and I can’t wait to continue this positive start”

Marcel Schrotter : 13th – 1’54.672 – 31 laps

In all honesty, I’m really satisfied that we finally had the chance to test our bike in full wet conditions. It hasn’t rained too much this year, therefore our experience with the Mistral on slippery track surfaces like today wasn’t in depth. At last we had the chance to understand more about the behaviour of the bike in damp conditions. From this point of view the morning session was a really productive one and we made some good choices and discoveries in terms of settings, however, it was a bit more difficult this afternoon due to the slight reduction in the water. I now know after today that I can be confident if it is wet again but honestly, I hope that the weather will clear tomorrow so that we can work on the dry setting, ready for the race on Sunday where I aim to force my way into the top ten”


Xavier Siméon took the tenth position today aboard the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 Suter machine at the end of the first two free practice sessions held today at Misano under the rain, which made ​​the track very tricky: the Belgian rider, who used for the first time a new suspension configuration, set the time of 1’54”150 in the afternoon session.

Satisfaction also in the Team Gresini Moto2 garage, where Lorenzo Baldassarri closed this complicated first day of practice with a good eleventh best time, 1’54”286.

Both riders, however, have not risked too much, waiting for an improvement in the weather conditions expected for tomorrow.

XAVIER SIMEON (10th - 1'54"150)

“Today the conditions were very difficult: this track is very strange with the rain, because it offers a good grip and gives you enough confidence, but it does not take much to crash, therefore it was very risky to ride and we had to be very careful. Today we used for the first time a new suspension and in these cases it’s definitely not easy to reach immediately the right confidence, especially in the wet. We are happy because we did a good job; tomorrow very likely the track will be dry, so we will start again from scratch and try to do our best”.

LORENZO BALDASSARRI (11th - 1'54"286)

“This morning I crashed, while in the afternoon the situation was better: I could work on the bike set-up and I went faster, so that by mid-session I was also in third position. In the final stages of the second session I went out on track to try another change on the bike, but I felt that the rear was too nervous on bumps, so I decided not to risk too much, also because it would not be useful today, as tomorrow the track should be dry”.


“As happened in the other categories, also the Moto2 had to deal with very difficult conditions today: the final position in the combined classification is good for both Siméon and Baldassarri, but in the end we didn’t risk too much, since tomorrow should be a dry day”.

Nico Terol makes positive return to action

MAPFRE Aspar rider back on track with renewed strength and determination, lapping inside top twenty on day one

The Moto2 riders were the last on track today at Misano but unfortunately there was no relenting in the wet weather that has made for a frustrating and crash-strewn start to the San Marino GP in all classes. Wet specialists like West, Syahrin, Zarco, Simón and Folger were the names that featured most prominently at the top of the timesheets today, with Folger taking top spot. Of the title contenders Mika Kallio came out strongest with the sixth fastest lap as his team-mate and the series leader Tito Rabat could only manage sixteenth.

Nico Terol's decision to skip the last round in Great Britain seems to have paid off, with the MAPFRE Aspar rider coming back today with renewed strength and energy. Terol built his pace as the day progressed and he was satisfied with his performance in difficult conditions after finishing 18th fastest with plenty more to come tomorrow. His team-mate Jordi Torres, on the other hand, struggled for rear feel and crashed this afternoon, sliding off his bike at turn five. Luckily he was unhurt and he can ride tomorrow.

18th Nico Terol 1.55.200 (35 laps): “The weather wasn't great today but it went well. The feeling on the bike was good, even though the grip is low here in the wet. We had to be careful and go step by step without taking too many risks but I improved my lap times in the second session, especially on the final three laps. I felt competitive again and comfortable on the bike. Grip is still quite low so when I tried to brake later I ran wide but I am happy with this first day. I was fired up for it and it was great to see my team welcome me back with open arms. That gives me the strength and motivation to keep improving as the weekend progresses.”

28th Jordi Torres 1.56.436 (35 laps): “We didn't expect the conditions to be so tricky here at Misano today. This circuit is very slippery when wet and it is difficult to ride. We also don't have a great set-up for the wet conditions and we didn't make much progress today. In there conditions you need to brake early and let the bike run through the corner so we need to get our heads around that. Luckily the front end is quite stable so the idea tomorrow is to improve the grip on the rear. Hopefully though we get totally different conditions and a different outcome. The crash this afternoon was quite a big one and I took a heavy blow to my head and elbow but luckily I will be okay to ride tomorrow.”

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