2014 Jerez Moto2 And Moto3 Test Day 1 Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the first day of the final test at Jerez:


MAPFRE Aspar rider Juanfran Guevara forced to make front suspension changes to deal with strong winds

With the final test of the MotoGP preseason wrapped up just a couple of nights ago under the floodlights in Doha the Moto2 and Moto3 teams were on track today for the first day of their final preseason session under bright blue skies at Jerez. Apart from the four Moto2 riders (Terol, Torres, Rabat and Kallio) invited by Dunlop to test at Phillip Island last week a full compliment of championship contenders are squaring up against each other in Spain in the final meeting before the real business starts in Qatar at the end of next week. Temperatures today at Jerez were ideal but with strong winds prevalent the track conditions were not perfect and caused a scare for more than the odd rider. The two categories alternated track time with sessions of an hour and ten minutes each, Moto3 kicking things off at 10am and wrapping up shortly before 5pm.

MAPFRE Aspar rider Juanfran Guevara wasted no time getting out on track on his Moto3 bike but it quickly became clear that his testing programme would be delayed somewhat due to the blustery conditions. The Spanish youngster was forced to make set-up changes to cope with the strong winds and after improving his feeling and his lap times, clocking a best of 1'49.048, he then suffered a further setback with his gearbox that brought his opening day's work to a premature end.

21st Juanfran Guevara 1.49.048 (51 laps): “In general today went well. I was struggling a bit at the start because the wind was a nuisance, it was lifting the front end up and it made it difficult to control the bike in the corner. For our second run we tried to counter this with some suspension set-up alterations but then we had another problem with the bike that was costing us top speed. It was a day of setbacks but the mechanics know how to fix the problems for tomorrow.”

Krummenacher ends the first day of the last pre season test in Jerez

Jerez de la Frontera, March 11, 2014 – The first of the last three days of pre-season testing at Jerez de la Frontera for the Moto2 class have just concluded.

For Team Iodaracing Moto2 and Randy Krummenacher was a busy day. The Swiss rider, in fact, is among those who made more than 27 laps, the best of which in 1.44.515 , (19th lap) , which is worth the 24th place in the standings.

The Moto2 on this occasion proves that is an hard fought class. There are 18 riders in a second. The gap from Randy Krummenacher to the best rider of the day, the Japanese Takaaki Nakagami ( Kalex ), who turned in 1.42.877, is +1.638 s.

The work of today’s Krummeancher with his team was devoted entirely to the finalization of the bike ahead of the season that is about to begin . The tests in Jerez, in fact, are the last chance to get ready before the start of the championship next March 23 in Qatar.

RANDY KRUMMENACHER – MOTO2 RIDER # 4-142877 - “I did more laps than the last test, that’s a sign that things are going better for me. I’ve managed to ride constantly on my reference lap, but at the end of the day I was very tired, which means that I still have not solved at 100% my concentration problems . With the team we have worked very well on the set up, so that now the bike is easier to ride and for that I am very happy . Tomorrow we’ll try to make another great step forward, working hard as usual”.

Carrasco and Deroue looking for improvement

With 1.49.129 in the third session of the first day of the final IRTA test in Jerez Ana Carrasco improved her lap time dramatically compared to the other two sessions. But the Spanish ace was not really satisfied at the end of the day. Also her RW Racing GP team mate Scott Deroue, who set his best lap time in the second session (1.49.309), had hoped for more.

Carrasco, who had her 17th birthday yesterday, had been bothered by the wind at the sunny Andalusian circuit. Her mechanics, headed by former Grand Prix winner Hans Spaan, tried to change the setup of the Kalex KTM as much as possible to conquer the wind and make the bike easier to ride in the circumstances. Thanks to that Carrasco was able to better her time with 0,7 in the 55th of 57 laps overall.

Scott Deroue was less bothered by the wind and set his best lap time halfway through the second session, good enough for 20th position in the session. In the third session he had the feeling the grip on the tarmac had changed and it was getting more difficult to go faster.

Scott Deroue 25th – 1.49.309

“I’m reasonably satisfied. I ran quite some laps today and the overall feeling is fine. I know where I can find improvement: in the first sector. Accelerating out of the corner can be a lot better. Tomorrow is another day.”

Ana Carrasco 23rd – 1.49.129

“I’ve been struggling with the wind a lot. The bike was lifted by the wind and that made it difficult to ride. We’ve changed a lot on the bike and it got much better, but I’m still too far off my best time from the test here in Jerez a few weeks ago. Hopefully tomorrow there is less wind.”

Red Bull KTM Ajo team continue preseason progress

Karel Hanika and Jack Miller resume preseason testing in Jerez with two of the three fast fastest times of Day 1.

03/11/2014 - Jerez Circuit

Track temperatures peaking at 24.2ºC greeted the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders on the first day of the last official test of the preseason, held at Jerez. Karel Hanika and Jack Miller used their time well, setting the second -1:47.348- and third -1:47.423- fastest times of the day, respectively. This continues on from their positive work at the last visit to the track, three weeks ago.

Today saw the Red Bull KTM Ajo bikes adorned with their new livery for the first time. There was also a new testing format, in which Moto3 and Moto2 riders were kept completely separate. Thus, from the first session on, Jack Miller and Karel Hanika enjoyed more than three hours of practice alongside their Moto3 class colleagues.

Although the wind meant that the duo did not improve the times set at the last test at Jerez, the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders dedicated the day to trying out new parts for their KTM bikes. Miller, placed amongst the fastest in all three sessions, set his best time in the second runout with a 1:47.423. He later suffered a mechanical issue in the last hour that prevented him from further participation. Rookie teammate Hanika had a small crash at Turn 6, but this would not prevent him from resuming the test and setting his best lap of the day.

Tomorrow the action continues in Jerez, with the second of three scheduled days on track.

Combined Standings - Day 1

1. Romano Fenati (KTM) 1:47.242

2. Karel Hanika (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:47.348 +0.106

3. Jack Miller (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:47.423 +0.181

4. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Factory Racing) 1:47.494 +0.252

5. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:47.549 +0.307

Jack Miller

"It was a good day, not so bad overall. We experimented with a lot of stuff but we couldn’t really find a good setting; the wind was really affecting us a lot. In the last session I had a technical issue, so I had to sit out the rest of the day when we still had some of stuff to try out. However, we still have another 2 days left. We have to improve the feeling with the front a bit in these conditions, but we're waiting on better weather tomorrow in any case. We'll see how things go over the remaining days and then head to Qatar."

Karel Hanika

"At the beginning of the day my feeling was not very good. I needed more laps to find a good feeling on the bike and get the speed up. The setting is more or less similar to before; we’ve got different a gearbox so I was working a little bit on that and on my engine braking. We tried a little 10-lap 'race simulation' of sorts to see what happened with the tyres and with me, and it was not so bad either.

Today the weather was not perfect; with a lot of wind on track you could see we were losing a lot in the fast corners, where the wind really was pushing. I think the difference is not so big in terms of the lap time, and I also think that if the weather is better tomorrow or the third day the lap times can be faster.

I did my fastest lap alone and I could have done one more lap even faster -but that was the lap in which I crashed. We ran the new livery for the first time today. People like it and we've both got some nice numbers, so it's been good.

I also want to say 'Get well soon' to my friend Hafiq Azmi, who I'm sure will be back for Qatar."

Kent resumes preseason testing with another Top 5 placing

Danny Kent and Niklas Ajo debut new livery at final preseason test in Jerez, with fourth and eighteenth best times, respectively.

03/11/2014 - Jerez Circuit

The last Moto3 preseason test of the year started today at the Circuito de Jerez, with two major developments: The first was the debut of the new Red Bull Husqvarna Factory Racing and Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo liveries, the second a new test format featuring no mixed-class sessions. Danny Kent –fourth, 1:47.494– and Niklas Ajo –eighteenth, 1:48.696– took advantage of warm temperatures to make their final preparations for the season start in Qatar.

Up to three and a half hours of exclusive track time for the Moto3 riders was enjoyed by Danny Kent, Niklas Ajo and their colleagues. With new colours on his Husqvarna bike, Kent started the day strong and was the only man capable of dropping below 1:48 (1:47.958). He would not lower his time in the second session, but on the last runout of the day he set the fourth fastest time for Tuesday: 1:47.494.

Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo rider Niklas Ajo also continued an upward trajectory throughout the day, improving his times in every session. The Finn –like the rest of the field– saw strong winds prevent him from improving his best times from three weeks ago at the Spanish track. In the end, his top lap of 1:48.696 put him eighteenth for the day.

Work with the new Husqvarna FR 250 GP will continue tomorrow with the second day of testing at Jerez.

Combined Standings - Day 1

1. Romano Fenati (KTM) 1:47.242

2. Karel Hanika (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:47.348 +0.106

3. Jack Miller (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:47.423 +0.181

4. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Factory Racing) 1:47.494 +0.252

5. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:47.549 +0.307

18. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo) 1:48.696 +1.454

Danny Kent

"The first day wasn’t too bad, I think a lot of the riders were affected by the wind, because you can get a good line and then, on the next lap, you try to the same and you can’t make the corner. It’s not been a bad start to the test, we've still got two more days to get back to how we were at the last test. The lap times are quite slow, but it’s not a bad start. We saw the new Husqvarna colours today and I really like it. Maybe I'll have to go slowly in order to keep it looking nice!"

Niklas Ajo

"This first day saw us quite far back on the times from the last test here, but I’m not stressed about that. At the last test at first I took it quite easily and didn’t take any risks, because I didn’t want to crash and lose all my feel, and that was my strategy here as well. We tested a lot of new settings, so I’m happy with this and tomorrow we will improve. We have new bike colours and a new garage, which is very nice. I like the colour and from the outside it’s really cool."

Rins and Marquez test latest developments from Honda

Final three days of preseason testing begins, with Alex Rins and Alex Marquez continuing to develop the Honda NSF250RW before the World Championship gets underway.

The first of three days of testing for the Repsol Moto3 riders was completed today at the Circuito de Jerez. With all the support and effort of HRC behind them in the development of their Honda Moto3 bike, Emilio Alzamora's two protégés began an intense final test plan before the start of the season. At the end of the day, Alex Marquez finished in tenth place and Alex Rins eleventh, on a timesheet led by Romano Fenati.

After all the experiments and indications made in the busy month of February, for two weeks Honda engineers have been working on the development of the NSF250RW. Today the bike was back in the hands of Marquez and Rins, who reappeared after an operation on his right wrist. On this first day of testing, both riders focused on adapting the changes made to their bikes to the requirements of the Jerez track, where they completed nearly 300km each on Tuesday. Marquez stopped the clock with a best time of 1:47.728 –4-tenths off Fenati– and teammate Rins set a fastest lap of 1:47.789.

Testing will continue tomorrow and conclude on Thursday, closing the preseason just a week before the opening race in Qatar.

Alex Rins - 1:47:789, 65 laps, 287 km.

"The truth is we've taken a pretty big step forward from the last test I did in Valencia, with the old engine. We noticed a lot of improvement in performance. On the other hand, I still feel some discomfort under heavy braking, like on Turn 6 and Turn 13, but it's normal as I am still not fully recovered. We'll have to work a little harder with the setup of the bike, because everything is still very new and we still have to evaluate some adjustments for a base setting –which will be important for the first three or four races".

Alex Marquez - 1:47:728, 67 laps, 296 km.

"I'm pretty happy with this first day of testing at Jerez. We have taken an important step forward, but still need further progress. I think we have much room for improvement and that's what matters. Tomorrow we will have to finish fine-tuning some aspects we have seen today on track. We have done many experiments and, of course, some are positive than others. It is an important job ahead of us at the first races of the year. We still have a lot to test, since Honda are working hard and providing numerous alternatives. We'll try to improve tomorrow and see if we can have a long run on the last day and get things clear for Qatar".


The Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3 was back in action today at Jerez for the first of three final days of winter testing in preparation for the 2014 Moto3 season: Niccolò Antonelli and Enea Bastianini were back in the saddle of their KTM, resuming the work from the good base reached at the end of last February.

Niccolò Antonelli finished the day with the fifth fastest time, setting a good 1’47”549, just three tenths of a second from the top: the 18-year-old from Cattolica eighteen spent the three today’s sessions working on several adjustments to the chassis, in order to improve some aspects which were still not clear during the previous test. His teammate, Enea Bastianini, yet slightly slowed from the injury to his right hand, struggled to find the right feeling with the bike despite several adjustments to his bike. The youngster from Rimini completed a total of 38 laps, the quickest in 1’49”398.


“Today we resumed testing with no pressure, therefore the lap times are not yet at the level of those signed in late February, but we are still close to the top and this is positive. We spent this first day focusing on clarifying some doubts related to certain chassis set-up solutions that we have already tried at the previous test; now the right path to follow appears more clear, so tomorrow we will continue to work in the same direction”.

ENEA BASTIANINI (1'49"398 - 38 LAPS)

“Apart from the injured hand, that is still annoying me a bit, today I had no feeling with my bike. Tomorrow we will try different chassis set-up solutions to try and overcome this problem, but for sure we still have a lot of work ahead. Obviously I'm still in a learning process, and therefore I have yet to adapt to this bike, but at Almeria and also at Valencia the situation was already pretty good. Here in Jerez instead I'm struggling, but that's normal: we are already happy with the level we reached this winter, but we want to improve more and I believe that soon we will succeed”.


“Twenty days after the last test we have carried out in Spain, today we were back in Jerez and I must say that it’s nice to show once again our competitiveness: this means that we have worked well so far. Niccolò completed a successful day of testing, in which he did a good ‘recap’ of all the work done during last February, removing some doubt in terms of set-up. As for Enea, we are helping him in his apprenticeship to this category: unfortunately, at the moment in this circuit he’s struggling to find the right feeling with the bike, but we know we can improve a lot: it's only a matter of time”.


About twenty days after the last test carried out at Jerez, the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 was back in action today at the Andalusian circuit for the final pre-season testing session before leaving for Qatar, where is scheduled later this month the Grand Prix of the 2014 Moto2 World Championship.

In the first of three days of testing scheduled at Jerez Xavier Siméon completed no less than 69 laps, performing various set-up adjustments on his Suter MMX2 : the Belgian rider unfortunately did not manage to find a good compromise that would ensure him a good level of grip at the rear and at the same time a good front end feeling. After a great start in the first morning session, Xavier was therefore not able to improve his pace, setting a best time of 1’43”704.

In the Team Gresini Moto2’s garage the first day of testing has been incredibly positive, with Lorenzo Baldassarri that was has already able to run at a very good pace, already getting close to the lap times obtained at the end of the previous test in Jerez, putting himself in seventh place overall, and fastest Italian rider on today’s combined classification. The young rookie, who will try tomorrow his first race simulation onboard a Moto2 machine, completed a total of 62 laps, the quickest in 1’43”299.

XAVIER SIMEON (1'43"704 - 69 LAPS)

“This first day of testing started very well, because we were immediately quite fast, but in the afternoon, despite several changes to the bike, we were no longer able to improve our lap time, so I'm not completely satisfied: we've probably done something wrong , losing a bit of front end feeling looking for more edge grip at the rear. Tomorrow we will take a step back and we will continue to work to try and improve”.


“I'm really happy! Today, despite windy conditions, I was able to approach the lap times I had obtained at the end of the previous test here at Jerez in late February. Moreover, today I’ve often used worn tyres, in order to get used to these conditions, and tomorrow we will deepen even further this aspect: in fact, we are planning a first race simulation, to assess the tyre wear over full race distance”.


“This last pre-season test before leaving for Qatar is really important, and the atmosphere is starting to be more exciting. We are very please about the first day: as alwasy done during this winter, we resumed the work with the right attitude, showing again a good level of competitiveness. Baldassarri, above all, is a good surprise for us: he’s fast, determined and very focused, and his apprenticeship is going better than we expected. Siméon encountered some difficulties today, but we are not worried; Xavier is an experienced rider and for sure he knows that it is important to understand together with the team how to solve these set-up problems before the beginning of the season”.

Hafiq Azmi misses Jerez test but will be ready for Qatar

SIC-Ajo rider misses last official Moto3 test due to an injury to right wrist, but will be fit for the first race of the year. Hafiza Rofa replaces him for the three days at Jerez.

03/11/2014 - Jerez Circuit

Young SIC-Ajo rider Hafiq Azmi will miss the scheduled test taking place from Tuesday through Thursday at the Spanish circuit of Jerez. The Malaysian rider injured his right wrist last week, after suffering a fall whilst training enduro near his home.

After undergoing a medical in Barcelona, Hafiq Azmi was diagnosed with a hairline fracture in his right wrist by Dr. Xavier Mir, plus a significant inflammation of the ligament that prevents safe riding this week. The rider was advised to take a week's rest before getting back on his KTM at the first free practice for the Qatar Grand Prix —the opening race on the calendar.

Satisfied with the all-clear to participate at the opening round of his rookie Moto3 season, Hafiq Azmi left his testing spot to fellow Malaysian, Hafiza Rofa, who will continue work in the SIC-Ajo garage.

Hafiq Azmi - SIC-Ajo rider

"I’m a little bit sad not to be able to ride here. Since the last test I’ve been training a lot in Malaysia and, the day before flying here, I was doing Enduro and had a crash. Unfortunately my hand was fractured in the fall and that’s why I can’t get on the bike this week. On Monday I checked it out with the doctors and they told me that probably it wouldn’t be possible to be ready in time for Jerez, but for the Qatar race for sure it will be OK —I certainly hope so!"


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