2014 Moto2 And Moto3 Jerez Test, Day 3 Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the final day of testing at Jerez:

Miller sets new circuit record at Jerez

Red Bull KTM Ajo rider sets new milestone for second consecutive day, with a new circuit record at Jerez. Hanika ends test with the fourth fastest time of the three days.

02/20/2014 - Jerez Circuit, Spain

With excellent results in hand, the Red Bull KTM Ajo completed the Moto3 official test in Jerez on Thursday. Jack Miller and Karel Hanika concluded three days of work in which they were in fine form. With a new circuit record –1:46.046–, Miller featured at the head of the timesheets for the third consecutive day. Meanwhile, rookie Hanika was fifth in today's session, concluding the test with the fourth best time overall.

Foggy conditions forced a stay in the box for the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders in the first session of the day –also the longest run on Thursday. Miller and Hanika waited until the Moto3-only session to get onboard their KTM bikes. With a respectable track temperature of 24ºC, both again showed very good pace. The Australian was the second fastest rider, breaching the 1:47 barrier with a 1:46.434 –whilst Hanika, seventh, set a 1:47.404 before sitting out the final quarter-hour with pain in his right wrist.

In the afternoon, when everything seemed ready to be packed up, Jack Miller pulled a final ace from his sleeve, setting a perfect lap of 1:46.046. With a new circuit record, the Australian ended the third day of testing on a high. Hanika did not want to miss the opportunity to put in more laps and returned to the track. He clocked his fastest time of 1:46.796 to claim fifth on the timesheets.

Jack Miller and Karel Hanika will hope for better weather in three weeks for the next test, held between 11th and 13th March, for the last three days of official testing in the 2014 preseason. Until then, the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders will have two weeks to hone their fitness.

Combined Standings - Day 3

1. Jack Miller (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:46.046

2. Jakub Kornfeil (KTM) 1:46.256 +0.210

3. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:46.452 +0.406

4. Niklas Ajo (Husqvarna) 1:46.658 +0.612

5. Karel Hanika (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:46.796 +0.750

Combined Standings - Day 1/2/3

1. Jack Miller (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:46.046

2. Jakub Kornfeil (KTM) 1:46.256 +0.210

3. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:46.452 +0.406

4. Karel Hanika (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:46.645 +0.599

5. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:46.646 +0.600

Jack Miller

"It was definitely a good three days of testing; it was very productive, we made a lot of improvements and also found a lot of negatives as well, which helps us in the long run. We were able to put in laps consistently, which was our main goal. I felt very comfortable on the bike, KTM brought us plenty of stuff to try out and I enjoyed myself on the bike, which is the main thing. You can't just test, test, test –you have to have some fun on the bike as well.

I can still improve my lap times and there are some small things that need further improvement in order to go faster. I didn't expect this lap time as such, but I had hoped to be close. To go round under the circuit record, though, is really good."

Karel Hanika

"Today with the team we decided that it would be better to do a few consistent laps rather than one quick lap, and I think over these three days we did both. It’s important for the races, I'm happy with the results and I think that together with the team, we did awesome job. It’s amazing to be in the Top 5.

Of course I can still improve, I still have some things to improve personally, and also the bike will be different at the next test with some different setups. We'll work more on the suspension, but I just want to do as many laps as possible and then I think we will be well prepared for Qatar."

The three days of testing at Jerez ended for the Iodaracing Moto2 Team

Jerez de la Frontera, February 20, 2014 - It’s officially finished today the tests at Jerez de la Frontera for the Moto2 class. Definitely a positive session in the three days for the Iodaracing Moto2 Team, with Randy Krummenacher has progressively improved his lap times.

In the combined ranking of the three days, the Swiss rider appears far from the first positions, 28 ° in 1.43.961 , about half a second stronger than the best time yesterday. The work done in these three days by Krummenacher and Iodaracing Moto2 Team is focused on the resumption of automatic drive skills with speed and confidence for the Swiss rider, who has not yet fully recovered from the concussion of the last year British Gp.

The progression in the timing and the confidence that Krummenacher shown in these tests is very positive and this increasing the mutual trust between the rider and theteam .

RANDY KRUMMENACHER - MOTO2 RIDER - "Today I was really tired and I had to stop for a moment to get back on track for the last few sessions. Compared to the previous test at Valencia , however, I feel every time stronger. I'm driving better and better and this gives me hope. Unfortunately I cannot say when I will be able to solve my problem and it scares me a bit, but I’m confident . I just have to take my concentration and I feel that we are on the right way. The Moto2 class is confirmed even more difficult and this year it is even more . The best guy on the standings are very fast and we are all stuck in time. At this time I do not have to look at these things, but working with the team to get back on top and the work we are doing together right now is helping me a lot”.

The NGM Forward Racing Team leave Jerez with positive feelings

Today was the third and last day of the Moto2 official test session at Jerez for the NGM Forward Racing Team that made its debut on board of the new FORWARD KLX. The fog spoiled the morning session, but Simone Corsi made the best out of the afternoon session, scoring a good lap time (1’43.014) and finishing in the top ten of the combined classification of the three days.

Corsi leaves Jerez confident of the potential of the Forward KLX project, despite a technical problem at the engine later today. Mattia Pasini finished with an encouraging 1’43.291. Both riders gathered important data and worked on the set up of the new machine, improving their lap times on the Jerez track.

The NGM Forward Racing Team will be back on track in the last test session before the opening round of the Qatar GP scheduled in two weeks at Jerez, from the 11th to the 13th of March.

Simone Corsi

“Today I found a good feeling with the bike and I could improve my lap times. We have missed one test, so it was important to do as many kilometres as possible and work on the setting of the bike. It’s a pity that I had an engine problem this afternoon, when I was riding with a good pace. All in all I’m happy with the feeling I have on the bike”.

Mattia Pasini

“I’m very satisfied of these 3 days of test. I’m still not 100% after the surgery I had on my wrist last December, but it was important to be back on track and do the necessary shakedown work with the machine. I was comfortable with the bike since the beginning and we gathered important information that will be useful to improve the set up of the machine. I’m confident that we will be fast with these new bikes”.

Husqvarna riders finish amongst the top seven

Danny Kent and Niklas Ajo, fourth today, conclude the Jerez test in fifth and seventh, respectively.

02/20/2014 - Jerez Circuit, Spain

The Husqvarna riders completed three positive days of testing at Jerez on Thursday. Satisfied with the progress made over the trio of days, Danny Kent and Niklas Ajo occupied the upper spots on the combined classification for the visit to Southern Spain. The Briton was fifth fastest after not having been able to improve his times today, whilst the Finn was fourth today and seventh overall.

The Husqvarna riders were almost spectators in the first session on Thursday, as only Danny Kent dared to go out and put in five laps on cold asphalt after fog had lifted. In the next hour, however, Kent and Ajo were hard at work in a continuation of yesterday. Despite not being able to improve their times from yesterday, both put in fifteen laps that set them up for the final session of the afternoon.

In that run, the Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo rider set his fastest lap of the week, with the fourth best of the session: 1:46.658. The lap rounded off a positive week in Jerez. Meanwhile, Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo’s Danny Kent closed the week with 25 laps and a time of 1:47.367 –shy of his Wednesday best.

After debuting the new Husqvarna Moto3 bike, Kent and Ajo have a fortnight off before the start of the final preseason test, also at Jerez, between 11th and 13th March.

Combined Standings - Day 3

1. Jack Miller (KTM) 1:46.046

2. Jakub Kornfeil (KTM) 1:46.256 +0.210

3. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:46.452 +0.406

4. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo) 1:46.658 +0.612

5. Karel Hanika (KTM) 1:46.796 +0.750

8. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:46.954 +0.908

Combined Standings - Day 1/2/3

1. Jack Miller (KTM) 1:46.046

2. Jakub Kornfeil (KTM) 1:46.256 +0.210

3. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:46.452 +0.406

4. Karel Hanika (KTM) 1:46.645 +0.599

5. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:46.646 +0.600

7. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo) 1:46.658 +0.612

Danny Kent

"It’s not been too bad; there have been ups and downs but I rode all three days, so we can leave quite happy. There are a few things we need to improve on. Now we can go back and work hard on my fitness, train and prepare for the next test. I’m quite happy, but we need to work on a few things –mainly myself. We are quite far from the fastest lap time, but we are just preparing ourselves in our own way for Qatar."

Niklas Ajo

"It’s not about lap times, although I’m happy with my best times anyway. It is not the aim of our work yet, so doesn’t matter so much. There are many guys who have similar lap times, everyone is very close. I’m very happy with the work we’ve done with my team here, it was a very good test for us. We found a very good setting for the bike and also we could improve a lot with my riding. There were no crashes and no mistakes, so it was very positive test, we just have to continue with the same work for the next test, keep going at the same rate, and it will be alright."

Successful test concludes for Marquez and Quartararo

Development of Honda NSF250RW takes step forward at Circuito de Jerez, where Alex Marquez and Fabio Quartararo rounded off three positive days of testing.

On the final day of testing at Jerez, Alex Marquez and Fabio Quartararo continued working in the same way as yesterday and continued to feel good onboard their Moto3 machines. Working on their respective setups, the pair rounded off the second official test of 2014 in ninth and fourteenth place, respectively, on the combined timesheet for the three days.

The morning fog and the low track temperature affected lap times today. Alex Marquez and Fabio Quartararo added another 49 and 50 laps, respectively, to the clock and kept developing their bikes. The Spaniard closed the day with a best time of 1:47.566, while his teammate for the week set a top lap of 1:47.898.

With the data gathered over three intense weeks of work, the HRC engineers will take the baton from the riders to continue development of the bikes ‒with the start of the World Championship rapidly approaching. The riders return to action in two weeks’ time at the MotorLand Aragon circuit.

Alex Marquez - 1:47.566, 49 laps, 217 km.

"We started to ride at 1pm because it was very foggy and, due to the track conditions, it was a little more difficult to lower our times than in previous days. Today we did not have as much feeling as yesterday, but that did not stop us trying different settings to progress even more with the development of the Honda NSF250RW. Overall these three days were very positive. We rode fast and I went quicker despite my shoulder injury. I've noticed a lot of improvement from the test in Valencia. Day after day the crew and I have more data about the Honda. We know at all times what we need and this helps us a lot in our quest to have a good season."

Fabio Quartararo - 1:47.898, 50 laps, 221 km.

"Today it was a little more difficult to work, due to unfavourable weather conditions. We encountered a lot of fog in the morning and the track was cold, but that did not stop us going out there and trying different configurations, allowing us to lower my times from last year. I am very happy to have been involved in this World Championship test, as my goal is to win the CEV Repsol this year and become a GP rider next season."

Hafiq Azmi satisfied upon conclusion of Jerez test

Fog and low temperatures play big part on last day of test, in which SIC-Ajo rider finishes twenty-fifth fastest on the combined timesheet.

02/20/2014 - Jerez Circuit, Spain

Tests at Almeria, Valencia and Jerez have begun the 2014 preseason for Hafiq Azmi. Today he concluded his visit to the latter, feeling satisfied after a good week for the SIC-Ajo rider. The young Malaysian changed his mindset for Thursday and, although he did not improve his best time from yesterday, finished happy with the work done. His time from Wednesday put him 25th on the combined timesheet for the three days.

Intense fog early in the morning prevented Hafiq Azmi from enjoying the long first session. Under a cloudy sky in the second session, restricted to Moto3 riders only, he put in 15 laps with a best time of 1:49.101 placing him in 25th. That lap time was smashed in the afternoon session, when he rode a 1:48.677 on his eighth lap of the fourteen completed –despite colder track temperatures than yesterday.

With three consecutive weeks of testing under his belt, the SIC-Ajo rider will now take a 2-week break before getting back to Jerez and his KTM for a final preseason test, held between 11th and 13th March.

Combined Standings - Day 3

1. Jack Miller ( KTM) 1:46.046

2. Jakub Kornfeil (KTM) 1:46.256 +0.210

3. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:46.452 +0.406

4. Niklas Ajo (Husqvarna) 1:46.658 +0.612

5. Karel Hanika (KTM) 1:46.796 +0.750

25. Hafiq Azmi (SIC-Ajo Team) 1:48.677 +2.631

Combined Standings - Day 1/2/3

1. Jack Miller (KTM) 1:46.046

2. Jakub Kornfeil (KTM) 1:46.256 +0.210

3. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:46.452 +0.406

4. Karel Hanika (KTM) 1:46.645 +0.599

5. Danny Kent (Husqvarna) 1:46.646 +0.600

25. Hafiq Azmi (SIC-Ajo Team) 1:48.551 +2.505

Hafiq Azmi // SIC-Ajo Team

"I feel much better, because I have reason to smile today. I was stressed yesterday, but today the bike went much better and I got a lot more confidence than yesterday. I did a lot of laps alone, Jack Miller helped me out by showing his lines and after that I felt a little more assured. I want to improve my mindset still, as I need to relax and be positive and try to learn to gain feeling quickly."


After nine days of testing over two weeks, the intense pre-season testing program of the Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3 on Spanish soil concluded today at Jerez. After visiting Almeria and Valencia, Niccolò Antonelli and Enea Bastianini collected valuable data also at the Andalusian circuit.

Niccolò Antonelli ended the test third overall in the combined classification: despite having completed only 35 laps today, slowed by a technical problem on his KTM, the youngster from Cattolica - who turns 18 this Sunday, February 23rd - got again a good feedback, setting an excellent 1’46”452.

His team-mate, Enea Bastianini, improved gradually his pace during the day, going up to 1’47”917: the 16-year-old from Rimini, however, has been struggling a lot today because of severe pain on his right hand.

Just finished the February “tour de force”, both riders of the Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3 will be back in action at Jerez from 11th to 13th of March for the final preparations ahead of the Qatar Grand Prix, scheduled in just over a month, on March 23rd.


“After three tests in three different circuits, now we go home happy! Also today everything went well, despite a problem with the bike that kept us in the garage for most of the day: in the few laps left I managed to get the third best lap time, thanks to the excellent work done yesterday on the bike. Here in Jerez we were competitive, although we struggled a little more than Valencia: Miller is very strong, over these three days we closed a little the gap from him, but not enough, so the goal for the next test in March is to try and stay with him”.

ENEA BASTIANINI (1'47"917 - 34 LAPS)

“Unfortunately, today was even harder than yesterday: I felt a lot of pain in my right hand and therefore I couldn’t do more than three consecutive laps. In addition, I always found a lot of traffic on the track, so I could not improve my lap times as I wanted. Too bad, but now we are already looking at the next test scheduled in March, when I will be fully fit: in fact, the hand injury should heal within ten days”.


“This series of testing sessions on Spanish soil has been long and hard for the team, but their efforts have been rewarded by the excellent performance of both our riders: Antonelli, despite being slowed by a technical problem in this last day, has always been a protagonist, confirming that our goals for the 2014 season are very ambitious. Niccolò is not disappointing our expectations, he has grown a lot and is putting into practice the experience gained in the first two years with us, working methodically and always with the utmost concentration. Both in Almeria and in Valencia, Enea has made ​​excellent progress, proving to be one of the most promising Moto3 rookies, but unfortunately in Jerez he made a mistake that did not allow him to continue in the best way his apprenticeship; however, he has already shown good things. Now the team will return to Italy and we will begin to analyze the vast amount of data collected, in order to face the last pre-season test, scheduled from 11th to 13th of March in Jerez, aware of our goals and to take another step forward ahead of the first Grand Prix”.

Progress continues for Tech3’s Schrotter and Marinelarena at Jerez

Tech3 Racing Team’s Marcel Schrotter and Álex Mariñelarena concluded the second pre-season, three day test at Circuito de Jerez, in southern Spain today. Both riders continued to make strides forward and took advantage of the additional time with the Mistral 610, Moto2 bike around the 4.423 kilometre circuit.

The weather was predominantly good in Andalucía, although the Moto2 riders did not ride until after 13:00 on the opening day, due to waiting for the circuit to dry from the previous day’s rain. Conditions on Wednesday were clear, but a slight fog on Thursday morning did not recede until lunchtime, and caused cooler temperatures for the remainder of the day.

Marcel Schrotter continued to learn and explore options with his Tech3 Racing Team Mistral 610, which is entirely designed and produced by the French motorsport team. After running a race simulation today and working closely with the Tech3 Racing Team, Schrotter proceeded to adapt and make advancements towards finding a feeling with the bike which would suit his riding style. His progress was positive, as he significantly improved his lap times over the three day test. Working from the base setup which he rode with in Valencia, the Bavarian rider completed the opening session of testing on Tuesday with a 1:45.112. After some fine tuning, the young German rider found a comfortable setup, and finished the test in 14th position, with a best time of 1:43.209. The reduction in time amounted to almost two seconds from his first outing on Tuesday.

Álex Mariñelarena further accustomed himself with the Mistral 610 which he will compete with in his inaugural, full time Moto2 season this year. Continuing from his testing in Valencia, the young Spanish rider built on his experience and knowledge of the Moto2 bike and completed 180 laps at Jerez. With his Tech3 Racing Team, he experimented with various set up strategies, and worked around minor obstacles in preparation for the season’s opening race. With the former CEV Buckler race winner’s confidence ever growing, his lap times proceeded to reduce. Mariñelarena’s fastest time on the opening day of testing was 1:44.499. By the conclusion of the test on Thursday evening, the young Spanish rider’s best time was 1:43.367, which left him in 20th position, an improvement of over a second.

Tech3 Racing Team’s Moto2 riders will attend one final testing session before the season opener at the Losail Circuit, Qatar on the 23rd of March. The next session will commence on the 11th of March at the Circuito De Jerez, Spain.

Marcel Schrotter - 14th- 1:43.209:

“Altogether, I’m pretty happy with how this test went. The gap to fifth position is not even half a second, which is a good position to start from for the final test here in 3 weeks. Despite the weather not being ideal, we managed to work through our test schedule on the last day, which was very important especially after the time we lost in Valencia. We tried numerous setup modifications and made some really good progress. At the beginning of the test we concentrated especially on improving the turning of the bike, which I’m really happy with now. Today, I did my first long run, as we wanted to collect data about my feeling with the bike on used tyres.”

Alex Marinelarena - 20th - 1:43.367:

“This was a positive test for us. On the first day, the team and I worked on the turning of the bike, which we improved a lot and I am happy about. On Wednesday, there was an issue with the rear tyre which kept spinning a lot, but today we solved this and I improved my times quickly after. The bike felt very good and the gap to first place is only just over a second. This test was a steady improvement, after 180 laps in three test days, we are going home happy. We have improved our CEV pole by six tenths of a second."

Hervé Poncharal –Tech3 Racing Team owner:

“The last 3 days have definitely been positive for our team. I’m satisfied with the approach and the improvement Marcel and Axel have shown. This has only been the second time they have been on the bike this season. Valencia was kind of a shakedown test for us, but now we have started to prepare for the upcoming season. I’m really confident, even if this test has shown once again how competitive this category is, with 20 riders within one second at one point. However we have a strong team and will give our all to be up there and fight for consistent top 10 finishes.”

Kallio and Rabat lead the field in Jerez

Jerez, Spain – 20 February 2014: Mika Kallio smashed the Jerez lap record by over a second on the final day in Spain, posting a time of 1’42.169 to finish the three days of testing at the top of the timesheet, just as his Marc VDS teammate, Tito Rabat, did one week ago in Valencia.

Rabat looked all set to repeat the success of Valencia, after finally ousting Tom Lüthi from the number one slot on the timesheet with a time of 1’42.223. But shortly after calling a halt to testing, the 24-year-old Spaniard had to sit and watch as his teammate finally denied him the top spot.

It was a tough test for the team’s Moto3 rider, Livio Loi. The 16-year-old Belgian made good progress on the opening day, but the increased pace meant he struggled to find a good feeling with the bike on the remaining two days.

Kallio and Rabat will now head to Australia, where they’ll participate in a Dunlop Moto2 tyre test at Phillip Island from 3 – 5 March, their final test ahead of the first race of the season in Qatar. Loi will return to Jerez from 11-13 March, to participate in the final Moto3 test.

Mika Kallio: 1st – 1’42.169

““The first two days we confirmed the settings we tested in Valencia, keeping our preferred tyres for the race and qualifying simulations today. In the race simulation I was happy with my speed and consistency, with my best and worst laps separated by just half a second. In the qualifying simulation I finally had the feeling that was missing last year - the feeling of being on the limit. I knew I was on a fast lap, but it’s always good to see it confirmed on timesheet, especially when your name is on the top! Okay, it’s only testing, but it all builds confidence ahead of the first race.”

Tito Rabat: 2nd – 1’42.223

“It’s been a good test for us, as we’ve managed to test a lot of things on the bike over the three days. Each time we’ve made a small step, but always in the right direction, constantly improving the bike and the lap time. We still have some things to try in Phillip Island next month, mainly tyres and fairings, but I’m happy with where we’re at right now. The aim during testing was always to build towards the first race in Qatar and that’s exactly what we’ve done here at Jerez and in Valencia last week.”

Livio Loi: 12th – 1’46.906

“The first day I was already quicker than I was here last year, but increasing your pace also highlights problems with the set-up of the bike that weren’t apparent before. We worked through different settings on the second day, and there was some improvement, but we made a bigger step today, and I was able to break into the 1’46s bracket for the first time. Of course, now I’m faster again, the bike again feels different and this is something we’ll have to address at the next test. It’s a lot of work, but when it brings results like it has today then it’s definitely worth it.”

Michael Bartholemy: Team Principal

“There’s not much I can say about Mika and Tito, other than they’ve done a great job once again. With Tito topping the timesheet in Valencia and Mika claiming the top spot here in Jerez, it means we go into the new season confident that both riders will be able to fight, not just for race wins, but also for the championship. With Livio we still have some work to do. He improved his pace compared to last year straight away, but then stalled because the bike felt different at this new pace. Today he made a few small changes, but the improvement came from him, not the bike, and he did a good job to break the 1’47s barrier this afternoon. Now he needs to come back next month, start at the same pace and make another step, which, again, can only come from him.”


Nico Terol and Jordi Torres gather more crucial data on final day of test, improving lap times and feeling

The Moto3 World Championship looms ever larger, with the majority of riders now two thirds of the way through their preseaosn testing programme following the conclusion of a three-day session in Jerez. With six days down there are just three more scheduled for Jerez in March before the season gets underway in Qatar, although Terol, Torres, Rabat and Kallio will head to Australia for a three-day session with Dunlop in the meantime. After a battle between Tito Rabat and Tom Luthi for leadership of this test, Mika Kallio popped up at the end of the day with a time of 1'42.169 to leave the session on top. Despite the day being hit by morning fog and lower track temperatures than yesterday, this was the fastest lap of the test.

MAPFRE Aspar's two riders looked tired but happy at the end of a third day of relentless riding at Jerez, where they have built up a stack of data to help the team prepare their machines as properly as possible for the start of the new campaign. Despite not managing to propel themselves towards the top end of the timesheets with a flying lap both Nico Terol and Jordi Torres steadily increased their pace and rhythm until the moment the track closed at 6pm, racking up 60 and 62 laps respectively. The Spanish pair head off to Australia next week in a positive frame of mind.

15th Nico Terol 1.43.245 (60 laps): “I am happier today because I feel like I have got the feeling for my bike back. I got a bit lost with the front fork but we found our way yesterday and today we were able to confirm that, stepping up the rhythm and consistency even though we didn't set a particularly fast lap. We can leave Jerez feeling happy. The lap times at the top are really impressive but that often tends to happen in testing, the important thing is to be ready for the first race. We are on the right path and this has been a positive test for us because we have rebuilt our confidence with the bike. I'd like to be a bit higher up the order but it's only a matter of time.”

22nd Jordi Torres 1.43.537 (62 laps): “We tried some different configurations with the front fork today to try and find a bit more stability in corner entry. We also made some changes to the rear to improve grip and get the bike turning better at full lean. The feedback was good and the majority of things we tried were positive but we still need to take another step forward, especially in terms of letting the bike run off the brakes. The lap time is not as good as the guys at the top but we are not panicking about that, the goal here was to establish a good base to work from without worrying about the lap time. In any case, our pace has been better here at Jerez than last year.”


The Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 and Xavier Siméon completed today a successful three days of testing at the Jerez circuit: despite the injury he suffered in early February in Almeria, which forced him to miss the previous two test sessions, the Belgian rider recovered quickly, hitting the top ten with the ninth fastest time overall over the three days - 1'42 "925 - with a very small gap from the top.

Siméon also showed a good race pace, an equally positive aspect ahead of the first Grand Prix of the season, scheduled in just over a month.

Aboard the Team Gresini Moto2 Suter machine, Lorenzo Baldassarri was also surprisingly fast during all the tests carried out during the month of February on Spanish soil; today, in particular, the young Italian signed the eighth fastest time in 1’42”923, making him the second quickest Moto2 rookie on the track, behind Sam Lowes, as well as the fastest among the debutants coming from Moto3.

The last meeting in preparation for the 2014 season is always scheduled at Jerez, from 11th to 13th of March, for a further three days of testing.

XAVIER SIMEON (1'42"925 - 68 LAPS)

“Today we made a big step forward: apart from the good lap time, I was able to keep a good pace, constantly lapping near the 1’43” mark, and this is important for race distance. The satisfaction is great because this was my first real test of the year and it’s nice to be already in the top ten; the team worked very well, yesterday we struggled a bit, but today the situation was a lot better”.


“I'm very happy, I honestly didn’t expect to be able to stay already in the top ten, it's a nice surprise! We worked well during all tests: in Almeria, Valencia and also here in Jerez we were able to improve more and more, calmly and step by step. Today we wanted to do a race simulation but we were not able to do it: after three consecutive days of testing I was a little tired. Now let's look at the last test, scheduled in March, where we will try to find more grip, which we still lack a bit, especially when the tyres start to wear out”.


“Both our riders achieved extraordinary results in this test: Siméon has recovered from the accident that occurred at Almeria and despite having missed the previous two tests, unlike his rivals, he was immediately competitive, making a good job in all these three days. We have to work a little bit on his bike in order to fit his driving style, but right now we are not far from the top. Baldassarri’s result is also fantastic: he was not only strong, but once again he proved to be really focused on his objectives. He still has a long way to go, but we will help him in his path of growth”.


MAPFRE Aspar rider feeling in tune with new bike after three days of testing

The mixed weather at Jerez continued to dictate the amount of track action in the Moto3 and Moto2 preseason test, with morning fog restricting the amount of laps on this third and final day. Less ideal track conditions compared to yesterday did not stop pacesetter Jack Miller from improving his best time, however, the Australian clocking a 1'46.046 to finish the session on top. With six days of preseason testing now complete, the Moto3 riders will be back at Jerez for three more days starting on the 11th March, less than two weeks before the start of the season.

MAPFRE Aspar rider Juanfran Guevara didn't get out on track until 1:30pm but the youngster rode until 5pm, clocking up 49 laps as he continued to adapt to his new bike. The focus today was again on chassis and geometry set-up, particularly on the rear end. By the end of the three-day session the new ASPAR Team signing was happy with his progress and confident that he and the team have found the right way forward for his Kalex/KTM machine.

14th Juanfran Guevara 1.47.422 (49 laps): “We were late going out because of the fog and the track was still cold at the start of the day. We continued working on the set-up of the bike but focused mainly on the rear, and tried some different tyre compounds. We worked with the medium compound yesterday so today we tried the soft, trying to put a consistent rhythm together, but it wasn't easy because of the track conditions. Even so I am happy with my feeling for the bike and it has been a positive test. We know which way we need to go in the future and we are happy with where we're at. Hopefully we can refine the setting a little more in the next test.”

RW Racing GP satisfied with test results

RW Racing GP looks back on a total of eight days of testing with satisfaction. After Almeria, Valencia and Jerez the team achieved more or less what it wanted. Ana Carrasco and Scott Deroue finished the three days test in Jerez in 24th and 26th overall, with their fastest lap times set on day 2.

A cold and misty start of the third day prevented Carrasco and Deroue from getting on their Kalex KTM machines early. But they made up with 53 and 40 laps respectively in the afternoon.

Neither of them managed to improve the lap times set on day 2 – 1.48,155 for Carrasco and 1.48,725 for Deroue – but that was about the only stain. RW Racing GP team manager Jarno Janssen had hoped his riders could squeeze out a few flying laps. “Both Ana and Scott had very reasonable lap times, but no peak results. Perhaps they rode too much, making it a bit of a routine. On the other hand: there was nothing at stake yet. No pressure for a qualifying position, no race result. It’s good enough for now but I do believe both Ana and Scott can go faster.”

The team is on its way to the Netherlands already to get everything ready for the final test in Jerez (11, 12, 13 March) and the start of season. Straight from Jerez the bikes will be flown to Qatar, the United States, Argentina and back to Jerez. “So everything has to done by then”, Janssen explains. “The test in Jerez will be the last one with four races immediately after.”


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