2014 Moto2 And Moto3 Valencia Test, Day 1 Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the first day of testing at Valencia:

First working day in Valencia for Randy Krummenacher

Valencia, February 11, 2014 - The first day of testing in Valencia ended for the Iodaracing Moto2 Team with the closing of the unified session of the afternoon, which saw Randy Krummenacher 18th with the lap time 1.38.097 .

The Team Iodaracing and the Swiss rider have approached the cold opening day of Valencia test without pressure. For Krummenacher the important was to remove the rust accumulated in the low activity on the track due to an accident in the last season, so the results of the day are to read in a positive light .

Randy Krummenacher completed about 50 laps completed in the first day of testing in Valencia, 20 of whom done in the last session, all without problems. The lap time clocked by Randy at the moment is far from the first positions ( +1.891 s the leader of the session, Mika Kallio ) and not too far from the top ten (about one second).

The Team Moto2 Iodaracing and Randy Krummenacher have chosen not to continue to run while the track closes at 18.00 to the lower ambient temperatures.

RANDY KRUMMENACHER - MOTO2 RIDER - "I have to take some automation on the track that I have lost in these months I couldn’t ride. I like a lot the bike that Iodaracing gave to me, we still need to adjust something but is definitely competitive. I'm sure these days I'll be able to move up the rankings. I am very satisfied with the work we did today”.

Marquez and Rins put in laps at Valencia

Moto3 duo will test from Tuesday through Thursday at Ricardo Tormo circuit as they develop their Honda machine.

Alex Rins and Alex Marquez returned to work today in Valencia in preparation for the 2014 season. After the first private tests held last week at the Circuito de Almeria, Rins and Marquez were in action at the Circuit de Valencia, to advance the development of their new Honda for the Moto3 World Championship. After putting in more than 260km, Marquez finished eleventh and his teammate seventeenth, with the top spot taken by Niccolo Antonelli.

Marquez and Rins had a hard day's work in which they completed 65 and 67 laps, respectively. The Repsol riders focused on adapting the set-up of their Honda –a completely new machine– to the twisty Valencia track. The bike will be used by Emilio Alzamora's protegés to compete in the World Championship, which starts on 23rd March in Qatar.

Slowed by strong wind and low temperatures, the Repsol riders started from scratch on the settings of their bikes and closed the first day of testing with Marquez setting the eleventh best time of 1:41.502, and Rins in seventeenth –with a time of 1’41.815. Marquez suffered a small crash at Turn 12 when his front tyre lost grip, but was able to continue testing.

On Wednesday, the duo will continue to put in laps with their new Honda Moto3 machines.

Alex Rins

1:41.815, 67 laps, 268 km.

"After the first test last week in Almeria, today we have been working hard with the technicians to find a good setup. The conditions were not ideal, but I'm happy to see that the whole team is doing their best and that HRC is working hard to bring new developments to the tests. We are focusing on the configuration of the chassis and the suspension. It is a completely new bike, so we still have to continue working, but we know that we have much room for improvement in which to adapt and get everything in place."

Alex Marquez

1:41.502, 65 laps, 260 km.

"The first day in Valencia started with tricky conditions, because it was very windy and the track was pretty cold, so we started slowly. Every time out I feel more comfortable on the bike, despite a small crash towards the end of the day which did not really affect me. We have been working hard on the setup of both the chassis and the suspension, to find a good base as soon as possible. Regarding the engine, we have improved slightly since the previous test and HRC is working to continue bringing developments. My shoulder is a little better than last week. I am working hard with the physios to take the load off the area as much as possible, because I'm still not a hundred percent fit, but the important thing is that we are keeping up the pace."


Jordi Torres second quickest and Nico Terol fourth fastest. Both riders test new Suter chassis.

Although some early birds had already ridden in early February in private tests in Valencia and Almeria, the real kick-off to the preseason began today at the Valencia circuit. At 10am the first of nine days of testing began, ahead of the season’s start in Qatar in late March. Valencia, two visits to Jerez for some riders and a trip to Australia for others will make up the Moto2 preseason. Valencia welcomed all teams with some cold conditions which left times somewhat slower than usual.

The MAPFRE Aspar riders had the privilege of riding in Valencia last week to test their new material for the 2014 season and loosen up after the winter break. Today, they continued to gain a feel with the new 2014 Suter chassis. Jordi Torres and Nico Terol were two of the fastest Moto2 riders on this first day, concluding with the second and fourth fastest times, respectively. The cold made them err on the side of caution late in the afternoon, and they chose to end the day at 3pm. Torres completed 41 laps and his best time was set at 1.36.207. Terol put in 37 laps and his best time was a 1.36.459.

2nd Jordi Torres 1.36.207 (41 laps): "This winter I worked hard to get ready and start the preseason at my peak. Last year Nico and I concluded the season very well and I think we are now doing a good job as well. We worked all day with the 2014 chassis and we were always high up the order. The feeling was good; the new bike is similar to last year’s, maybe a little more precise, in the sense that it is easier to get data from it. Although we are taking small steps forward, we are going in the right direction and that's the most important thing. Today it was very cold, so in general that’s why we weren’t faster. The aim was to check that everything was in its right place. The plan for the rest of the days is to try to get the bike to corner better at full lean. Last week we found a good feeling when entering corners. Now it's a matter of improving when exiting them to gain time."

4th Nico Terol 1.36.459 (37 laps): "On Sunday I injured my arm while training and needed six stitches on my right forearm. I had some doubts about my performance today but as soon as I got on the bike I felt good. It just bothered me a little on the right hand corners. The feeling with the bike 2014, despite the wind and cold, has been quite positive. We still need to put in more miles, more work is needed to improve our grip and the bike is sliding a bit on the right handers. We ended the day early, as with the cold and the humidity it was stupid to risk crashing. We still have two days ahead, which supposedly will be under improved conditions. The base of the new bike is very good, I can feel more stiffness on the front, which gives me confidence when cornering fast. The new chassis also provides more grip."

Shivering in Valencia

With temperatures down to maximum 10 degrees Celsius and a cold, nasty wind RW Racing GP could get all of its to-do-list done. Nonetheless the first day of the official IRTA test in Valencia was not completely lost. Ana Carrasco did around 40 laps, Scott Deroue 42 laps.

Looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow RW Racing GP team manager Jarno Janssen decided it was wiser to narrow down the risk of riders getting hurt and bikes getting damaged. “Next to that we have a restricted amount of tyres we can use over these three days. In these conditions it just doesn’t make sense to make more laps than we did.”

Scott Deroue wasn’t completely fit and complained of head ache. Ana Carrasco didn’t feel comfortable with braking in the corner entries. “It’s better to get everything ready for tomorrow”, Janssen explained. “I prefer Scott to be fit when the conditions are better tomorrow. Last November he was doing laps of 42.0; hopefully tomorrow he can try to get closer to that, when he is fit and the temperatures are less harsh. And for Ana we try to solve the problem with the braking for tomorrow. We’ve got some ideas about that and we want to try some other adjustments as well.”

Like the other Moto3 teams RW Racing GP has two days of testing left in Valencia.


The first 2014 official Moto3 test got underway today at Valencia: the Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3, fresh from a positive three-day test completed last week at Almeria, started in great shape with both riders: Niccolò Antonelli topped the timesheets since the morning session, closing the day being the fastest among the 32 riders on track with a lap time of 1’40”000, while rookie Enea Bastianini ended the day with the eighth fastest time in 1'41 "202.

Action will resume tomorrow for the second of three days of testing at Ricardo Tormo circuit.


“I am very happy, because after the good impressions obtained at Almeria I expected to be among the fastest here in Valencia, but being on top is always a great feeling! Of course we have to stay calm because we are only at the first day of testing and I am convinced that our rivals will be closer tomorrow. We didn’t make big changes to the bike, just a few refinemetns, waiting for an improvement of the weather: today the temperatures were always very low, but tomorrow should be warmer”.

ENEA BASTIANINI (1'41"202 - 49 LAPS)

“I honestly didn’t expect to be between the fastest from the beginning, I am very happy! Today my priority was to understand this track on a Moto3 bike: I was not looking at lap times, but I actually worked with used tyres, as I did last week at Almeria. We didn’t make changes to the bike, apart from some testing on the engine brake. This first day is definitely positive: tomorrow we want to continue like that”.

FABRIZIO CECCHINI (Technical Coordinator)

“We are all very pleased with how these pre-season tests are progressing. Our experience with KTM is only at the beginning, but the results are already encouraging, and moreover both riders like this bike, a machine that is responding very well to our setup regulations. In the three-day test at Almeria we have carried out the initial setup adjustments, adapting the bikes to the demands of our riders, so we arrived here in Valencia already with a good base, but it’s clear that our work on the technical side never ends. Over the next two days we will continue the work on the set-up looking for more improvements”.


ASPAR Team rider works on setup of new bike, putting in 55 laps before the end of the day

Following the lifting of the testing ban, the Moto3 season officially began today at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia. The first of nine days of testing, split between visits to Valencia and Jerez, Tuesday was a cold and humid day at the GP circuit, and the riders were prudent in their risk-taking. The track opened at 10am and closed at 5pm, with Niccolo Antonelli the fastest Moto3 rider.

Juanfran Guevara cut a smiley figure every time that he got off his bike. The new Aspar Team rider is having fun whilst he learns, and is working hard to adapt to his new Kalex/KTM machine. He put in 55 laps on Tuesday, with the best being a 1.42.242.

23rd Juanfran Guevara 1.42.242 (55 laps): “Despite the cold, in general this first day of testing has gone well. The first impressions are positive, but we have two more days ahead and we want to continue progressing. I took things calmly today, as we had to be prudent with so much cold and wind. I am happy, because I know that the bike has a lot of potential and that we can improve a lot. The aim today was to ride and try out the new chassis, adapt my riding position to the new bike and start to work with the new suspension. I like the new chassis a lot, and I can see that there is a large margin for improvement because it gives me a lot of confidence.”

Positive first day for Red Bull KTM Ajo in Valencia

Jack Miller sets second fastest time of first day of official testing and Karel Hanika, twelfth, debuts at the Spanish track.

02/11/2014 - Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Spain

The first official Moto3 test of the year started today on the same stage where the 2013 season concluded: The Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia. New riders for Red Bull KTM Ajo, Jack Miller and Karel Hanika debuted with their KTM bikes at this track, having previously ridden in Almeria. Both achieved good results and, above all, positive impressions of the machine. The Australian, with a lap of 1:40.355, set the second fastest time of the day and Karel Hanika —1:41.526— was twelfth.

A cold morning, with track temperatures of 10 ºC, greeted the Moto2 and Moto3 riders on the first day of official testing for the 2014 season. Nevertheless, the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders came prepared to further improve their adaptation to the KTM.

Miller led the timesheets on various stages of the day, improving his laps session after session. So did Karel Hanika, riding for the first time at the track. He lowered his morning time by a second before the end of the day. On the last lap of the session, both Red Bull KTM Ajo riders crashed without serious consequences at Turn 11.

Testing will continue tomorrow at the Ricardo Tormo circuit, in the second of three days of testing planned for this week.

Combined Standings - Day 1

1. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:40.000

2. Jack Miller (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:40.355 +0.355

3. Romano Fenati (KTM) 1:40.555 +0.555

4. Isaac Viñales (KTM) 1:40.675 +0.675

5. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:41.029 +1.029

12. Karel Hanika (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:41.526 +1.526

Jack Miller - Red Bull KTM Ajo

"It was a good first day of testing. The weather has not been very favourable for us but we put in a few times which were good. We were second and the truth is that we are not so far from the top, so tomorrow we will fight for the best lap time. The feeling is a bit contrasting to what we had at Almeria last week, so the goal tomorrow will be to improve my front end feel. Also my riding, to try not to suffer another crash."

Karel Hanika - Red Bull KTM Ajo

"The truth is that I started very well. At first I was not going very fast because I was learning the circuit; it's my first time here, and the weather was not very good. However, at the end we improved. I suffered a crash on the last lap and hurt my right wrist, but I guess it will be fine tomorrow. We shall continue to work on the rear of the bike, but also I have to improve my riding style on some corners .

This is a nice circuit, but some corners are very complicated and you have to find the right way to take them. However, little by little we are learning the secrets to each turn."

Kent and Ajo put in laps with Husqvarna

Husqvarna riders satisfied at end of first day of Moto3 testing for the season in Valencia

02/11/2014 - Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Spain

Danny Kent and Niklas Ajo debuted today with their Husqvarna bikes at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia, after having done likewise last week at Almeria. Low temperatures did not prevent the Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo and Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo riders from taking to the track and beginning their work at the GP circuit. Kent put in a total of 69 laps, with a best lap of 1:41.029 —fifth on the timesheet. Niklas Ajo, with 54 laps and a fastest time of 1:42.169, placed twenty-second.

The Briton was quick to start riding fast and from the early stages of the day was placed amongst the three quickest riders in the first session, alongside Miller and Antonelli. The second session ended with a time of 1:41.029 for Kent, a lap that was not lowered on a final stint.

Exactly the same formula was followed by the Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo rider. The Finn hopes to feel more comfortable tomorrow to improve his riding style and lower his fastest time from today, a 1:42.169 set in the second session. Ajo crashed at the start of the last session, but was back on track later on.

Testing continues tomorrow at Valencia, with an expected rise in temperatures and lowering of lap times.

Combined Standings - Day 1

1. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:40.000

2. Jack Miller (KTM) 1:40.355 +0.355

3. Romano Fenati (KTM) 1:40.555 +0.555

4. Isaac Viñales (KTM) 1:40.675 +0.675

5. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:41.029 +1.029

22. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo) 1:42.169 +2.169

Danny Kent - Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo

"I think today the day did not go badly. Possibly we could have done better, but we're still working on various general aspects get familiar with the bike. As the tests go by we will learn more. We know we can do better tomorrow, so we will continue in this way. The focus tomorrow will be, above all, cornering stability."

Niklas Ajo - Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo

"This first day was very windy and cold, so not the best conditions to work in when trying a lot of things out. We dedicated the day to regaining our feel with the bike. I think many riders crashed and I was one of them. It was a silly fall, on my first flying lap after stopping to eat, because obviously the tires were still cold. At least we could put in more laps. We must try to recover our feel and try to improve a bit tomorrow and beyond. We have to focus mainly on my riding style, because it is the most important thing we have to change in order to be faster . We have taken a step forward, but we still have much work to do to prepare well for this season, so we will continue focused."


Three days after the private tests held last week at the Circuito de Almeria, Lorenzo Baldassarri was back in action today at Valencia for the first of the three official Moto2 pre-season tests. Riding the Team Gresini Moto2 Suter, the Italian was involved in an unusual crash, caused by accidental contact of his foot with the gearshift lever, after which the team decided to stop testing in the afternoon. Therefore Baldassarri, who is still committed to accumulate experience, was not given the chance to improve his time, 1'39 "475.

At the end of this week the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 rider, Belgian Xavier Siméon, will remove the stitches to the wound on his chin, in order to be back in the saddle at Jerez on February 18th.

Baldassarri will ride again tomorrow for the second of the three days of testing at Ricardo Tormo circuit.


“Unfortunately I was not able to make the most of this first day due to a fall a bit unusual: while I was at full throttle I accidentally touched the gearshift lever - which we made ​​thicker after Almeria tests, to avoid some problems with my foot - and I lost the control because of the sudden downshift. At that point, given the low temperatures and the work to be done on the bike, we preferred not to ride in the afternoon. So, my today’s lap time it's not truthful: I started the day without pushing, then I couldn’t continue and improve. Anyway, over the next two days we can carry on the good work done so far”.

FABRIZIO CECCHINI (Technical Coordinator)

“Too bad for Baldassarri’s crash, but Lorenzo is doing a great job anyway. We must not forget that he is only 17 years old and that he’s a rookie in this category, so some problem related to inexperience must be put into account. The important thing is that he’s feeling comfortable on the bike. I see him riding in the proper manner, really smooth and flowing, so I think that Moto2 meets his characteristics. Tomorrow we will be back on track but we will continue to not give importance to the lap times: now Lorenzo only needs to learn and to have fun”.



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