Yamaha Press Release: Fiat Steps Up, Eurasian Bank Starts Yamaha MotoGP Sponsorship

Yamaha Racing Director Lin Jarvis had promised to announce more sponsorship during the presentation of the MotoGP bike in January in Indonesia. In the past few days, Yamaha have made good on Jarvis' promise, adding both a brand new sponsor, and extending an agreement with an old sponsor. 

The more interesting of the two announcements is the agreement with Eurasian Bank, a bank based in Kazakhstan. The deal will see logos appearing on the leathers of both Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi, and is notable for the fact that Yamaha have managed to lure an entirely new, non-industry sponsor to back their MotoGP effort. Expanding MotoGP's interest and reach into Central Asia is a positive development for the sport, and interest from one bank in the region may help stimulate interest from others.

The other announcement is an expansion of Fiat's backing of the team. Though the Italian car manufacturer disappeared as title sponsor at the end of 2010, Yamaha has retained backing from Fiat, directly and indirectly, ever since. Fiat Professional, the arm of the Italian car maker which produces light vans and trucks, is to step to sponsor the team, providing a range of vehicles to the factory, as well as vehicles for use by the team at races. Yamaha already has an agreement in place with Fiat Group subsidiary IVECO to supply race trucks to the team.

Below are the press releases announcing the two sponsorship deals:

Yamaha Welcomes Eurasian Bank into MotoGP as Team Official Sponsor

Sepang (Malaysia), 3rd February 2014

Yamaha Factory Racing today welcomes Eurasian Bank into the world of MotoGP as an Official Sponsor to the Team. The bank has entered into a two year partnership with Yamaha as part of their first sponsorship experience at the pinnacle of two-wheeled motorsport.

The agreement will see Eurasian Bank's logo featuring on the motorcycles of both Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi as well as on the arms of their racing leathers. Their logo will also feature on the team clothing and the team equipment and materials.

Eurasian Bank was founded in 1994 in Kazakhstan and today has its headquarters in Almaty, the country's largest commercial and cultural city. The bank is the tenth largest lender in Kazakhstan, delivering financial services to retail and corporate markets. Eurasian Bank has also recently launched a wealth management and private banking offer.

Yamaha Motor Racing, Managing Director Lin Jarvis

"We are delighted that Eurasian Bank has chosen to partner with Yamaha Factory Racing and to enter into the world of MotoGP. Eurasian Bank's commitment with us is signifies the growing importance of Kazakhstan and we plan to work together to increase the awareness of Eurasian Bank and to promote motorsports and motorcycle racing inside the country. We look forward to an exciting adventure together and we believe that this partnership will provide many new opportunities for both parties."

Eurasian Bank, CEO Michael Eggleton

"We are very excited to be in partnership with Yamaha Factory Racing and look forward to sharing their professionalism, speed and focused mentality with Eurasian Bank and its clients. I hope Yamaha will feel the wishes for victory from the people of Kazakhstan."

EURASIAN BANK - Company Profile

Established in 1994, Eurasian Bank is universal Kazakhstan-based bank catering to clients from all segments.

After the purchase of a retail business of Societe Generale in 2011, Eurasian Bank retains leadership on the retail market demonstrating the fastest growth rates and solid profitability dynamics. Its country-wide footprint covers all regions of Kazakhstan with over 3500 points of sales at the end of 2013.

Eurasian Bank has a Russian subsidiary headquartered in Moscow. The Bank's excellent financial performance and product platform was acknowledged by Euromoney, Asian Banking & Finance and The Banker naming Eurasian Bank as the Best Bank in Kazakhstan in 2012 and 2013.

2013 was marked by the launch of a new Private Banking deposit and investment products for both residents and non-residents of Kazakhstan looking for enhanced yield opportunities.

Yamaha Teams Up with Fiat Professional for 2014

Gerno di Lesmo (Italy), 2nd February 2014

Yamaha Factory Racing is delighted to announce the extension to its long standing working partnership with the Fiat Group as Fiat Professional join the Yamaha Factory Racing Team as Official Sponsor and Official Supplier of vehicles for the 2014 MotoGP season.

The Fiat Professional logo will be visible on all team equipment as well as on the nose of the YZR-M1 cowlings of both Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi.

As part of the agreement, Fiat Professional will also provide commercial vehicles to assist Yamaha's logistical operations. These will include the Ducato Van and the Fiat Scudo Panorama models. Additional logistical support will also be provided with the supply of cars from the Fiat Group both in Italy and at every race and test events around the world.

The Fiat Professional name identifies the commercial vehicles produced by Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A. Fiat have been producing commercial vehicles since 1903, with the Professional Division growing to be an extremely important part of the Group and a leader in its sector.

The group shares a passion for winning with Yamaha, having taken the 'Van of the Year Award' in 1994 with the Ducato, in 2006 by the Doblo Cargo, in 2008 by the Scudo, in 2009 by the Fiorino and in 2010 by the New Doblo Cargo.

Yamaha Motor Racing, Managing Director Lin Jarvis

"To run a racing team you need a lot of things to come together at the right moment, and everything has to work well. Of course the most important thing is the rider on the bike, as on Sunday he needs to win the race. Behind the rider is what we call the back office; these are the people that keep the team running. A huge amount of our work is logistics, moving people, moving parts, preparation, etc. A partner such as Fiat Professional who provides us with excellent 100% reliable transport is a perfect addition to our family. We're both based here in Italy so we'll be able to work together to improve the preparation for the team. We have been together with the Fiat Group since 2007 so we have had a long and successful partnership and we are confident that the 2014 season will bring us many new highlights to share together."

Head of Brand Fiat Professional Hansen Henrik Starup

"We are of course very excited to be associated with Yamaha in MotoGP. The Team has the most wins and is always striving to be number one. As Fiat Professional we do believe in the same values such as teamworking, performance and high quality standards and of course we have the ambition to win like Yamaha. Also Fiat Professional is always striving to be the best. We are excited to be part of this great new adventure. With Yamaha we have a chance to increase the international awareness of our brand so this is a perfect match and a great opportunity. We are already present in many countries so this will help to support our brand."

FIAT PROFESSIONAL - Corporate Profile

The Fiat Professional name identifies the commercial vehicles produced by Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A., a group built on competent and motivated people, professionals serving professionals, and concrete facts. Our extensive and complete range meets every transport need. Fiat Professional vehicles are designed to minimise consumption and running costs while maximising profitability.

1903 saw the introduction of Fiat's first commercial vehicle. Since then, commercial sales have become increasingly important within the activities of the Fiat Group. Thanks to its wide range, and over one hundred years of experience, Fiat Professional has become a leader in its sector.

All vehicles in the Fiat Professional range are designed and built to meet professional requirements as effectively as possible. Fiat Professional has been awarded numerous international prizes by juries and qualified journalists. One of the most important is the Van of the Year award: won in 1994 by the Ducato, in 2006 by the Doblo Cargo, in 2008 by the Scudo, in 2009 by the Fiorino and in 2010 by the New Doblo Cargo.

Driven by continuing success, Fiat Professional strives to consolidate its leadership by developing an already extensive sales network. Today there are more than 1400 Dealers in Europe and over 7500 service centres.

Fiat Professional vehicles are currently produced in 8 plants worldwide, including the Sevel factory in the Val di Sangro, where the Ducato is produced - the largest light commercial vehicle plant in Europe (in 2010 the plant produced its 4 millionth vehicle).


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